7+ Best Dog Tracker Without Subscription In 2024

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As a dog parent, you are aware of how necessary it is to keep your dog safe and secure. For this reason, a lot of dog owners opt to use a dog tracker. 

If your dog ever gets lost, the ability to follow their whereabouts in real-time with dog trackers could save their lives.

Many dog trackers, however, charge monthly memberships subscription.  This can be an essential investment of money, particularly if you own several pets. A few possibilities exist if you seek a dog tracker without a subscription. 

We’ll discuss various dog trackers without a subscription in the article below and compare some of the most well-liked available selections as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s hop into the details.

Our Top 7 Choices Dog Trackers Without Subscription In A Nutshell.

The following table features a list of the best dog trackers without a subscription, the unique value it provides, their price and how to rate them as per their performance.

Dog TrackerBest ForProduct PriceRating
1. PetFon Pet GPS TrackerBest Overall$219.995/5
2. Tile Pro GPS TrackerBest for a budget-friendly tracker$27.995/5
3. Pit Pat Dog ActivityBest for longer battery life$49.004.7/5
4. Garmin TT15 and Alpha 100 Handheld TrackerBest for extra features$929.994.8/5
5. Findster Duo Dog TrackerBest for a precise real-time location.$149.994.5/5
6. Felcana Dog TrackerBest for a high-tech gadget $88.134.4/5
7. Marco Polo Dog TrackerBest for prompt specification$274.994.4/5

List of all our best choices for Dog trackers without a subscription 

Here is an entire list of all of our top picks for dog trackers without a subscription that provides the best results for its value. Here you go!

1. PetFon Pet GPS Tracker

PetFon Pet GPS Tracker

Source: amazon.com

Using the PetFon Pet GPS Tracker totally depends upon how you use it and where you use it. You will have more accurate results in the area you are searching; your dog is in a more open area. Whereas if the area is dense, finding him will be difficult.

The battery of this tracker lasts about 16 hours, and it will consume less power if your dog is closer to your area.

You can even see a map of the area where your dog is roaming in real time. The tracker also comes with additional lights to help you find your dog. Plus, you can record numerous commands to play them when it is necessary. 

Moreover, it is water resistant and won’t be damaged in the rain or because of a splash of water.


  • It has a low profile, and it is easy to be worn.
  • It comes with a charger and a charging case.


  • Unfortunately, it has a very short life.

Price: $219.99 ( On Amazon)

2. Tile Pro GPS Tracker

 Tile Pro GPS Tracker

Source: amazon.com

The tile pro gps tracker is used by many people to keep tabs on their dogs. It is also a budget-friendly tracker, which many people prefer over other pricey dog trackers. 

The Tile has the ability to show you the last location the Tile was before it went out of range, but it only operates within a 400-foot radius and doesn’t have many mapping features. 

It can sound an alarm through the app, is water-resistant, and has a phenomenal one-year battery life before being changed.


  • It is affordable.
  • It has a one-year-long battery life. 


  • It covers a shorter perimeter.

Price: $27.99 (On Amazon)

3. Pit Pat Dog Activity Tracker

Pit Pat Dog Activity Tracker

Source: amazon.com

Consider using this activity tracker if your pet’s fitness goals are more important to you than where your dog is. 

They lack GPS, but the small device is simple to attach to a collar and has a battery life of one year. 

The app lets you view your dog’s walking, running, playing easily, and other activity levels. Also possible are activity goals. However, no range is mentioned.


  •  This collar is best suitable for you if your focus is on tracking your dog’s health. 
  • It has a one-year-long battery life. 


  •  It doesn’t work on GPS.

Price: $49.00 (On Amazon)

4. Garmin TT15 and Alpha 100 Handheld Tracker

Garmin TT15 and Alpha 100 Handheld Tracker

Source: amazon.com

Although the Garmin TT 15 appears to have a high price tag at first look, it is one of just two GPS trackers on the list that doesn’t require a separate monthly membership cost. 

The TT 15 connects directly to a handheld tracking device instead of being connected to your phone and requiring you to download an app. 

The advantage of this is that you won’t be concerned about your phone getting too full with other apps, but the disadvantage is that the monitoring collar won’t be very helpful if you leave your handheld gadget at home.


