10 Best Dog GPS Trackers For 2024 (Tested & Reviewed)

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Parenting mischievous dogs is difficult as they tend to wander off more frequently than calm dogs. Hence,  having tools like the best dog GPS trackers to assist you can make it easy to keep tabs on your dog.

A GPS tracker might assist in removing the uncertainty. It’s better than driving around the neighborhood, calling their name, and hoping they reply.

Some dog GPS trackers require a monthly subscription; some only cost when you buy the device. But, some dog GPS trackers, like the PetFon dog GPS tracker, don’t require any subscription cost.

After reviewing all the best dog GPS trackers in the market, our ultimate #1 pick is the ‘Whistle Go Explore.’ 

Looking at this tracker from all perspectives, it excels in everything. It’s budget-friendly as it costs $104.44 and helps you track your dog’s health and daily activities.

We have given our ultimate choice for a dog GPS tracker. Now, it’s time to choose a suitable GPS tracker for your dog and your benefits.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the details.

Top 3 Dog GPS Trackers: In a Nutshell (2024)

If you are busy and don’t have time to go through the whole article, we have listed our best picks below.

Whistle Go Explore 

Best for those who want to keep track of their pet's location and health.

  • Real-Time GPS Tracking.

  • Up to 20 Days Of Battery Life

  • Safe Place Alerts

  • Activity Monitoring

Top Pick

Garmin Alpha 200i

Best for those who need a tracking system that is powerful and versatile.

  • Tracks 20 Dogs At A Time

  • 3.5-inch Touchscreen

  • Built-In compass 

  • inReach For SOS alerts

Most Popular

Tractive GPS Tracker

Best for pet owners who live in rural areas or who travel frequently.

  • Location history

  • Multiple Trackers

  • Safe Place Alerts

  • 100% waterproof And Adventures

Best Seller

Here, we have listed the 10 best dog GPS trackers. Let’s go through them

1. whistle Go Explore Pet Tracker (Best for overall performance)

  • Connectivity Mode: AT&T Network
  • Battery life: 20 Days
  • Subscription plan: $8.25/month (Yearly Plan)
  • Water resistance: No

The Whistle Go Explore is a handy device with multiple versatile features and provides 100% location accuracy AT&T network for GPS Positioning.

It provides information about your dog’s health, including calories and whereabouts, as it is a health, pet calorie, and GPS tracker.  

In addition, the tracker allows you to monitor your dog’s sleeping schedule and keep records of movements like licking and scratching from the smartphone app.

Moreover, with its feature of saving multiple safe places (geofences), it nearly covers an area equal to a country. If you have any doubts before buying the tracker, you can opt for the 90-day free trial facility.

The Whistle Go Explore has an average battery life of 20 days, long enough to find a lost dog’s location within a few hours or days.


  • Great battery life.
  • No requirement for a base station.
  • It comes with a night light for night vision.
  • Valid for both dogs and cats.


  • It may become heavy for small dog breeds.
  • Slacks while notifying initially when your dog is crossing the safe zone boundaries.

2. Garmin Alpha 200i (Best for quick adjustments)

  • Connectivity Mode: Multiple global navigation satellite systems (GPS and Galileo)
  • Battery life: 14 Days
  • Subscription plan: $14.95/month (monthly inReach subscription plan)
  • Water resistance: No

The Gramin Alpha 200i is a multi-button design device that helps in quick adjustments. This device comes with a 200i handheld, which lasts up to 20 hours.

It works best if your dog is sporty and tough in nature. This device operates perfectly in the field. 

That means if you and your dog love doing outdoor activities more, then this is an excellent option for you. Also, you can manage up to 20 dogs at once with this if you have several dogs.

The Gramin Alpha 200i is one of the best trackers, which can track a dog from long distances as it is a high-tech device.


  • It is made with an in-built in Reach to help you search for your dog if the cell goes out of service.
  • It has removable lithium batteries.
  • It is absolutely wifi compatible.
  • This device can be paired with other Garmin devices. 
  • Quick access with the buttons on the side and top.


  • Its buttons are lighter; hence, there’s always a chance it can be touched accidentally. You will have to lock the screen in order to avoid this issue.
  • The customization can be a little complex and intimidating to new users.

3. Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker (Best for affordable price and subscription)

  • Connectivity Mode: GPS, Wi-Fi, and Live mode
  • Battery life:  10 Days
  • Subscription plan: $13/month (Monthly Plan)
  • Water resistance: Yes (no certification)

Tractive is cheaper in price than our first choice, as it’s one of the most affordable options for a dog GPS tracker. Also, its monthly GPS tracking subscription is just as cheap as the device.

It does all the things it’s supposed to do, which is to track down your dog. But it doesn’t come with a health or behavior tracker.

Plus, if your dog likes to play in the water or is often in the water, then you can rest assured. The tractive GPS tracker is fully waterproof and safe for your dog in the water.


  • Quicker escape alert notification.
  • It doesn’t require a  new collar in order to be attached.
  • It can track the dog’s behavior, sleep schedule, and calories.
  • You can track your dog’s activity on the leaderboards in the app.


  • Less social features are available on the app.
  • It cannot track the interruption in a dog’s sleep.

4. Jiobit (Best for a small & lightweight GPS tracker)

  • Connectivity Mode: (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular, GPS)
  • Battery life: 10 Days
  • Subscription plan: $8.99/month (Yearly Plan)
  • Water resistance: No

Jiobit is your ultimate option If you’re looking for a small and lightweight GPS tracker for your dog. The Jiobit pet GPS tracker is the fastest charging tracker, which only needs a minute to set up. 

Also, It’s a great help in tracking your dog’s sleeping schedule and health monitoring. Plus, you can set trusted places as your multiple virtual fences to let you have the freedom when you take them to their favorite spots.

The Jiobit tracker also alerts you whenever your furbaby attempts to leave the house or the limits you have set for them. It features a next-gen, low-power 5G-compatible network with multiple connection methods.

Additionally, it allows multiple users to connect and operate the tracking device, making itself useful to all family members.


  • It is excellent for monitoring all animals and possibly humans, too.
  • It can configure multiple geofences.
  • Multiple users can connect to one Jiobit.
  • You can check the location history on the app.


  • The App continuously sends multiple push notifications if the GPS is disconnected.
  • The battery life could’ve been better.

5. Apple AirTag 4 pack (Best for iPhone users )

Apple AirTag 4 pack
  • Connectivity Mode: Ultra Wideband technology with Bluetooth
  • Battery life: 1-year (replaceable battery)
  • Subscription plan: No subscription is required.
  • Water resistance: IP67

Due to its simplicity of use, low cost, and small size, the Apple AirTag is one of the best picks for a GPS tracker after extensive testing. Plus, it comes in a four-piece (four AirTags) pack.

Each AirTag is priced at less than $30. Plus, it’s one of the few devices available without a recurring subscription fee, making it a cost-effective option.

Both large and small dogs may use them since they are very lightweight. Also, various accessories are available to connect the AirTag to your dog’s collar or harness.


  • Less expensive compared to other trackers.
  • Setting it up is pretty easy and quick.
  • Compact in design and structure.
  • No extra subscription is required to use.


  • Only iPhone users can use it.
  • It’s not the best for distant areas.

6. Fi Series 3 (Best for activity tracking)

Fi Series 2
  • Connectivity Mode:  GPS and LTE-M Cellular Network
  • Battery life: 90 Days
  • Subscription plan: $24/month (monthly Plan)
  • Water resistance: IP68 & IP66K

The Fi collar watches your pet’s location and records their activity monitoring, including how far they travel, how long they sleep, and how often their sleep gets interrupted.

Plus, the Live GPS tracking lets you keep tabs on your dog 24/7 from the smartphone app. As a  cherry on top, the escape alerts inform you whenever the dog tries to cross the safe zone.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about linking the Fi tracker to your pet’s current collar because it also comes on a reliable, regular-sized collar.

Also, the tracker makes your job easy by allowing you to review your tracking history to find out when, where, and how long they spent outside.

The Fi Smart Dog Collar is one of the best smart dog collars on the market. Read our Fi Dog Collar Review to learn why.


  • You can track your dog’s sleep.
  • The battery life is long-lasting.


  • Location detection is delayed a little.

