How Much Is An Invisible Dog Fence Cost In 2024

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It can get confusing when setting up invisible fences around your property, and choosing which one is suitable can also be an additional issue. Plus, one more question remains unsolved, which is How much Is A Invisible Fence?

I dug some information by researching and found some valuable information based the factors like size, material, type, labor costs, and additional costs.

If you also want to learn in detail, keep reading!

Quick Preview Of Invisible Fence Costs

The average and estimated costs can vary depending on various factors, such as the invisible fence’s size, length, type, and material. However, as it requires skills and labor efforts, the cost varies with each scenario too. 

How Much Is A Invisible Fence - Overview

Hence, below I have shared a quick preview of the estimated price in the low and high range, along with the average cost of the invisible fences.

Lowest Estimated Cost$500 – $1000
Average Cost$1200 – $1350
High Estimated Cost$1600 – $1700

The Breakdown Of Invisible Fence Installation Cost

Factors such as the labor cost, size, material, type, and length of the invisible fence affect the costs. So, first, let’s see how these factors affect the cost.

1. Fence Size

The invisible fence size impacts the cost highly as it determines how much material you will need to build the fence. On average, the invisible fence ranges from $1.75 to $3 per linear foot. 

However, if you install the fence in a rectangular shape, you will need less per foot length than oddly shaped landscapes.

2. Fence Material

This job needs a few pieces of material but with better quality wear which will raise up the costs a bit. Also, you must install perimeter flags that will alert you about where the fence’s boundaries are set may add a few extra dollars to your expenses. 

3. Invisible Fence Type: Wired Or Wireless?

The cost of an invisible fence also depends on the type of dog fence you are installing. The wired invisible fences you install underground are more expensive than the wireless ones. 

The wired fences cost about $1300, including the transmitter, wires, and receiver. It ends up becoming costly due to the wire expenses.

With wireless fences, the transmitter works based on radio signals within a particular range you set with a smartphone app’s help. The installation of a wireless fence is easier than wired fences.

Moreover, you can get a wireless invisible fence at $500- $600 on average but can reach up to an estimated $1500 if you buy a high-quality wireless fence.

4. Labor Costs

To install inground invisible fences, you require specific brands and tools to have good results. Building it also involves digging up a perimeter to bury the wires throughout it. Further, the dug-up parts need to be filled in with soil.

Moreover, specifically regarding the inground invisible fence, the labor cost applicable to install an inground invisible fence is about 50% to 70% of the project’s cost.

The Cost By Invisible Fence Type

There are three different Invisible Fence types, and the cost varies according to the following types: Inground, GPS, and Wireless Invisible Fences. Let’s have a look at each of them individually below:

1. Inground Invisible Fence

This standard invisible fence includes components like a transmitter, receiver, and good-quality wires to set up around the perimeter of your property. Plus, it needs to be set up with the help of an electricity pane. 

Inground Invisible Fence

This collar generally costs up to $1300 to $1400. Sometimes the inground invisible fences include a collar and a collar charger in the package.  

2. GPS Invisible Fence

A GPS invisible fence works based on satellite data, keeping your dog within the boundary you have set around your property or elsewhere. These fences are also used for tracking your dog if the features allow you to do so. 

GPS Invisible Fence

This fence doesn’t require wires, just like wireless fences. Hence it can be counted under the wireless fence category. Plus, it is a good value for money and costs around $500 while ranging above that if advanced features are involved.

3. Wireless Invisible Fence 

Wireless fences work almost like GPS invisible fences, costing nearly the same. They use a transmitter and receiver based on radio signals to contain the dog inside the fence. 

Wireless Invisible Fence 

It costs around $300 to $ 500 based on the brand and advancement of the features. It is worth buying as you can set long-range boundaries with a wireless invisible fence within your budget.

Additional Costs That Might Arise

Apart from the usual items like a transmitter, wires, and a receiver, some additional expenses may surprise you with an invisible fence. This scenario occurs specifically when you install the Inground Invisible Fence.

Here are the additional costs and expenses that might arise:

1. Power Outage Protection

The electrical grid controls invisible fences. Therefore, if a storm sweeps through town and the electricity goes out, your fence might not be operational for a few hours to many days. 

After training, your pets will stay inside the fence’s confines, but there’s always a danger they could get out.

Employing an electrical generator, solar charger, or surge protector will help safeguard the fence from unexpected power interruptions. 

These components will increase the work’s cost, but they can prevent your cherished animals from escaping during a power outage.

2. Boundaries Landscaping

Because invisible fence limits are flexible, you can usually direct them around your cherished vegetable garden or favorite rose bushes. 

However, if the landscaping reaches your desired fence border, you’ll pay between $4 and $40 per square foot.

Cost Of Installing An Invisible Fence: DIY Vs. Professional Help

The cost of installing an invisible fence is primarily made up of labor, which can account for up to 75% of the development is the price for inground invisible fences or an additional $100 to $200 for wireless or GPS invisible fence installations.

However, whether you are constructing a wired or wireless fence, it is definitely worthwhile. 

It can be challenging to dig up the ground around your home and bury the wires for inground fences. 

Incorrect installation and transmitter setup for either kind of invisible fence could harm your pets. Trusting experts is crucial because of this.

Additionally, many companies that install invisible fences offer assistance with educating your pet to use the new boundary system.

Save Some Extra Money On Invisible Fences

You could save money by managing pet training yourself while erecting an invisible fence. If you’ve never trained an animal before, it’s better to have a dog fence installation service nearby you lead you through the process.

If you want to save money on installation, a wireless solution will cost roughly $875, cheaper than an inground system that is simpler to install yourself.

In any case, invisible fences might be a cost-effective solution compared to other fences. Fence installation typically costs between $1,700 and $4,500 for metal, wood, or vinyl materials.

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Wrapping Up! How Much Is An Invisible Fence In (2024)

Even though invisible dog fences are better and help you keep your dog safe within the boundaries of traditional fences, they can cost in a varying range.

As I mentioned before, the cost of invisible fences is based on factors like size, length, material, type, and brand. 

So, make sure to go through the information above to make a wise decision and choose the best suitable fence type as per your budget.


How close is it possible for a dog to get close to an invisible fence?

It entirely depends on your settings and preference on how close your dog can get to the invisible fence. You can set this option based on a one or two-foot distance from the fence.

How long can invisible fences last?

Invisible fences can last up to 25 to 27 years as it is not disturbed as it is in the ground. 

How long does it take for a dog to get used to invisible fences?

With 3 weeks of continuous training, your dog is more likely to get used to invisible fences.

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