Halo Collar Vs Spot On Collar: Which Is Better? (Expert View)

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Now, if you’ve invested any time searching for the best electronic dog fences online, you’ve probably run into Halo and SpotOn more often than any other brands.

Halo and SpotOn collars are some of the best dog collars available. While they both have excellent features with similar wireless fence systems, they do have some key differences.

Listed below are all the details you need to choose the best dog collar for your pup if you’re curious whether either Halo or SpotOn dog collars are great value for money and how they compare.

Halo Collar Vs Spot On Collar (Brief Comparison)


Halo Collar

SpotOn Collar

Collar Size

11 inches to 30.5 inches

10 inches-26 inches

Battery Life

New collars can go up to 20 Hrs & 14 Hrs for older collars

Up to 18 years if it remains unused or 12 Hrs if in tracking mode

Time to full charge

2 Hr

1 Hr

App Connectivity

Only with subscription Plan


Coverage Area

30 square Feet to 1000 Acres
½ Acres to 1000 acres


20 Fences

1500 Fences

Fence Overlapping

GPS Tracking

Static Correction Levels

15 levels
30 Levels

Activity Tracking

Wi-Fi Required

Only while using  GPS Tracker 

Subscription Plan

Mandatory Only available with the gold plan

Not mandatory

Training Program

Only available with the gold plan

Available Colors

Gray, White


Halo Collar 

You can only manually choose 20 different locations on your land to use as virtual fences with the Halo Collar.

Halo Collar official page

When the Halo Collar is turned on, all of its virtual fences get instantly active, and when it is turned off, all of them are immediately deactivated.

Halo’s drawback is that you cannot build virtual fences with intersecting boundary lines, which restricts your ability to decide which regions you would like to secure so that your dog can run around without restraint.

SpotOn Collar 

On the other hand, the SpotOn GPS Tracking Fence offers a far more customized fence and enables you to design an endless number of GPS fences and can save up to Twenty fences in one go.

SpotOn CollarĀ -official page

Overlapping fences are another feature of the SpotOn Collar that the Halo Collar will not offer.

The excellent thing about SpotOn is it lets you activate each fence separately, preventing malfunctioning of the virtual fences (you can set up a fence of the whole area for use throughout the day and a small fence of just the garden for toilet breaks at night).

Halo Collar Features

Halo Collar Features

Starting with the Halo dog collar, we’ll examine the key characteristics that are most likely to entice a consumer.

1. Activity Tracker

The Halo Collar has a useful activity-tracking feature that lets you monitor the dog’s activity level and position tracking.

A dog’s life includes many exercises, and as dog owners, users want to ensure their pet receives plenty of it.

For dogs entering their old age or those who could be recovering from illnesses, this is particularly crucial. It is essential to exercise regularly.

2. No WiFi Required

You undoubtedly researched other options before considering the Halo Collar or Spoton Virtual Fence. 

Putting in-ground fence posts may have looked like a smart idea, but burying wires is a highly laborious process.

Every aspect of the Halo Collar functions as a wireless fence.

Also, you can use the system without relying on WiFi because it employs the GPS tracking protocol.

3. Tracking through the GPS Signal

An additional pretty intriguing feature of the Halo Collar is GPS position tracking. Installing a virtual fence doesn’t guarantee that your dog will always remain within its limits.

When your dog leaves the boundary region, the GPS signals in the dog collar enable tracking functions.

Some folks worry a great deal that their dog will escape. The Halo Collar is a fantastic alternative to help you track your dog’s whereabouts for recovery if this describes you.

4. Different Boundary alternatives

Regarding how the perimeter system operates, putting up the virtual barrier with the Halo Collar functions quite well. 20 distinct boundary areas are permitted.

This implies that you have considerable influence over where the barriers are placed. The Halo Collar also allows you to alter the fence as you see fit as time goes on.

The Halo Collar also allows you to alter the fence as you see fit as time goes on.