7. Cube Real-Time GPS Dog Tracker (Best as an all-things tracker)

Cube Real-Time GPS Dog Tracker
  • Connectivity Mode: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular Network
  • Battery life: 10 to 60 Days
  • Subscription plan: $16.50/month (on Yearly Plan)
  • Water resistance: IP67

The Cube is designed to assist individuals in keeping track of various items, including automobiles, luggage, children’s backpacks, and pets, rather than being used especially for tracking pets.

It has real-time GPS tracking, making it easier to track vehicles, pets, and your belongings from your smartphone. However, the plot twist is, with its dynamic reporting feature, the Cube device sleeps when there is no movement, which helps in exceeding the battery life.

So, even though It is a heavy device and a little difficult to put on a dog collar, the perks make it all worth it. However, don’t expect the device to track your pet’s fitness and activities.


  • It doesn’t need any extra subscription fees.
  • It has a radar function that makes it easier to find your dog in poor-signal areas.


  • It gives trouble in tracking when using it indoors.

8. PetFon Pet GPS Tracker (Best for hiking with dogs)

PetFon Pet GPS Tracker
  • Connectivity Mode: Combination of GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and long-distance wireless technologies
  • Battery life:  8 to 16 hours
  • Subscription plan: No subscription plan is required
  • Water resistance: No

the PetFon tracker may cost a little bit more upfront. Even though it was the most costly choice we evaluated, it delivers 3.5 miles of open area and real-time GPS monitoring.

You can connect the band that comes with the tracker to your dog’s collar, along with a compact design for convenient attachment.

However, it has a drawback when it comes to the battery. Its battery life is comparatively shorter than other pet trackers. Though, you can carry its portable charging case to recharge the tracker.

Ultimately, The PetFon GPS Tracker was among the most accurate alternatives we examined.


  • It comes with a pretty compact design.
  • No subscription fees are needed to use it.
  • It comes with a portable charging case.


  • Battery life is short and exhausts sooner than the expected duration.

9. FitBark GPS Dog Tracker (Best in Bluetooth trackers)

Fitbark GPS Tracker
  • Connectivity Mode: GPS, Wi-Fi Network
  • Battery life:  28 Days
  • Subscription plan: $5.95/month (Monthly Plan)
  • Water resistance: Yes (no certification)

FitBark is literally a life-saving GPS dog tracker. However, this device only works on Bluetooth unless you pay an extra $79 for a wifi base station.

It is designed for all types of dog breeds. FitBark pet tracker is not only tough and rugged but waterproof as well. So, if your dog can play in the water without you worrying. 

Just like other GPS trackers, it alerts you when your pup tries to escape out of the safe zone. 


  • Easy to use user interface.
  • Very lightweight.
  • It can be attached to any collar.
  • Long-lasting battery.


  • Lacks wifi features.
  • Requires a base station for offline monitoring.

10. Tile Pro (Best alternative to Apple AirTag )

Tile Pro GPS
  • Connectivity Mode: Bluetooth Network
  • Battery life: 1 -year (replaceable battery)
  • Subscription plan:  $2.99/month (Monthly Premium Plan)
  • Water resistance: IP67

The Tile is a Bluetooth tracker rather than a GPS tracker, in contrast to the other choices on this list.

Although you may have heard of using it to find your belongings like a phone or keys, it can also be used to track animals.

You don’t have to bother about charging or changing the batteries; you must attach the tiny tracker to your pet’s collar.


  • It doesn’t need a monthly subscription like other trackers.
  • You can use it to find other things too.


  • The range is limited due to Bluetooth.

How to pick the best tracking system

Here are a few considerations to bear in mind while you compare the various GPS tracking devices on the market to help you choose the right one:

1. Size

The size of the tracker you select will be heavily influenced by the size of your dog. For smaller breeds, some of the more opulent trackers that contain extra capabilities for tracking movement and health may be excessively hefty.

 2. Features

In addition to helping you locate your pet, many of these GPS trackers also include a number of other capabilities that let you monitor your pet’s well-being and activity levels. Consider a model that includes additional data collection if you’re looking for something that does more than notify you when your dog escapes.

3. Function and accuracy

Pick a tracker that updates every few seconds if your energetic dog is prone to running all over town so you can be sure to catch them as soon as possible. You probably don’t need to receive such frequent updates if your dog simply strolls down the street at a leisurely pace. 

