Top 10 Cheap Dog Fence Ideas In 2024 (Budget Friendly)

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Installing a dog fence is good when your dog is naughty and tends to slip off on the roads. However, these fences can be expensive and unaffordable for some dog owners. I, too, was worried about my dog’s safety and security and had to find a cheap dog fence to stop my dog from running on the roads. 

After reviewing and trying some of the top options available in the market, I have compiled a list of cheap dog fences you can consider buying for your yard. 

So what’s the wait for? Let’s get a fence for your dog!

Top 10 Cheap Dog Fences: In a Nutshell

Here are our top 10 picks of cheap dog fences available in the market with their estimated costs.

Sr. No.Cheap Dog FenceEstimated Costings
1.PVC Netting Fence$2 To $4 for 1*1 measurement
2.Chicken Wire Fence$24 To $27 for 1m*30m measurement
3.Welded Wire Mesh Fence$35 To $40 for 0.5*3 measurement
4.Pallet Fencing$45 To $48 for 1m*200m measurement 
5.Poultry Netting Fence$18.5 To $30 for 50*50 measurement 
6.Budget DIY Wire FencingApproximately $54 (Varies with Each Kit)
7.Chain Link Dog Fence$68 To $82 for 1m*15m measurement
8.Picket Dog Fence$50 To $00 for 50*50 measurement.
9.Metal Dog Fence$80 To $110 for 62.8 inches *31.4 inches measurement
10. Lattice Dog Fence$130 To $135 for 70cm*160cm measurement

Now that you have seen a preview of it,  we’ll take a detailed look into the entire list of our 10 Cheap Dog Fence alternatives individually.

1. PVC Netting Fence

Cheap Dog Fence-PVC Netting Fence

PVC Netting is used by people worldwide for making dog fences. It tops the list of the cheapest dog fences as it is easy to install and comes at the lowest cost.

It can be customized into any shape or size you want and is the most flexible option in the market.

Also, It can be removed and reinstalled if you move to different places frequently. This quality makes this fence option the most effective temporary fence for dogs.

The PVC Netting also gives your yard an excellent structure and transparent visibility, allowing your dog to see the world outside of your property.

Estimated Costings: $2 To $4 for 1*1 measurement.

2. Chicken Wire Fence

Chicken Wire fences have proven to be one of the most effective and the cheapest dog fence alternative one can opt for. 

The fencing can be easily anchored with the help of stapling on the bottom and top portions of the poles posted in your yard.

Chicken Wire Fence is the ultimate option for people with small yards. However, the chicken wire fence’s only drawback is the lack of security from the animals outside, as they can enter easily.

Estimated Costings: $24 To $27 for 1m*30m measurement.

3. Welded Wire Mesh Fence

Cheap Dog Fence- Welded Wire Mesh Fence

For people looking for a strong, low-cost, yet effective dog fence, welded wire mesh fence is the choice for you to keep your dog contained.

This fence is made up of high-tensile welded Metal Materials, which are durable and reliable. Plus, it can be made in any size and shape, mainly in rust-resistant steel.

PVC Netting fence and welded wire mesh fence also give you an outside view and the freedom to let the air flow throughout.

However, it needs a wood frame or posts and anchors the wire mesh created with anti-bite protection.

Estimated Costings: $35 To $40 for 0.5*3 measurement.

4. Pallet Fencing

Cheap Dog Fence- Pallet Fencing

Pallet fencing is incredibly cheap and resistant to both cold and heat.

They are recycled wood fences that are environmentally friendly. And you may decorate it whatever you like.

Plus, any garden design will work with this fence. Therefore, both small and large yards can use this.

Pallets are available at grocery stores and home improvement stores.

Estimated Costings: $45 To $48 for 1m*200m measurement.

5. Poultry Netting Fence

Poultry netting dog fencing is simple to install and long-lasting.

However, it cannot limit giant doggies. But it’s fantastic for little furry buddies. Additionally, they come in a variety of sizes to fit your garden.

On both ends of these fences, there are tapered eye holes. So, constructing on your own is quite simple.

Estimated Costings: $18.5 To $30 for 50 inches *50 inches measurement

6. Budget DIY Wire Fencing

Use wire netting on wooden posts or frames for a low-cost DIY dog fence. The price of the fencing wire, which is roughly $1.50 per foot of the wire, is not too high. 

Your yard’s size will determine the cost of the wood, and you’ll need quick-setting cement to install wooden fence posts. 

Although this fence design is not that attractive, it is pretty helpful.

Estimated Costings:  Approximately $54 (Varies with Each Kit)

7. Chain Link Dog Fence

Chain Link fences are similar to welded wire mesh fences and PVC Netting fences but are made with affordable materials that do the job effectively.

It is the easiest to install, and you can do it all by yourself without any assistance from a professional.

You can also attach a gate to it like other fences and modify it according to your needs and preferences.

It is definitely a durable option if you don’t pay much attention to its looks.

Estimated Costings: $68 To $82 for 1m*15m measurement.

8. Picket Dog Fence

The Picket fence is standard all across the globe and is mainly used to put up a fancy fence around the house which also contains the dog inside and prevents outside animals from entering.

A Picket fence gives you partial visibility yet allows you to keep an eye on the people passing by. 

Ultimately, these fences are protective yet decorative, which achieves the purpose of it.

Estimated Costings: $50 To $00 for 50*50 measurement.

9. Metal Dog Fence

Another of the STRONGEST fences that can be set up for dog containment.

These fences can be made entirely of metal or have additional accent elements. Additionally, metal fences can give your yard an industrial appearance.

You won’t have to be concerned about your dog escaping or strangers wandering into the yard if you construct a metal fence around your yard. These fences can keep your pet contained and ensure their security.

For building a metal fence, corrugated metal might be a terrific option. To make a DIY metal fence, you can also recycle old metal.

Estimated Costings: $80 To $110 for 62.8 inches *31.4 inches measurement.

10. Lattice Dog Fence

Consider a lattice dog fence, an excellent choice for keeping your dog in its place and decorating your yard.

This fence resembles a classic wood fence. However, it is made up of 90-degree vertical and horizontal lines, which form square spaces in between the line. 

A lattice fence allows greater visibility and airflow than ordinary wooden barriers.

Additionally, pet owners can alter the length, height, and width to their preferences.

In Addition, you must use ready-made lattice panels to construct the fence. These dog fences feel more durable. Thus, a spacious yard is more appropriate for it.

Estimated Costings: $130 To $135 for 70cm*160cm measurement.

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Final Verdict: Cheap Dog Fence Ideas In 2024

Installing a dog fence becomes mandatory if you have a front yard or a backyard. These fences protect your dogs from other animals and from getting lost in the streets. 

Besides, there are plenty of options available in this category, but we chose the most effective, durable, and cheapest ones for our fellow dog owners.

PVC Netting Fence is the cheapest and easy to install yet strong enough to last longer. Although other options are no less, and you can definitely rely on any of them to keep your dog within the boundaries of your yard. 


1. How much height should a dog fence be?

A dog fence should typically be at least three times the dog’s height. This way, you can restrain the dog from climbing over the fence. However, it would also help you if you make the fence as high as possible to prevent outside creatures from entering your yard.

2. Are Wireless or Invisible Dog Fences effective?

Wireless or Invisible Dog Fences are definitely effective if you train your dog properly to get used to the shock or corrections. Nonetheless, you should be aware of the device’s proper functioning before using it.

3. Which Dog fence is the easiest DIY fence to set up?

The commonly used Vinyl fence is the easiest to install among other dog fences and can be installed without any professional assistance. Plus, doing it yourself will also save you a lot of money.

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