$7000 reward was donated to various top supporters including Ashbury PI, Rocket Dog Rescue, Mike Noon rescuer and Susan Packer rescuer. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Jackson was stolen December 14th around 8am in San Francisco outside Good Life in Bernal Heights. We need your help getting the sweet dog home!

How you can help:

Download this flyer if you want to print and post in your neighborhood or anywhere you may go. Bring into vet clinics, pet stores, grocery stores, coffee shops, major intersections (anywhere there is foot traffic).

If you can physically go to a shelter that would be HUGE. They don’t post all dogs online and SF and all surrounding areas is too big to go at it alone. He could be anywhere (even outside CA) by now.

SHARE SHARE SHARE, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Word of mouth anything. Tell your neighbors. Have them tell their neighbors.

TAG your local veterinarian friends. Ask them to keep an eye out in case he checks in somewhere.

TAG your local teacher friends. Ask them to print a flyer and post on their bulletin boards.

Troll websites where dogs may be sold (craigslist, other websites that sell dogs, FB marketplace, whatever you can think of).

If you recently purchased a dog from a private party, please contact your nearest vet or animal control to have him scanned (Jackson is microchipped). Maybe the one you purchased is Jackson! Or maybe it’s someone else’s! Good to get awareness around this.


  • Mini australian shepard (28lbs)

  • Two blue eyes

  • Body is black/white/grey (no brown on him). Mostly white on the front, mostly black on the back.

  • No tail

  • 5 years old

Live updates happening on Instagram at @emilie.talermo to keep up with the story.

AGAIN, THE REWARD IS $7000 NO QUESTIONS ASKED. I mean it, not one question. I don’t care about catching who did this, I care about a safe reunion with Jackson.


We have $7000 for the safe return of Jackson. If you know where he is, or can help us get to him we’d be so grateful. We also want to bring awareness to our fellow community members to not leave their dogs outside of establishments. Even on safe and busy streets in good neighborhoods. Additionally, we’ve learned throughout the process that vets don’t actually scan all pets on the first visit (!!!). We’d love to make a plea to all vet clinics to have this as routine.

Our goal is to bring Jackson back, but it is also a callout to community to be cautious with your dog. The thought of a child just getting gifted this handsome dog for Christmas makes my heart hurt—for me, my dog, and the kid (if we were to find him and have to take him back). If Jackson is not found proceeds will be donated to the various groups that have been working tirelessly to help bring him home.

Please help us spread the word to bring Jackson home!