5. Independence of dog size

The issue of sizing comes into focus because the Halo Collar must be suitable for use on diverse dogs, just like any conventional dog collar would.

The fact that it can fit a wide range of neck sizes means that more owners can benefit from this virtual barrier.

SpotOn Collar Features

SpotOn Collar Features

After all, this is a comparison of the Halo Collar and Spoton Virtual Fence, so it’s time to examine what it is the Spoton collar has to serve.

1. Wireless Fence 

Despite having a wireless design, the Spoton Virtual Fence collars do not have the same criteria as a conventional wireless fence. Thus, there is no need to dig up your yard.

It’s as simple as traversing the length of your virtual fence perimeter and setting up the mapping device, just like with the Halo Collar.

2. GPS Tracking Feature

The Spoton dog collar also has a precise GPS tracking feature that will always let you know where your dog is.

It is a fairly accurate implementation outside the Spoton GPS fence boundaries. This means that the Spoton collar provides two levels of tracking.

On the “inner” aspect of things, you can keep an eye on your dog while it is inside the boundaries. However, its tracking feature will continue to be able to pinpoint your dog’s whereabouts if it is not within the Spoton GPS fence.

3. Independence of dog size

Similar to the Halo Collar, the Spoton Virtual Fence’s collar can suit various neck sizes. However, there was previously a lot smaller support range, so this is more of a novel phenomenon.

Concern over the size adjustments a dog goes into it is nearly always there when dog owners purchase these kinds of items.

It’s convenient to be able to monitor your puppy with a Spoton fence, but what will happen as the dog develops, as well as if its neck isn’t as small?

Fortunately, the Spoton Collar will expand with your dog, saving you money. For the best cost and warranty, make sure you visit the official website.

4. Customizability

A boundary area that can be completely customized is also possible with the Spoton collar implementation.

It is one thing to be able to sketch out the fence’s points and make adjustments. However, you can arrange your arrangement with overlapping fences if you’d like.

You might discover that doing so provides your dog plenty of room to go around and explore, based on how your area is set up.

Additionally, this function allows you to temporarily prevent your dog from visiting a particular area of the property or utilize the Spoton Virtual Fence for teaching purposes.

Pros and Cons: Halo Collar Vs SpotOn Collar

After comparing the features, the Spoton Virtual Fence vs. Halo Collar comparison will examine the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Halo Collar

Here are the pros and cons of the Halo Collar for a more precise comparison of the collar:


  • Less expensive than the SpotOn fence
  • Simple to set up
  • Excellent for monitoring dog activities.
  • Extremely durable and lightweight collar.
  • Neither wires nor WiFi is required.
  • IP67 water resistance rating.
  • There are 15 levels of correction in this collar.
  • Battery lasts up to 20 hrs.
  • Battery lasts up to 20 hrs.
  • Variety of sizes.
  • It is fully waterproof.
  • It includes training sessions led.
  • Occasionally offered at a discounted cost.
  • Attend sessions with the Zoom App.
  • Best for GPS tracking.


  • You can save only 20 virtual fences maximum.
  • No overlapping fences allowed
  • Costly premium training materials are only accessible with the gold subscription.
  • Need regular recharging.

SpotOn Collar

Here are the pros and cons of the SpotOn Collar for a more precise comparison of the collar:


  • Simple to use
  • Dog-friendly structuring and designing.
  • Made with extraordinary technology.
  • It Works great despite having a lot of tree cover.
  • Lightweight collar design.
  • Simple to set up.
  • There are 30 corrective levels.
  • There are 30 corrective levels.
  • There is also a free training course.
  • 1,500 fences can overlap each other.
  • Astonishingly precise GPS tracking is fully waterproof.


  • It’s more costly than the Halo collar.
  • Non-flexible subscription packages are offered.
  • Each region needs at least half an acre of space. Therefore, a huge lot is necessary.
  • It Needs regular charging.
  • Non-flexible subscription packages are offered.

