Halo Collar Vs Spot On Collar (2024) What’s The Difference?

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While being equally popular in the dog parent community, the Halo Collar vs. Spot On Collar debate has been a never-ending one. Therefore, I decided to put an end to this debate by putting all the facts about the two collars together to help you make the right decision.

In this article, you will find: 

  • Key Features – Activity tracking, Connectivity, Device support, GPS tracking, virtual fence, Customization, etc.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of both collars.
  • Most importantly, I have experience with the Halo and Spot On Collar.

Let’s check out the comprehensive comparison below!

Halo Collar Vs Spot On Collar: In A Nutshell (2024)

Halo Collar

Your dog is safe everywhere
with Halo

Halo Collar






SpotOn Collar

Goodbye wires. Hello Freedom






Halo Collar & SpotOn Collar At A Glance

CategoryHalo CollarSpotOn Collar
Collar Size11 inches to 30.5 inches10 inches-26 inches
Battery LifeNew collars can go up to 20 Hrs & 14 Hrs for older collars.Up to 18 years if it remains unused or 12 Hours if in tracking mode
Time to fully chargeApprox. 2 Hrs.1 Hr.
App ConnectivityOnly with a subscription Plan
WaterproofIP67 certifiedIP67 certified
Coverage Area30 square feet to 1000 Acres½ Acres to 1,000 acres
Fences20 Fences1500 Fences
Fence Overlapping
GPS Tracking
Static Correction Levels15 levels30 Levels
Activity Tracking
Wi-Fi RequiredOnly while using the GPS Tracker
Price Required/Optional$999$1499
Subscription PlanMandatoryNot mandatory
Training ProgramOnly available with the gold planAvailable
Available ColorsGray, WhiteGray

Halo Collar

You can only manually choose 20 different locations on your land to use as virtual fences with the Halo Collar.

Halo Collar official page

When the Halo Collar is turned on, all of its virtual fences get instantly active, and when it is turned off, all of them are immediately deactivated.

Halo’s drawback is that you cannot build virtual fences with intersecting boundary lines, which restricts your ability to decide which regions you would like to secure so that your dog can run around without restraint.

SpotOn Collar

On the other hand, the SpotOn GPS Tracking Fence offers a far more customized fence and enables you to design an endless number of GPS fences and can save up to Twenty fences in one go.

SpotOn Collar -official page

Overlapping fences are another feature of the SpotOn Collar that the Halo Collar will not offer.

The excellent thing about SpotOn is it lets you activate each fence separately, preventing malfunctioning of the virtual fences (you can set up a fence of the whole area for use throughout the day and a small fence of just the garden for toilet breaks at night).

Halo Collar Vs SpotOn Collar: Key Features Comparison

Here, I have shared my analysis of the key characteristics that will help you understand the similarities and differences between the Halo collar and the SpotOn collar.

Collar Equipment

The following features represent the structure and design of the Halo and SpotOn collars:

1. Size

Having Large, medium, and small sizes, dogs with Neck sizes ranging from 11 inches to 30.5 inches can fit into Halo’s collar. SpotOn can now fit neck sizes ranging from 10 to 26 inches thanks to the addition of a small collar to its collection. Both collars include easy rechargeable batteries and are waterproof.

2. Colors

The Halo collar comes in four colors: pink, yellow, black, and white. On the other hand, the spot-on collar is only available in grey. Previously, Halo Collar had a few special edition colors, which I really liked, but they’re not available anymore.

3. Adjustments And Customization

When trying out the collars, I realized the Spot On collar seems to adjust and put on your dog easily. However, despite having an easy collar structure and design, the Halo collar took a bit of time to adjust the straps and fit right on my dog’s neck due to the fabric cover that comes before you put the collar on the dog. 

The Halo collar has a clasp to be adjusted, while the spot-on collar has a pop-out clip in which you can put the holding ring as you want.  However, the Spot on collar has a limited number of holes, whereas the Halo collar is more fine-tuned.

4. Battery Life & Charging

You can expect the Halo collar’s battery to last up to 24 hours and the Spot On collar’s battery up to 22 hours while using containment mode. Also, if you are using the tracking mode, it will last 14 hours with the Spot On collar.

