How Does Invisible Fence Work For Pets? (Detailed Guide)

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whaaat? Invisible fence for pets? I had no idea about it until I discovered this amazing thing recently.

The invisible fence entered the market as a HERO to people whose neighbors criticized it. It saved the criticism of the pet’s mannerisms and boundary issues. 

Invisible fences are the ultimate option for keeping your yard and pets barrier-free. They are a great assistant in training your pets too. 

You can stop the pet from crossing the invisible underground fence by releasing a static correction by placing the receiver on the dog’s collar. The plus point is, It’s not harmful to the pet. 

That’s it. That’s how it works to sum it up in a short answer. But I know some of you would like to know specific details. 

So, without holding you back any longer, let’s dive into the details!

How Does An Invisible Fence Work For Our Pets?

How does invisible fence work

Pet owners like us often think, how can we restrict our pets without making them feel abducted?  

Thanks to technology, with an invisible fence, you can keep your beloved pets protected inside their safety line. Also, no worry about building large fences on your lawn anymore. Sounds miraculous, right?  

You must be curious as to how it operates. How can such a thing stop our pets? 

These fences have wires buried underground to around the edges of the yard. The transmitter connected to it releases a radio signal. This radio signal is received by the collar receiver worn by your pet.

Dog Fence Collar

The receiver makes a warning sound when your pet comes closer to the buried wires while wearing the collar receiver. And the receiver releases a static correction if your pet continues to cross the invisible fence.

Now, you may wonder what a static correction is. Is it like an electric shock or something? Will it harm my pet? And so on…

But rest assured, my fellow pet parents, we can understand how people get emotional regarding their pets.

A static correction is a harmless electric stimulation that grabs your pet’s attention. It gives a little tingling sensation to your pet’s skin, distracting them from crossing the invisible fence.

Essential Facts About An Invisible Fence

Invisible Fence Collar
  • Invisible fences have different levels to help adjust the intensity. You can increase the intensity if your pet is stubborn and strong to control. You can even control multiple pets with one fence and a collar for each of them.
  • Some invisible fences come with a backup function if you forget to charge the batteries.
  • The amount of interference (pet distractions caused by environmental interference) affects the working of an invisible fence.
  • Some of these invisible fences are conditioned to be laid in particular shapes. Make sure you choose the right invisible fence for your yard according to its dimensions. This way, you can provide safety to your pets along with freedom.

Pros & Cons To Consider While Buying An Invisible Fence

To understand the weaknesses and strengths of an invisible fence, let’s check out some Pros and Cons.


  • There are affordable versions available in invisible fences. They are mostly less expensive, even if professionals install them.
  • The adaptability of invisible fences is excellent with all types of terrains. While some traditional fences require flat yards, invisible fences require no such thing.
  • It is more straightforward to install invisible fences than traditional fences, as they are pretty convenient.
  • You can rely on invisible fences to control pets who have climbing-over capability.
  • It protects your yard and house from intruders by keeping dogs in the open without the barrier of traditional fences.


  • Training is required in terms of teaching the dog about the fence spot.
  • You cannot stop hazards from entering your yard or house area as it gives them all the access to enter.
  • If the static correction intensity is not set as per the pet’s capability,  it may cause discomfort to the pet. 
  • It may cause problems for the pet to enter inside the fence from outside if the pet somehow escapes outside.

Final Verdict: How Does Invisible Fence Work

Now you know how invisible fences work and what exactly this device is. 

Even if your pets are jolly and friendly, they run wildly to explore the world independently. This condition occurs mainly in their initial days when they are untrained. Brave little fellas, right?

With the help of an invisible fence, you can keep your pet friend safe and within your eyesight. Also, these fences keep your pets happy, along with the neighborhood.

And remember, fences or no fences, our pet friends are priceless and precious to us. We love and care for them regardless.

Okay, enough with the philosophy, but now you can make a proper decision based on the facts we have shared above. Let us know your decision and opinion on this topic in the comment section below. Ciao!


Are invisible fences useful for all animals?

Yes, but pet owners usually use them for dogs and cats.

Are collar receivers waterproof?

Some collar receivers are waterproof, but it is recommended to dry them before putting them on your pet if it’s wet.

Can pets be trained with the help of an invisible fence?

Yes, absolutely. You can freely train your pets with the help of an invisible fence without worrying about them running uncontrollably. 

Is it possible to use invisible fences for multiple pets?

Invisible fences are a great option for multiple pet homes. You can manage more than one pet with just one invisible fence. Although, all pets must have their receiver collar on.

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