Pros and Cons of A Dog Harness or Collar: Which Is Better

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The best way to choose the correct equipment, like a Dog Harness or a Collar for your dog, is to consider both its particular Pros and Cons.

As per popular experiences, a harness is safer if you have a powerful puller. It also offers security if your dog is afraid or uneasy. In contrast, a collar can be a better option if you have a little dog with a sensitive neck.

In the end, experimenting and seeing what works best for your dog can help you select the ideal walking equipment for them.

Nonetheless, In this article, we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of both a Dog Harness and a Collar.

Is a Dog Harness and Dog Collar the same or different?

An item of clothing owners put on their dogs called a harness is similar to a dog collar. Although both accessories function for different causes.

Dog Harness and Dog Collar the same or different

A harness is put around the dog’s body instead of wrapping around its neck as a collar would, and it has straps behind its front legs to avoid any pressure on its chest.

Pros and Cons of a Dog Harness

Dog Harnesses are a better option for your dog if he is stubborn and bulky. It will help you to control him by pulling your dog’s full body as it covers most of the middle part of their body.

Pros and Cons of a Dog Harness

However, there are some drawbacks, along with its advantages, that we have ruled out for our below


  • Harnesses are better for controlling your dog as it covers more of your dog’s surface.
  • Harnesses are not severely harmful and don’t rub against your dog’s skin as tightly as a dog collar.
  • Harnesses allow you and your dog to have a relaxed walk without including much pulling.
  • It stops the leash from getting under the legs of your dog.
  • It helps dogs often suffering from Tracheal collapse issues. 
  • Dogs cannot easily slip out of  Harness as easily as from a collar.


  • Getting a proper fit according to your dog’s body in a Harness is not always possible.
  • There is a chance of the Back clip harness encouraging pulling as it is with collars.
  • Putting a Pet ID tag on the Harness is a little complicated.

Pros and Cons of a Dog Collar

As per popular opinion and our experiences, Harnesses have many benefits. However, the dog collar has its fair share of benefits along with some disadvantages, which have ruled out for you below:

Pros and Cons of a Dog Collar


  • Collars are quite easy to put on your dog.
  • There is a wide range of varieties in the dog collar types.
  • Walking with a collar requires less physical strength.
  • You can easily put a Pet ID tag on a dog collar than on a Harness.
  • There is a large variety of styles in a dog collar. 


  • Dogs can escape out of the collar more easily than from a Harness.
  • It can rub harshly against your dog’s neck and cause an injury while pulling.
  • Using collars can lead to throat damage in dogs.

Harness or Collar- Which is Good For Puppy Training

You can start your puppiеs training with a harnеss, it helps them lеarn to walk without hurting thеmsеlvеs. Whеn puppies lеarn to walk thеy oftеn pull rеally hard and using a collar can hurt thеm. Oncе a puppy lеarns not to pull whilе walking, you can start using a collar.  

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Final Verdict: Which One is Better – A Dog Harness or a Collar?

Just like everything in the world, there are some Pros and Cons of Dog Harnesses and collars, as we mentioned above.

However, choosing an accessory depends on what you prefer for your dog. Plus, the purpose behind getting a collar or a harness.

If you want something to train your dog, getting a training collar is always a better option. If you want a regular leash to walk your dog, getting a Harness is a safer and better option.

We recommend considering the pros and cons of a Dog Harness and collar to avoid any trouble after buying.

FAQs: Pros and Cons of a Dog Harness or Collar

Which is preferable for walking a dog: a collar or a harness?

Since the dog harnesses don’t strain your dog’s neck, they are typically the better option for walking your dog. However, collars usually provide more comfort and allow one to put an ID tag. If you have a dog that is prone to breathing problems (like a pug), you should use a harness rather than a collar.

Why do Dogs pull on collars but not on harnesses?

In contrast to other options where pressure is localized in the neck or face, harnesses spread any pressure throughout a much greater and less sensitive body area in the chest and flank. Your dog will consequently feel more comfortable wearing a well-fitted harness rather than being led by a collar or donning a head collar.

Which type of collar is better to stop your dog from pulling?

Head Collars are a better option than any other collar to prevent your dog from pulling.

Should a dog’s Harness be removed at night?

A dog shouldn’t go to sleep wearing a harness since it can irritate your dog’s skin, get trapped, and bring a choking risk. Additionally, Dog Harnesses can lead to fur matting, are quite unpleasant because of the buckles and straps, are pricey, are likely to be chewed, are very hot to wear, and should only be worn outside.

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