AirTag Vs GPS Tracker For Dog: Which is Best for Your Pup?

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Struggling to choose between the best trackers for your dog in this ocean of dog-tracking devices? Well, the debate on AirTag Vs. GPS Tracker for Dog has been going around for a while now.

Hence, as a dedicated dog parent, a former user of AirTag, and a current user of a GPS tracker, I decided to share my experience with the devices based on their functioning features, similarities, differences, pros, cons, and a few other in-depth insights that will help.

For a quick verdict, remember that both devices cater to finding a lost thing but still have different functionality and technical structure.

However, both devices have significant differences regarding extra features. For example, AirTag is used to locate lost items, not only pets, whereas a GPS Tracker is more of a pet finder and activity tracker. 

Now, if you want to know which is better and smarter to fulfill your expectations from a tracker, take a look at the details below.

AirTag Vs. GPS Tracker 2024

In case you’re in a rush, here is an overview of the Apple AirTag and GPS tracker in a nutshell, along with a detailed explanation right below the table.  Let’s check out the details.

Parameters AirTagGPS trackers
Overall rating3.5/55/5
Ease of use4/55/5
FeaturesLong-lasting battery, Ping sound speaker, and Lost mode. Live location tracking, health and activity tracking, Smartphone apps, Location history, and vast network coverage.
AccessibilityOnly iPhones.iPhones and Android phones.
SimilaritiesLocation tracking.Location tracking.
DifferencesThe Primary task is to locate lost items.The primary task is to locate and track pets.
My VerdictIt is not recommended for locating pets as it’s for locating your lost items.Highly recommended for locating lost pets while using multiple helpful features from anywhere, anytime.

AirTag Vs. GPS Tracker 2024 (Detailed Overview)

Here is an overview of both AirTag and GPS Tracker:


Apple Airtag is a tiny disc used for tracking your belongings and can be used as a pet tracker if you mount it on a pet collar.


Like other Apple devices, the tracking information can be tracked only through an iPhone.

The plus point with AirTag is that it can be attached to anything like a wallet, purse, pet collar, leash, etc. It can be easily used as a dog tracker like other dog trackers.

You must use the Find My Network feature, which relies on Bluetooth and is inbuilt on your iOS. It allows you to connect to multiple devices.

To view your dog’s location, which is sent to your iCloud, if he’s wearing an AirTag, you can log into your Find My App. 

However, even though it’s great to find your lost belongings, we doubt how reliable it is to be used as an alternative to a GPS tracker.  

GPS Tracker

As mentioned in the name, GPS trackers use GPS to find your dog’s location and keep tabs on your dog with live location ability.

GPS Tracker...

It’s way more advanced and high-tech than AirTag, as GPS trackers rely on satellites to find your pet’s location. The essential factor about GPS Trackers is that they can be accessed through Android and iOS devices.

They can also function globally and generally have an unlimited network range. There are GPS trackers available for both, Dogs and Cats. This technology has been known to the dog owners’ community for a while.

GPS trackers can be attached to your dog’s collar or sometimes come with a collar. It works effectively any time of the day, including dark.

Feature Comparison: AirTag Vs. GPS Tracker

I have ruled out some key features that determine the significance of both devices individually. These features have attracted many users to use them for their pets. Let’s have a look at each of them below.

Features Of AirTag

Features of AirTag

Here are the key features of the Apple AirTag device:

1. Speaker

Apple AirTag’s built-in speaker will allow you to hear a ping sound. It notifies the person at the other end of the AirTag to know you have pinged the tag.

2. Long Lasting Battery

It has a long-lasting battery life of up to one year. Also, it doesn’t require recharging, unlike GPS Trackers. The battery only needs to be replaced when it is exhausted.

3. Lost Mode

The Lost Mode feature by Apple AirTag helps you locate your belongings and pets by sending alerting notifications on your iPhone whenever an iPhone user is passing by.

Features Of GPS Tracker

Features of GPS Tracker

Here are the key features of a GPS Tracker:

1. Live Location Tracking

With the help of a GPS Tracker, you can keep tabs on your dog’s whereabouts and get notified whenever your dog tries to cross the boundaries of the safe zones. The Live Location can be tracked thanks to its satellite-based advanced technology.

