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Bring Jackson Home is all about taking your dog’s training, behavior and security to the next level. No one wants to go through the heartbreak of losing their dogs. However, with unfortunate circumstances, you never know what is coming next. Therefore, as someone who loves dogs and owns one, we want to ensure dog security is taken seriously. All the guides and reviews written on BJH have been tested and verified by the experts in the industry. On our platform, our focus will remain on helping each dog owner to protect their dog and take dog training, and security to the next level with the proper assistance.


Our primary goal is to create a one-stop solution to cater to your dog’s needs. From dog training collars to finding your lost dog, we’ll help you all the way.


To provide dog owners with the knowledge and skills they need to train their dogs in a way that is both effective and enjoyable. 


The goal is to make BJH a one stop destination for all your dog needs, be it dogs training or choosing the right collars for your dogs.

Who is Jackson?

Jackson (mini australian shepherd) was the pet dog name of Emilie Talermo. Unfortunately, Jackson was stolen December 14th around 8am in San Francisco outside Good Life in Bernal Heights. We need your help getting the sweet dog home!  To find Jackson (her dog), Emilie ran a campaign to find her lost dog. What’s more, she kept a reward of around $7000 for finding Jackson. Luckily she found Jackson and rescued it. Afterwards she has donated $7000 to various top supporters — Ashbury PI, Rocket Dog Rescue, Susan Rescuer, and Mike Noon Rescuer.

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