When I tested and tracked the time both collars took to charge, I found both of them to charge equally fast and only took about an hour to be fully charged. However, the SpotOn collar needs a transmit power base, which will be difficult to replace if you lose it compared to the USB-C Cord Halo uses. 

5. Comfort With Durability

The latest Halo 3 collar has a magnetic charger that can endure any kind of chewing and rough handling. On the other hand, the SpotOn collar has a more flexible material that takes the shape of your dog’s neck. 

Halo is made out of fabric, which gets wet and can become uneasy for your dog as it stays wet for a while, unlike the rubber material of SpotOn Collar. 

Simply put, the SpotOn collar is a little less complex than the Halo collar. 

Network Coverage

I’ve tested both collars for accuracy, range, and coverage. Now, let’s delve into the details:

1. Accuracy

The built-in antennas on the collars receive location and timing data from multiple constellation satellites used by both firms. There are some limitations with the Global Navigation Satellite System, which includes GPS. 

The precision of the Halo collar was not consistent when we first tested it. However, after testing the updated Halo 3 Collar, we saw a significant improvement in both response time and position accuracy. 

This is most likely a result of their technology, which combines GPS satellites with Bluetooth and WiFi signals.

2. Range

SpotOn requires at least half an acre to function successfully. However, Halo can be used in a smaller yard (0.2 acres). 

The virtual Fence lines cannot be too close together since SpotOn also needs room between barriers. SpotOn was created with larger properties in mind as a result (and requires a greater minimum-sized zone).

3. Coverage

After testing them both, I found that using SpotOn to put up a fence boundary was far simpler than using any other method. I just had to walk around the area I wanted to contain.

 I discovered that Halo was less precise and user-friendly, making the setup process a little annoying.

The Posts could be dropped, but they weren’t placed correctly. So, we had to figure out how to drag and drop them in the proper place. 

In addition, SpotOn more readily conforms to the geometry of your space, while Halo employs more straight fence lines.

When it comes to building fence zones quickly and efficiently, SpotOn comes out on top. In addition, it supports a greater number of zones and makes zone creation slightly simpler than in Halo.

Key Components In Halo Collar Vs. SpotOn Collar

The following is a comparison of the key technical components of the Halo collar and SpotOn collar. 

1. Alerts

The Halo and SpotOn collars both have several correction levels, such as vibration, static, tone, etc. However, the SpotOn collar has a total of 30 options, whereas the Halo collar has only 15 options. 

Both collars have loud enough tone sounds when the collar alerts you. However, SpotOn’s tone goes a little louder than Halo’s.

Nonetheless, the vibration levels on them are equally effective while allowing you to customize the intensity levels. Moreover, despite having an intense shock correction, it is not painful to the dog. 

2. Safe Zones

Both collars have the ability to save up to 20 safe zones or virtual fences. However, you will need a Bluetooth beacon if you wish to create a ‘keep out’ zone when using Halo.  you can also purchase an additional beacon to create more ‘keep out’ zones. 

On the other hand, for SpotOn, you will need to create unlimited no-go zones or home zones through the smartphone app itself. 

3. Smartphone Apps

The smartphone apps to operate Halo Collar and SpotON Collar let you interact with your dog and control your fences. Both provide video training to assist you in setting up the collars and acclimating your dog to the fencing system. 

You can add more than one pet and turn the fences on and off with both. While tracking is an add-on for SpotOn, it is included with the Halo plans. 

Additionally, Halo’s collar tracks your dog’s activity level, indicating how much time it spends moving around vs sleeping, as well as how it reacts to praise.

4. Training Method

The Halo app has a bunch of tutorials, detailed videos, guidance, and techniques for helping train your dog, and dog training professionals like Cesar Millan support it. 

You can discover how to train your dog to react to alerts by watching the numerous videos and lessons available on SpotOn. Apart from that, SpotOn’s software is more suited for tracking and containment than for training. Hence, I find the Halo Collar superior for continuous behavior change.

5. Portability

Both devices are remarkably portable and suitable for any type of environment. However, SpotOn also offers a unique feature called Forest Mode that you can activate if your yard is heavily covered with trees. It increases the sensitivity of GPS when it is turned on. 

Additionally, Halo features PrecisionGPS AI software, which distinguishes between direct signals and those reflecting off of barriers (trees or buildings) using machine learning.