  • It has an extensive set of features. 
  • It provides a longer range of connections of about 4 to 9 miles.
  • This service is not dependent on cellular networks.


  • It can only be used within the U.S. borders. 

Price: $929.99 (On Amazon)

5. Findster Duo Dog Tracker

Findster Duo Dog Tracker

Image Source: getfindster.com/store/

The Findster Duo+ GPS pet tracker consists of two units or modules: the guardian module should be kept by your side, and the pet module should be affixed to your friend’s collar. 

The pet module’s GPS transmits the pet’s location to the guardian module. The guardian module, in turn, uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone and allows you to watch your pet’s activity and location data in the specific Findster app.

Its main purpose is to make it simple for you to track your pet in real time. It displays your friend’s precise location, enables you to follow them using the Findster app, and sends alerts when your friend exits the safe zone, ensuring that you can find your pet immediately.


  • It doesn’t require any cellular network. 
  • It is shockproof and water resistant.
  • It works all over the world.
  • It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Communication is limited to city areas only.
  • The parameter is limited to 55 yards.

Price: $149.99 (On Official Website)

6. Felcana Dog Tracker

Felcana Dog Tracker

Source: amazon.com

Felcana offers a dog tracker to track your dog’s health and other activities. It consists of three elements. 

The home hub, which serves as an information nest, charging base, and range extender, the micro-location beacons, which can be installed all over your home and attached to essential items like your pet’s bed or food and water bowls, and Helix, an electronic gadget attached to your pet’s collar, are among them.

The Helix device follows your pet around the clock and monitors his or her movement to ascertain if they are sleeping, walking, running, or jumping. 

The carefully placed micro-location beacons track your pet’s feeding, drinking, and sleeping behaviours to give you insight into how they behave.

The cloud-based data is combined to give a clear, thorough picture of your pet’s activities, behaviour, and general wellness.


  • It cannot be bitten by your dog easily as the material is bite-proof.
  • It helps your dog in detecting health issues.
  • Many activities can be tracked with this tracker, along with the location.
  • It works all over the world.


  •  It doesn’t come with a smartphone Android app. 

Price: $88.13 (USD) and 69.99 GBP  (On Official Website)

7. Marco Polo Dog Tracker

Marco Polo Dog Tracker

Image Source: eurekaproducts.com/ 

The smart Marco Polo pet tracking system comprises a handheld finder and a tracking tag that is fastened to the animal’s collar and allows the pet guardian to track the animal’s whereabouts at all times. 

Radiofrequency transmissions are used for communication between the locator and the tracking tag.

The tracking tag is regularly asked for its location by radio signals sent from the pet guardian’s locator. 

The tag replies to the locator’s inquiries and determines the pet’s location’s distance and direction. The pet’s location is always shown concerning the location of the pet carer.

You can specify the area without active tracking by setting a safe zone for your pet.


  •  It offers real-time tracking.
  •  It comes with a 90-days warranty.
  • It works all over the world.


  • It has restricted features.
  • It is pricey.

Price: $274.95 (On Official Website)

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Wrapping Up: Best Dog Tracker Without Subscription (2024)

These were dog trackers without subscriptions from which you could choose the best. Before choosing, it is crucial to consider each alternative’s positive and negative aspects. 

The attributes crucial to you, the tracker’s range, and the cost are a few things to consider.

A no-subscription GPS tracker is a suitable choice for you if you’re searching for a straightforward tracker that lets you monitor your dog’s whereabouts. 

However, consider a subscription-based tracker if you’re looking for a more advanced tracker with features like live monitoring, activity tracking, or built-in GPS.

FAQs: Dog Tracker Without Subscription

Do dog trackers without a subscription work better?

It is a myth if you think that dog trackers without a subscription don’t work well. However, most GPS dog trackers have a monthly or yearly subscription. 

Is tracking your dog on the phone or other devices possible?

You can track your dogs on your phone’s app, but there is no guarantee that you can track your dog or operate the tracker app on other devices like a computer or laptop. 

Which dog tracker is btter? With a subscription or without a subscription?

There are good dog trackers which work phenomenally without a subscription. However, it is always safer to go with a subscription-based dog tracker for extra advanced features and long-lasting products.

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