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Many people are adopting the trend of putting up invisible fences to protect dogs from getting lost and out in the open.

This is because an invisible fence makes it easier not to have to watch them constantly.

Furthermore, it is useful if you have a big property or want to let your dog run around unrestricted while you take care of the garden or other parts of the house.

Also, it’s not that expensive if you really care about your dog and don’t want them to get harmed or lost.

To estimate, a wireless or in-ground wired electric dog fence will typically cost from $900 to $1,499 with professional installation and an average cost of $1250.

However, to break down all the costs involved in the installation of an invisible dog fence, let’s delve into more details.

Overview: Invisible Dog Fence

Many still claim that their dogs have neglected the shock, despite the fact that some owners believe invisible electric fences are a great alternative.

Additionally, some people strongly disagree with using invisible fences and believe they are unsafe for dogs.

But it has come across that electric fences shouldn’t be used as a confinement option since they can have negative behavioral impacts and might not keep your dog securely in the yard.

So, it would be wise to consult an expert about using invisible fences for your dog if you still consider invisible fences as your ultimate choice.

Also, you should check local rules before installing fencing because some states and regions might not permit it.

The Cost of putting in an invisible underground fence

An invisible fence typically includes a transmitter, a receiver, and cables to connect to the electrical panel on your property and set up the boundary underneath.

This kind of fence installation will often cost you $1,325 or more. A collar and a battery for the collar are also frequently included in the price of an invisible fence.

These fences are ideal for people that own their residences and don’t have any immediate plans to move.

The best option if you have a big piece of land is in-ground fencing, as wireless fencing may not have the reach your dog needs to enjoy it to the fullest.

However, if you have cattle or wish to prevent animals from invading your land, you might also want to think about installing an above-ground electric fence.

Cost Of Installing GPS-Tracking Invisible Fence

In contrast to a conventional invisible fence, which uses radio signals to track the location of the dog in the yard, a GPS-tracking invisible fence uses satellite data to confine your dog to a predetermined area around your house.

GPS-Tracking Invisible Fence

If the collar stops delivering shock and your dog escapes, these collars also could serve as tracking devices.

The price to install a GPS-Tracking Invisible Fence is roughly $450, but depending on the brand, it could go as high as $800.

GPS invisible fences are a great alternative for people who are always moving and don’t want the restrictions of a wireless or in-ground invisible fence.

You can establish new boundaries for your dog very fast if you have an estate larger than five acres or if someone travels through the country in an RV.

Cost Of Installing A wireless Invisible Fence

Similar to GPS-based invisible fences, wireless invisible fences have a preset area that your dog must remain inside.

Invisible Fence official page

These fences use a transmitter to create a dome-shaped play area where dogs can run around and relieve themselves. If the dog wanders outside the specified place, radio signals are used to guide them back inside.

Depending on the company and needed range, wireless invisible fences can cost anywhere from $99 to $499. They typically cost around $299.

You might want to think about a wireless invisible fence if you rent your home or have less than half an acre of land.

Since they simply need an outlet to function, these invisible dog fences are simple to transport and set up in a new area. 

It’s not the best option for people with vast lots because the range is frequently restricted to, at most, one acre.

Cost Evaluation Based On Size

An in-ground invisible dog fence can almost adapt to any size or form you require. It can be used to enclose your entire property, your front yard, your backyard, or both.

Invisible Click on pricing page

The range of wireless electric fences may be constrained, but you can always buy and install additional wires to expand a wired system’s perimeter.

You’ll probably spend between $1.70 and $2.80 per linear foot, depending on the kind of in-ground invisible dog fence you choose. 

Thus, the average price per linear foot comes to $2.25. This rough Cost includes both labor and supplies.

Based on the size of your project, you can estimate the whole budget using that average Cost.

An in-ground invisible dog fence border would need to be around 450 linear feet long and cost roughly $1,010 to encircle a property of size completely.

A wireless dog fence would be required for a small lot measuring 6,100 square feet, and the whole Cost would be roughly $705. 

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Final Verdict!

Now you know how much these invisible dog fence installations Cost and what exactly this device is. 

Even if your dogs are happy and outgoing, they tend to run wildly to discover the outdoors independently. This problem occurs most of the time during their untrained first few days.

Hence, a fence becomes a necessity. Also, to estimate, a professionally constructed dog fence typically costs around $1,250 nationwide, though prices might range from $900 to $1,499 on average.

So hopefully, now you can make a proper decision based on the facts we have shared above. Also, let us know your opinion on this topic in the comment section below so that we understand your views better.


Is it possible for dogs to pass through an invisible fence?

Invisible fences protect dogs since they cannot escape the yard, yet dangers can still enter the yard. Still having access to the yard allows stray dogs and wild animals to interact violently with domestic dogs.

Will a dog be able to cross an electric fence?

Yes. A dog’s escape may be caused by expired batteries, cable breaks, or extremely obstinate dogs. 
Once the pet escapes, the border will shock the animal when they attempt to come back into your yard again. Although they are rare, escapes are nevertheless possible.

How far below the ground do dog fences go?

Generally, the invisible dog fences are buried between 1 to 3 or 4 inches.

Is it possible to put up an invisible fence by ourselves?

Yes, with a DIY invisible fence kit available in the market, it is possible to put up an invisible fence by yourself

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