How to use a Dog GPS Tracker? (Step-By-Step Guide)

Using a dog GPS tracker is not rocket science. You can use it just as easily as a smartphone app or any other handy device. 

So, let’s see how you can track your dog down with the help of a dog GPS tracker.

Step 1: Some GPS trackers come with a collar, and some are adjustable with any dog collar. The adjustable GPS trackers can be attached to your dog’s existing collar.

Step 2: Once you have the tracker attached to your dog, you can monitor your dog at the current time. Also, you can monitor your dog’s sleep schedule and health throughout the day with the help of an app.

Step 3: The most important thing that is needed to track your dog down is the tracker’s LOCATION feature. 

Using the information it gets from GPS satellites, the tracker’s GPS module determines the position of the gadget (and, consequently, your pet). 

Since it can more readily receive satellite data when it has a clear line of sight to the sky, the tracker functions best in this situation.

Step 4: The 2nd most important thing, which is necessary along with the location, is the COMMUNICATION feature.

The tracker must communicate the location-related information to your app so that you can easily monitor your dog’s whereabouts and track him down.

Complete Buying Guide for Dog GPS Trackers

When buying a dog GPS tracker, you need to consider a few things and go through the basic features that a GPS tracker offers. 

Therefore, in the guide below, I will help you understand –

  • Which factors you should consider?
  • Identifying the Features of a Dog GPS Tracker
  • Pros and cons of a Dog GPS Tracker to see both sides of the tool.

Now that you’ve got an idea of the buying guide Let’s get started:

Factors to consider before buying a dog GPS tracker

The following factors must be reviewed before buying a dog GPS tracker to buy the best option available on the market. 

1. GPS Tracker usage as per surroundings

Some trackers work best to track your dog around your residence while allowing you to have multiple safe areas for your dog to have freedom in different locations.

whereas the other types of trackers are more useful in tracking your dog from long distances 

2. Smartphone Compatibility

Most dog GPS trackers come with a smartphone app from which you can simply operate and monitor your dog’s activities, like your their location and other physical movements.

These trackers usually have apps available on both iOS and Android devices, as the manufacturers design the trackers in a way that will allow everyone to use them.

3. Network connection and range

Some GPS dog trackers and collars need a mobile connection, or your phone is in close proximity to the device within a specific range. If this is the case, you must ensure that you have a portable device that can connect to an app.

4. What do you want to track?

The purpose behind using a dog GPS tracker should be clear to you before getting one. Some people need a GPS tracker to track their dog’s location along with their health and other activities. However, some only need a location tracker. 

So, in prior, understand how each function works. Check out the categorization below for understanding:

  • Location: The most common use of a GPS tracker is to determine your dog’s location when the dog is away from the owner.
  • Activity: Some advanced GPS trackers have extra features like tracking your dog’s other activities like sleep, licking, scratching, etc., making the tracker an activity tracker as well.
  • Heath: Similar to activity tracking, you can track your dog’s health and fitness, including eating, drinking, calorie count, habits, etc., to alert you about any possible health issue.

5. Subscription charges

Many GPS tracker brands charge a monthly or yearly subscription fee to connect to their service, in addition to the cost of the actual gear, such as the dog, collar, or tracker. When calculating the overall cost of the tracker, costs that differ from each other should also be considered.

6. Battery life

GPS trackers run on batteries like mobile phones and come with removable or rechargeable batteries. Therefore, the battery life of a GPS tracker matters as it determines how long it can track your dog’s location.

For instance, if you go on a vacation, you should take extra batteries or the charger of the tracker collar with you in case the battery runs out. 

The bottom line is to buy a GPS dog tracker with a long enough battery life.

7. Water resistance 

If your dog loves to play in the water, you need to ensure that the GPS tracker you’re buying is water-resistant and can handle water from streams and lakes. 

Plus, it will also save the device from getting damaged by rain if you and your are out for a job and it starts pouring.

8. Comfort 

Even though a GPS tracker is the need of the hour, you still need to ensure your dog’s comfort while making your dog wear it. The device might become heavy and loose for a small dog. So, make sure to buy the right size of the collar as per your dog’s weight. 