SpotOn can only be used somewhere that is covered by the cell phone carrier of your choice (AT&T, Verizon, etc.)

Therefore, it cannot connect if you travel to a place lacking that specific service. It depends on cellphone service for tracking because it lacks built-in WiFi.

Pros And Cons of Halo Collar And SpotOn Collar

After comparing the features, the Spoton Virtual Fence vs. Halo Collar comparison will examine the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Halo Collar Pros And Cons

Here are the pros and cons of the Halo Collar for a more precise comparison of the collar:


  • Less expensive than the SpotOn fence
  • Simple to set up
  • Excellent for monitoring dog activities.
  • Best for GPS tracking.
  • You can attend The Halo tech sessions with the help of the Zoom App.
  • Occasionally offered at a discounted cost.
  • It includes training sessions led by professional Cesar Millan.
  • It is fully waterproof.
  • Variety of sizes.
  • Battery lasts up to 20 hrs.
  • There are 15 levels of correction in this collar.
  • IP67 water resistance rating.
  • Neither wires nor WiFi is required.
  • Extremely durable and lightweight collar.


  • You can save only 20 virtual fences maximum.
  • No overlapping fences allowed
  • Costly premium training materials are only accessible with the gold subscription.
  • Need regular recharging.

Spot On Collar Pros And Cons

Here are the pros and cons of the SpotOn Collar for a more precise comparison of the collar:


  • Simple to use
  • Dog-friendly structuring and designing.
  • Made with extraordinary technology.
  • Astonishingly precise GPS tracking
  • It is fully waterproof.
  • 1,500 fences can overlap each other.
  • There is also a free training course.
  • There are 30 corrective levels.
  • Simple to set up.
  • Lightweight collar design.
  • It Works great despite having a lot of tree cover.


  • It’s more costly than the Halo collar.
  • Non-flexible subscription packages are offered.
  • It Needs regular charging.
  • Each region needs at least half an acre of space. Therefore, a huge lot is necessary.

Comparison Of Training Program: Halo Collar Vs. SpotOn Collar

You and your dog need some instruction to ensure your GPS collar is as efficient as possible.

When a GPS Collar is purchased, both Halo and SpotOn provide professional training.

You can access this course through the Halo app if you subscribe to the Gold Plan. Halo also provides customers with exclusive training opportunities.

YouTube makes it simple to access the 3-step training procedure for SpotOn. Additionally, the business provides a free 30-minute session with a licensed SpotOn trainer if you have any issues.

Performance Comparison: Halo Collar Vs. SpotOn Collar

Nothing in technology and performance is flawless, and the Halo & SpotOn collars are no exception.

Regarding the GPS satellite fence system, both collars have received criticism for imprecise borders and dropped GPS signals.

However, each collar appears to deal with unique issues as well. Some people have trouble activating the SpotOn system, and its software frequently crashes.

On the other hand, Halo’s app has received many great ratings. However, it occasionally experiences a delay in notifications and even false-positive alarms.

Halo has a track record of paying attention to client feedback, though. In response to customer feedback, they released the upgraded Halo 2 in late 2021. 

The Halo 2+, which had even more enhancements, was then released in 2022. It featured greater GPS and position accuracy as well as improved cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth connections.

Halo collars have an advantage in terms of performance because they pay attention to their clients and implement any adjustments they advise.

Price of Halo Collar And SpotOn Collar

Smart dog collars are not inexpensive, but when it comes down to affordability, SpotOn and Halo have a distinct advantage.

Halo Collar

Your dog is safe everywhere
with Halo

Halo Collar






SpotOn Collar

Goodbye wires. Hello Freedom






Even if SpotOn GPS fences have more capabilities than Halo, it doesn’t always make up for the significant price gap, especially when you also consider the monthly subscription rates.

The $649 Halo 2+ collar has a 60-day money-back assurance and a one-year warranty. 

Additionally, they give you a free 30-day trial of the gold subscription plan; to continue, you must choose another package. 

The monthly cost of the basic subscription is $5.99, the silver is $9.99, and the gold is $29.99.

Although the basic plan includes unlimited cellular data, enhanced tracking is available with Halo’s silver monthly subscription, and a premium training course is available with gold.