Comparison of Training Program: Halo Collar Vs SpotOn Collar

You and your dog need some instruction to ensure your GPS collar is as efficient as possible.

When a GPS Collar is purchased, both Halo and SpotOn provide professional training.

You can access this course through the Halo app if you subscribe to the Gold Plan. Halo also provides customers with exclusive training opportunities.

YouTube makes it simple to access the 3-step training procedure for SpotOn. Additionally, the business provides a free 30-minute session with a licensed SpotOn trainer if you have any issues.

Performance Comparison of Halo Vs Spoton

Nothing in technology and performance is flawless, and the Halo & SpotOn collars are no exception.

Regarding the GPS satellite fence system, both collars have received criticism for imprecise borders and dropped GPS signals.

However, each collar appears to deal with unique issues as well. Some people have trouble activating the SpotOn system, and its software frequently crashes.

On the other hand, Halo’s app has received many great ratings. However, it occasionally experiences a delay in notifications and even false-positive alarms.

Halo has a track record of paying attention to client feedback, though. In response to customer feedback, they released the upgraded Halo 2 in late 2021. 

The Halo 2+, which had even more enhancements, was then released in 2022. It featured greater GPS and position accuracy as well as improved cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth connections.

Halo collars have an advantage in terms of performance because they pay attention to their clients and implement any adjustments they advise.

Price Comparison: Halo Collar Vs. SpotOn Collar

Smart dog collars are not inexpensive, but when it comes down to affordability, SpotOn and Halo have a distinct advantage.

Halo Collar

Your dog is safe everywhere
with Halo

Halo Collar






SpotOn Collar

Goodbye wires. Hello Freedom






Even if SpotOn GPS fences have more capabilities than Halo, it doesn’t always make up for the significant price gap, especially when you also consider the monthly subscription rates.

The $649 Halo 2+ collar has a 60-day money-back assurance and a one-year warranty. 

Additionally, they give you a free 30-day trial of the gold subscription plan; to continue, you must choose another package. 

The monthly cost of the basic subscription is $5.99, the silver is $9.99, and the gold is $29.99.

Although the basic plan includes unlimited cellular data, enhanced tracking is available with Halo’s silver monthly subscription, and a premium training course is available with gold.

On the other hand, the SpotOn Collar costs $1295, along with the basic subscription plans are $4.49, the silver is $9.99, and the gold is $29.99.

Bonus: You can explore the ultimate comparison of Fi and Halo collar Here.

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Final Verdict: Halo Collar Vs Spot On Collar (2023)

The result of this contest between the two GPS-enabled dog fences, Spot On vs. Halo, primarily depends on your goals.

The SpotOn dog collar is undoubtedly the greatest GPS tracker with respect to technology and features. It is far superior to Halo because of the amazingly unique tracking technology and the huge amount of fences that are accessible.

The Halo 2+ is still a great option if you don’t have the extra cash for a SpotOn collar, though, which does the same function as the SpotOn reasonably well but costs much less.

We believe the Halo 2+ collar comes out on top when evaluating features, performance, and cost.

Lastly, if you found this article helpful, share your feedback in the comment section below.


Why does Halo Collar indicate it is outdated?

This symbol indicates that the collar’s cellular signal is not present. This could mean that the cellular connection is halted, the collar’s data is “outdated,” the collar is “unplugged,” the data is “unknown” since it was not received from the collar, or it could mean that the collar is disconnected.

Does the Halo collar release shock on the dog’s skin?

Even though the Halo dog collar is primarily a shock collar, it initially provides your dog a gentle warning because it doesn’t want to be harsh on them.

Will my dog always depend on having an e-collar?

No, your dog won’t be required to wear the e-collar always. You can discontinue using the e-collar after your dog becomes accustomed to keeping within the fence border.

What does the two-finger dog collar rule entail?

A correctly adjusted head collar will be slack sufficient for you to put one finger between both the platform of your dog’s neck and the collar; make sure you can slide two fingers there.

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