Feature Checklist for Dog GPS Trackers

Learning what features you should look up in a GPS tracker will help shortlist options as per your needs from the device. Here are a number of features you should look for in GPS dog trackers:

1. To Track Location

To track a dog’s location, there are a few feature that the device employs. Here are some of the most common ones:

1. Alerts: Alerts are the notifications the tracker sends to your phone app or email to inform you of your dog crossing the boundaries ro safe areas. 

2. Live mode: Not all GPS Trackers, but some advanced technology GPS trackers allow you to see your dog’s live location all the time with ‘Live Mode.’ This feature works on Bluetooth or satellite signals as per the advancement of the particular device. Therefore, even though your dog is in a poor connection area, GPS trackers give sufficient results.

3. Geofences: Geofences, also known as safe areas, are the boundaries made by the owner with the help of the mobile app. Whenever your dog tries to cross the virtual fence, the tracker will send you an alert about the situation. People with a wide and open yard can use this feature to their advantage.

4. Bluetooth: Some dog trackers can be connected to your phone with Bluetooth, which saves you from the hassle of relying on a mobile network. Places where mobile network is limited can depend on this feature.

5. Tracking History: The tracking history and record give you a historical record of the locations where your dog can be found and the times that your dog occupied them.

2. To Track Health

Along with tracking location, some dog GPS trackers provide more advanced features like health and fitness tracking. This feature includes the following functions to track your dog’s health:

1. Sleep: You can keep track of your dog’s sleeping patterns to make sure there aren’t any problems that could be harming their health.

2. Eating: Find out when your dog eats to ensure they are getting the right quantity of food and aren’t experiencing stress, nutritional deficiencies, or oral health problems.

3. Drinking: With this feature, you can ensure your dog’s drinking is sufficient as per their body’s needs in any weather. In addition, you can count the number of times your dog drinks water in a day.

4. Scratching: You can identify your dog’s scratching habit and receive indications if your dog is suffering from any physical issues like skin allergies and infections.

5. Licking: The device allows you to check whether your dog has recently been acting differently than usual. If you notice excessive licking, it may indicate some health problems, including joint pain, skin irritation, or stress levels. Therefore, it’s additionally useful to indicate that your dog is bored.

6. Fitness: Keep track of your dog’s exercise routine to ensure that it matches their breed, weight, and recommended activity level. You can set personal and detailed daily activity objectives with some GPS collars and dog trackers that keep your furbaby active and healthy.

3. Family Sharing

The family sharing feature allows your family members to operate and monitor your dog’s location and health tracking along with you. All you need to do is add your family members’ email IDs or contact details or give access to your family members as the software allows.

Pros and Cons of Dog GPS Trackers

Here are a few pros and cons of Dog GPS Trackers to help you understand the tool better:


  • Locating a dog is easy with a GPS tracker when they go missing.
  • The device alerts you when your dog crosses the defined boundaries.
  • Keep track of your dog’s health and get alert of possible health issues.
  • It helps to keep your furbabies safe within boundaries.


  • Not all GPS trackers will provide sufficient signal forest. 
  • You’ll have to track the battery status and accordingly.

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Final Verdict: Best Dog GPS Trackers (2024)

These were the TOP 10 DOG GPS TRACKERS we found worthy of putting into this list after reviewing them. 

These GPS trackers may differ in many factors, but they sure are the best in doing their primary job, which is finding your dog. Also, you can rely on any one of these, for that matter.

However, there’s always one product that catches everyone’s eye. For us, that one product is ‘Whistle Go Explore.’ This device exceeds a dog owner’s expectations from a GPS tracker.

And, to use it properly, you need to understand how to locate & communicate with the tracker. It can be done with the help of an app or a handheld device required to use it. 

At last, I hope you have chosen your ideal dog GPS tracker for your dog. 

Also, leave your feedback in the comments below if you found this information helpful.


Is it safe for dogs to wear GPS trackers?

Yes, it is absolutely safe for dogs to wear GPS trackers on their necks or on any part of their bodies.

How far can you track your dog with a GPS tracker?

Good quality dog GPS trackers offer real-time GPS tracking up to 3-4 miles in outdoor areas. 

Are dog GPS trackers effective?

Most GPS tracking systems have a three-meter accuracy range, giving consumers precise position data.

Do all Dog GPS trackers require a monthly subscription?

Most dog GPS trackers require a monthly subscription. However, there is some GPS tracker which runs without any subscription.

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