How To Find A Break In An Invisible Dog Fence? (Easy Steps)

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Invisible fences have been an ideal method to ensure that your dog is safe and secure on your property, but what happens if it breaks? How to find a break in an invisible fence?

A break in the wire can cause your dog to run away, which can be dangerous. 

Rest assured, as per my experience, there are several options to find a break in an invisible fence, such as using use a wire break locator or a visual examination, or you can dig through the wire to search to detect a break. 

In this article, I have explained the above-mentioned ways in detail and some tips to fix it.

So, let’s get started!

How To Find A Break In An Invisible Dog Fence (Step-By-Step Guide)

Here is a step-by-step guide on finding a break in an invisible fence to make the process easier for you.

Dog Fence

Step 1: Inspecting Exposed Ground Wires

The easiest place to start is with a visual assessment; before using more involved techniques, locate the wire break using your eyes. 

Finding a break will be much simpler if you label the entire boundary before placing the wire because you will be certain of the exact location of your electrical cables.

Step 2: Applying The Quick Loop Test

Before you choose more time- and energy-consuming methods to detect a break in the wire, I recommend you to be sure that the problem is genuinely in the wire. 

In some cases, the transmitter is the one that is functioning improperly, not the wire. Hence, a quick loop test is the best option for this situation. 

Finding A Break In An Invisible Fence - Applying The Quick Loop Test

When you first examine the transmitter, you will see two cables entering the transmitter via two checkpoints. The transmitter will stop ringing if you unplug both cords.

The checkpoints where the wires have just been detached should be connected using a paper clip or a complete test wire.

If the transmitter starts screaming once more, that suggests the wire is not the issue. On the other hand, if the transmitter is attached to the test wire and makes no sound, the wire is broken.

Step 3: Using Radio Signals To Search For A Break

This method can detect a break in the underground fence wire from the ground.

To do that, you can follow some simple steps described below. If you still don’t want to dig the whole yard out to find the breakage after confirming the wire break, then it’s okay since we have an alternative way – The wire break locator.

Connect the RF choke’s leads to the two wires you’ve detached from the transmitter. Then, insert the choke’s leads into the transmitter’s connectors to which the wires used to be attached. 

Using Radio Signals

This permits the transmitter to keep transmitting a signal to the damaged fence.

When your dog comes within range of the fence, a receiver on its collar detects the radio signal from the fence and sends a warning signal or an electrical shock. In the lower portion of the AM band, you will be able to pick up this signal. 

My fence’s signal centered at 600 kHz. As you move a transmitter above the ground with the appropriate frequency selected, you will detect the signal.

Step 4: Using A Multi-Meter, Test The Continuity Of The Wire

The primary function of multimeters, which are straightforward digital meters, is to measure minute electrical values in various units, such as resistance, voltage, current, etc. 

This technique can be used to determine whether the system’s wires or any other component are damaged.

How Can Electric Dog Fence Wire Be Joined and Repaired?

It’s time to correct the breakage now that you’ve found it so you can begin to live carefree dog-parenting life. All you have to do is keep to the straightforward instructions provided to fix the break:

Step 1: Take Off The Coating

The inner copper will become visible once you remove the protective coating from the two fractured ends. You can use a wire stripper or an ordinary plier for this. 

Keep in mind that you must trim each end between one and two inches. The length of a short wire can be increased by inserting a new wire between both ends.

Step 2: The Stripped Wires Should Be Twisted Around One Another

Butterfly-twist the shredded copper leads of both wires after they have been stripped. Once finished, butterfly-twist both wires around one another. 

Twisted Around One Another

To form a strong connection and prevent future wire breaks from the same spot, tie a knot at the end of the joining wires once you have the impression that they have been wound tightly around one another.

Step 3: Apply Tape To The Joined Ends

In order to prevent them from sending irregular signals or becoming disconnected when being pulled, wrap the striped area with multiple layers of electrical tape. 

Apply Tape To The Joined Ends

Using a waterproof shell or splice is another approach to keep the linked ends together. These capsules have a barrier of hydrophobic gel that prevents moisture from entering.

How To Fix Break in an Invisible Dog Fence?

Here is the step-by-step guide to joining and repairing electric dog fence:

  1. Find the break:
    • Check out the above guide to Find a break in an invisible fence; once you find the break, dig up the wire to expose the damaged section.
  2. Strip the Wire Coating:
    • Use a wire stripper or pliers to remove the insulation, exposing the copper core.
  3. Butterfly Twist the Wires:
    • Overlap the exposed copper wires and butterfly twist them together tightly. Use pliers to ensure a secure connection.
  4. Tie a Knot:
    • Tie a knot near the twisted wires to strengthen the connection and prevent easy separation.
  5. Wrap with Electrical Tape:
    • Cover the exposed joint with several layers of electrical tape to protect it from moisture and prevent signal interruptions.
  6. Create Wire Slack for Future Use:
    • Fold over the repaired wires and create a slack by folding a piece of wire. Secure it with tape for future breakages.

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Wrapping Up!: Find A Break In An Invisible Fence In (2024)

Even though now you know how to find a break in an invisible fence, locating a break in a thick invisible fence wire isn’t easier than locating a needle in a pile of wheat. 

However, the task becomes much simpler if you use the right techniques and strategy.

Unless you are sufficiently skilled, we advise against attempting to repair the break on your own. 

Otherwise, despite aiming to save a little money, you can wind up destroying the entire dog fence wire system!


How can I tell if my invisible fence has been breached?

There are a few indicators that your invisible fence may have broken: Your dog has the ability to cross the fence’s perimeter, and if the transmitter has started to beep, with no shock coming from the collar. So, Find the break as quickly as you can if you notice any of these symptoms.

How can an invisible fence be broken into in the best way?

The degree of the break and the kind of invisible fence one has will determine the best method for locating it.

What does a partially invisible fence break entail?

A weak signal travels across the connection when there is only a partial break in the wiring. This could indicate a patchy or irregular signal or stimulation. The signal cannot pass across the wire after a complete break.

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