2. Geofences

You can create multiple safe zone perimeters for your dog to play freely without a leash in different areas of your choice. These safe zones are also called Geofences, which are set virtually, and the collar notifies you when your dog comes closer to the boundary or crosses it.

3. Health And Activity Tracking

This feature is an additional provision available in GPS Trackers. You can track your dog’s health, sleep, and other fitness activities with the help of a GPS Tracker.

AirTag Vs. GPS Tracker: Similarities


Both Apple AirTag and GPS Trackers offer services like tracking and locating your belongings and pets through a smartphone app.

Many Pet owners around the world use both of these devices to keep track of their dogs specifically. 

Though AirTag has a limited range, both AirTag and GPS trackers can be used worldwide. They are also lightweight to wear around your pet’s neck and won’t bother your dog. 

GPS Tracker

1. Smartphone Apps

 Most GPS trackers come with an app that can be accessed on both Android and iPhones. They have features that allow you to track your dog’s location, monitor health, and track physical activities like sleep patterns, exercise, and eating. 

Some apps additionally keep records of all the tracking to help you see your dog’s activity in the past.

2. Location History

This feature is available on the app itself but helps you significantly check your dog’s previous location. It helps you know your dog’s whereabouts when lost and follow the path it took while roaming around. 

3. Network Coverage

Most GPS trackers have unlimited network coverage, allowing you to find your pet even from outside the country. Only a few GPS trackers have a limited range that restricts you from finding a dog if they cross the range limit of the network range.

AirTag Vs. GPS Tracker: Differences

The below table will help you understand the key differences between Apple AirTag and GPS trackers precisely.

Sr. No.Apple AirTagGPS Trackers
1. Apple AirTag offers a limited range because of  Bluetooth Connectivity. GPS Tracker has an unlimited range. 
2. Apple AirTag is found unreliable by some pet parents.GPS Trackers are more reliable and accurate as compared to Apple AirTag. Plus, you can always know your dog’s location with a GPS Tracker.
3. Apple AirTags only work with iOS devices.GPS Trackers can be connected to both Android and iOS devices.
4. AirTag is mainly made to locate lost items.GPS Tracker’s primary job is to locate and follow your pets.
5. You can only use an AirTag to locate things.With a GPS Tracker, you can track your dog’s health activities along with their sleep schedule.

AirTag Vs. GPS Tracker: Pros And Cons

To understand both trackers better in terms of their advantages and disadvantages, let’s look at the Pros And Cons of both trackers below.

Pros And Cons of AirTag


Here are the strengths and weaknesses of the Apple AirTag:


  • The ‘Find My Network’ features can access almost a billion devices via Bluetooth.
  • The process of using the AirTag is pretty simple and easy to understand.
  • It doesn’t require a WiFi network as it relies on Bluetooth.
  • It can be used to locate lost belongings by attaching them to them.


  • It is not primarily designed to track down lost pets.
  • It has a limited range of up to 100m because of its Bluetooth-based technology.

Pros And Cons Of GPS Trackers

Gps tarcker

Here are the strengths and weaknesses of the GPS Trackers:


  • GPS trackers allow you to track your pet worldwide.
  • GPS Trackers allow you to join a community of lost pets.
  • You will get instantly notified when your dog crosses the boundaries of safe zones called geofences.
  • They can be accessed via Android and iOS devices both.


  • GPS trackers need to be charged as they are built with batteries.
  • The quality of the products varies with each GPS tracker brand.

Why Do You Need To Choose A GPS Tracker Instead Of AirTag?

GPS trackers were specifically made to help pet parents track their pets. Hence, they have features that are more pet-friendly. 

Plus, they are power-packed with extra features like activity tracking, sleep tracking, health tracking, and helping you set up virtual fences through a phone app to keep your dog safe. 

They ensure that you can reach your dog from anywhere, anytime, and also from a long distance.

To help you know why GPS trackers are better than AirTags, I have shared below a breakdown of the factors that make GPS trackers stand out.