On the other hand, the SpotOn Collar costs $1295, along with the basic subscription plans are $4.49, the silver is $9.99, and the gold is $29.99.

My Experience With Halo Collar

The Halo Dog Collar satisfied and exceeded my expectations and has proven to be an essential tool for pet protection. It distinguishes itself in the market with its modern technology and sturdy, elegant style.

I was first drawn to the sophisticated LED lighting system, which offers excellent low-light vision. 

This function is essential for outside activities like walks in the evening because it makes sure my pet is secure and visible even in poorly lit areas. The customizable light modes are equally flexible to different situations and tastes.

In addition, the Halo Dog Collar has a powerful GPS tracking system that provides real-time location tracking via an easy-to-use smartphone. 

Moreover, the collar’s dependable lengthy battery life has allayed worries about unexpected power loss during prolonged outdoor activity.

My pet has been comfortable wearing the collar all day because of its soft yet sturdy fabric. My dog can also move around freely and without hindrance because the straps are adjustable to create a secure fit without causing any discomfort. 

Its waterproof design also handles unforeseen weather changes, making it appropriate for various outdoor environments.

Although the collar is a little expensive, it is definitely worth it. 

My Experience With Spot On Collar

Our dogs now have complete freedom on our 56 acres thanks to these collars, and I can monitor them in real-time using the app, which gives me so much piece of mind because my dogs love to roam around when they’re alone.

The first item that has effectively kept our dogs at home is this product. And if necessary, changing or adjusting the fence lines is quite simple.

I adore that SpotOn has added new capabilities, such as the collar’s ability to play a tone for summoning the dog home from a distance and that I can watch my dogs work in the app even when they are on the property.

I’m amazed at how simple the setup procedure was overall. Ultimately, these collars have seen a lot of abuse from our dogs, who live outside in the rain, snow, and dirt, and even while swimming in the pond.

What Do People Say About Halo Collar And SpotOn Collar? (User Reviews)

Since you saw my experience with the Halo Collar and Spot On Collar, it’s only fair to see what other users say about these collars. Therefore, to give you extra insights, below I have shared a few user reviews from popular public discussion forums.

Let’s check the reviews out:

Who Should Go For Halo Collar?

Users who need a dog collar within budget, a smaller yard, and basic requirements from the collar can opt for the Halo collar. This collar also provides training sessions by the founder of the company, Caesar Milan.

Who Should Go For SpotOn Collar?

Users who need multiple customizable options, correction levels, and accurate GPS tracking with fencing boundaries should go for the SpotOn collar. It provides services with the help of the best technology available in the industry.

Pro Tip: If you don’t know how to keep your dog’s collar clean, check out my complete guide to cleaning dog collars, Click here.

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My Verdict! Spot On is better than Halo for long-range tracking

Since we are at the end of our comparison between Halo Collar vs Spot On Collar, let me tell you that it’s a Tie, and both the collars win. 

Having used both of them, I can tell you that the Halo collar and Spot On Collar both cater to a few significantly different uses, along with a common feature of GPS tracking.

In the end, your needs will determine which option is best for you. SpotOn works better as an outside containment device if you have a wide yard and do not intend to travel much. 

Halo is a great option if you want a more traditional training collar and wish to work on the indoor “keep off” zones (in addition to traveling frequently). 

I have a dedicated article covered on Halo collar review, which you can check out for more exclusive information.


Why does Halo Collar indicate it is outdated?

This symbol indicates that the collar’s cellular signal is not present. This could mean that the cellular connection is halted, the collar’s data is “outdated,” the collar is “unplugged,” the data is “unknown” since it was not received from the collar, or it could mean that the collar is disconnected.

Does the Halo collar release shock on the dog’s skin?

Even though the Halo dog collar is primarily a shock collar, it initially provides your dog a gentle warning because it doesn’t want to be harsh on them.

Will my dog always depend on having an e-collar?

No, your dog won’t be required to wear the e-collar always. You can discontinue using the e-collar after your dog becomes accustomed to keeping within the fence border.

What does the two-finger dog collar rule entail?

A correctly adjusted head collar will be slack sufficient for you to put one finger between both the platform of your dog’s neck and the collar; make sure you can slide two fingers there.

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