Why You Shouldn’t Use AirTag To Track A Dog? (Reasons)

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According to a study, over 61% of Apple users are interested in buying an Apple AirTag. Though the remaining 39% still prefer buying proper GPS trackers for their pets.

However, some dog parents wonder whether Apple’s Air Tags would serve as a much more helpful method of keeping tabs on their pets.

The company claims that the technology makes it simpler than ever for owners to track their pets constantly. 

But in our opinion, the Apple AirTag has many flaws, like not being able to find anything which is not near an Apple device. Also, it lacks in providing service as a tracker in a vast and open area which cannot be tracked on google maps.

Should you, however, get an AirTag to track your dog? Let’s investigate.

Overview: Why is an Apple AirTag not for tracking pets?

To monitor a pet’s position while an AirTag is attached, Apple’s marketing team advises otherwise. They say, “If pet parents do that, they only have to ensure that their moving pet gets within range of a Find My Network paired device.”

That means that instead of being near one of your own devices, your moving pet must be within reach of any device that is a member of the Find My network.

So you may take this as a red flag for not buying it to track your dog. The reason is it is not mainly focusing on finding a lost pet or specifically a dog

A lost dog may not be in the nearest area or within a device range. Also, it is possible that the dog is lost in an open, ambiguous area where an AirTag cannot be located.

 Apple's Air Tags

Can you use AirTag’s ‘Find My Network’ feature to find your dog?

There are several considerations to make if you intend to replace your dog’s current collar with an AirTag.

The Find My Network, which also supports iPhone tracking, is the platform used by AirTags. On your Macbook and other devices like Apple AirPods, you can also configure Find My AirTag.

Apple AirTag’s ‘Find My Network’ feature

Although Apple’s Find My network has hundreds of millions of devices connected to it, any lost items need to be in the range of one of those devices to join the network.

This results in the AirTag being unable to find your dog if the dog is lost in an area where there are no Apple devices around.

Is an AirTag safe for your dog?

When an AirTag is within Bluetooth range of any iPhone (or other Apple device), it may passively communicate with that device and then help you locate it.

You may wish to see how your dog responds to something that is similar in size and mass before purchasing an AirTag. 

AirTags are roughly 1.27 inches (32 mm) in circumference and weigh 0.39 ounces (11.1  grams). It might be a strangling danger for the dog if they choose to use their AirTag as a soft toy.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Apple AirTag

Like a coin with two sides, the Apple Airtag has several drawbacks that are listed on this page, along with its favourable aspects.

The Advantages Of Using AirTag To Track A Dog

  • The Apple Airtag works absolutely fine even on a rainy day and provides a precise location for your lost dog.
  • It’s easy to find an AirTag location in city areas and areas which can be seen on google maps.
  • Another benefit of using an AirTag is that they are reasonably priced, especially for those used to all the cost of Apple devices.
  • Because it discreetly connects with other suitable Apple products, AirTag buyers would consider it to be simultaneously practical and simple to use.

The Disadvantages Of Using AirTag To Track A Dog

  • Locating an AirTag is difficult in ambiguous and bigger areas like a park.
  • The Apple Airtag’s functioning slows down on a rather sunny day like an iPhone.
  • Stalkers can take disadvantage of the technology used in AirTags by easily sneaking it into your bag to stalk.
  • The incompatibility of AirTag using iOS and iPadOS versions lower than 14.5 is among its main limitations.

Tips for using an AirTag; if you already have one

If you already have an AirTag, here are some tips on how to take full advantage of it.

1. As you near, use precise locating

AirTag has a capability called Precision Finding. The goal is to find stuff precisely, not simply to have a basic idea of where your missing stuff is. 

Using the usual monitoring method, your lost object will be located inside the place or location you enter. You then activate Precision Finding.

2. Use Siri to find misplaced tags

The Find Siri may organise My app. Going through each of your AirTags might be a nightmare if you have many of them. 

Just ask Siri to find your AirTag, and ensure that each has a title that is simple to read. It greatly simplifies the procedure.

3. Activate ‘Lost Mode

Although a few people find Lost Mode unsettling, Apple has taken each precaution to make it as risk-free as possible. 

Apple AirTag’s -connect your phone

If your AirTag is found while it is in Lost Mode, your phone number will appear when they press it against their device.

The person is in charge of it, but all they need to do is call you and figure out how to get the missing stuff back to you.

Airtag alternative to locate your Dog

Airtag alternative to locate your dog is a dog GPS tracker. It is a small device you can attach to your dog’s collar and uses GPS technology to track its location. So, if your dog goes missing, you can easily find them and bring them back safely. The features you get with a GPS tracker are as follows.

  1. Lost Dog Mode
  2. Wifi Connectivity
  3. LED lights

Bonus: You can check the best dog GPS tracker here.

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Final Verdict! AirTag to track a dog

At the end of the day, Apple didn’t design AirTags as dog trackers. But, if you decide to put an AirTag on your dog’s collar, know that Apple claims no responsibility if something goes wrong.

As long as you understand the risks, AirTags can be a valuable tool for keeping your dog safe. 

Placing an AirTag onto a dog’s neck may allow you to sleep more comfortably at night. However, it isn’t a guaranteed option.

Hopefully, you get our views and the reasons why you shouldn’t buy an Apple AirTag to track your dog. So, if you really liked it, let us know about it in the comment section. 

Thanks for sticking to the end. Ciao!


Is it possible for an Apple AirTag to locate long distances?

Anyone’s iPhone (or other Apple device) may passively interact with an AirTag while it is in only Bluetooth range of that gadget and then assist you in locating it.

Is it possible to track a vehicle with an Apple AirTag?

We can’t say that it doesn’t work, but an Apple AirTag is not useful for tracking vehicles. 

Can you track your luggage with an Apple AirTag?

You can track your luggage with highly precise accuracy and pinpointing with the help of an Apple AirTag.

Do Apple AirTags have GPS trackers?

Unfortunately No, Apple AirTags do not have GPS trackers.

What is the battery life of an Apple AirTag?

The company claims that the Apple AirTag’s battery lasts for about a year.

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