  • Find your dog with a real-time location update. 
  • Most GPS trackers have an unlimited range, allowing you to track your dog from anywhere in the world.
  • With a virtual fence, you can set a safe zone, such as your garden, and receive notifications if your pet ventures outside of it. 
  • You can easily mark unsafe places for your dog with a ‘No Go Zone’ so you can be informed if they return to the zone.
  • With a Premium subscription, some GPS trackers allow you to find out where your friend has been during a specific period. It helps in saving your dog from getting lost in advance. For example, the GPS Tracker I used for my Pomeranian dog really helped track her down when she was nearly lost in the nearby forest. I was able to reach her quickly, thanks to the Location History on the tracker.
  • Furthermore, not only long distances, but you can also locate your furbaby in nearby areas. Great for locating your cat or dog inside the house.
  • If finding your dog was not enough, modern-day GPS trackers also have great features to track your dog’s overall physical activity, Health, and Sleep. These features significantly help detect any potential diseases your dog or cat might have. 
  • Unlike AirTags, GPS trackers are compatible with both Android phones and iPhones, allowing the majority of people to access the trackers easily. 

My Experience With Airtag

My journey with an Apple AirTag started when I first bought my iPhone. Since I was always curious about AirTags and their ability to find lost items, I wanted to give it a try by using it on my small dog.

However, due to a lack of awareness about the AirTags functionality, I made the mistake of leaving my dog unattended. Eventually, she drifted off from my sight to explore the neighborhood alone.

Since AirTags can only be detected if they’re around someone with an iOS device, it took a lot of time for me to find my Lassy. 

Later on, after looking into a few experiences people had on public discussion forums like Reddit and Quora, I learned that Apple never intended AirTags to be a pet tracker.

So, my suggestion to all pet parents would be to avoid using AirTags to find living creatures like your pets. However, AirTags are a great option to keep lost belongings like wallets, keys, purses, and luggage.

My Experience With GPS Trackers

Unlike Apple AirTags, GPS trackers are much more helpful since they are primarily made to keep track of your pet’s live location. Plus, the extra features that come with it help you track your dog’s sleep pattern, monitor health, and track everyday physical activities.

You should rely on my experience because I have been an active GPS tracker user for the past three years. Not to exaggerate, but the assistance I got in keeping an eye on my female dog, Lassy, is incredible. 

Right from creating safe zones with the virtual fence option to tracking each of her movements 24/7, I’ve become a dedicated dog mother.

As shared earlier, the location history feature saved Lassy from getting lost deep in the forest by informing me of her current location as well as where she was previously. 

Plus, I realized that it’s better to use a device that specifically caters to pets to find and keep tabs on them. 

What’s Better? AirTag Vs. GPS Tracker?

It should go without saying that a GPS tracker is believed by many to be the preferable choice when trying to find your furry little companion. They are made especially to find and follow pets. 

The benefits of GPS trackers outweigh Apple Airtags’ capabilities. The most trustworthy choice is a GPS tracker because it has high-quality connectivity and coverage. 

Using an Airtag might end up in your dog being in an area without a Bluetooth connection, making it impossible for you to locate your dog.

The preferred choice continues to be GPS trackers. When comparing a GPS tracker to Apple Airtags, the probability of finding a lost pet is significantly higher.

You can also check out our article on why you shouldn’t use AirTag to track a dog and AirTag Dog Collar Review to know the reason behind our take on the Apple AirTag.

Tractive GPS Tracker

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Final Verdict: AirTag Vs. GPS Tracker For Dog

Even though Airtag and GPS Trackers offer the same service, both of them are made to be used for different things.

While GPS Tracker is mainly used to track and follow your pets, Apple AirTag is supposed to find lost belongings like a wallet, luggage, keys, etc. 

Hence, when you want to use a tracker to find your pet, you should go for a GPS Tracker, which is designed in a way that helps you find your pet more accurately.

You can check out our article on Best Dog GPS Trackers to get to know the top-ranking GPS collars in the market.

FAQs: AirTag Vs. GPS Tracker For Dog

Are GPS Trackers made waterproof?

Luckily, GPS Trackers are made waterproof, saving them from damage when your furbaby enters the water.

Are Apple AirTags waterproof like GPS Trackers?

Unfortunately, AirTags are not made waterproof like GPS Trackers.

Is it claimed by Apple to use AirTags as dog trackers?

Apple never claimed to use AirTags as dog trackers. However, they did mention that it is meant to locate your lost items.

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