Fi Vs Whistle 2024: World’s Best Dog GPS Collar Showdown

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When you have to choose between popular options like The Fi Dog Collar vs Whistle, it makes the decision even harder. Both help track your dog, but which one is better?

The Fi collar is great for tracking your dog from far away, while the Whistle is best for keeping an eye on your dog’s health and fitness. However, the difference lies more as we compare both the collars in detail ahead. 

I have carefully considered all the important aspects, such as their performance, durability, pricing, design, accuracy, and more.

By the end of this article, you will be able to decide which collar is right for your dog. 

With that, let’s get into the details below!

Comparison Pre-view of Fi Dog Collar And Whistle Dog Collar

Here is a table representing the tabular comparison between Fi Dog Collar and Whistle  Dog Collar:

ParametersFi Dog CollarWhistle Dog Collar
GPS Tracking
Health & Activity Tracking
SubscriptionsStarts from $102 for 6 months$12.99 per month
Smartphone App
Collar Included
Location TrackingLTE-M network for reliable tracking.Customizable safe zones, slight delays.
Basic SpecificationsAvailable in 4 sizes, chew-proof, waterproof (IP-68)Can be attached to existing collars, waterproof (IP67)
Health & Activity TrackerShows activity routines, step goals, sleep patterns, community featureMonitors daily steps, behavior, and provides health insights.
PerformanceExcellent performance, Up to 3 months on one charge.AT&T network, power-saving mode, shorter battery life.
ProsAccurate tracking, long battery life, chew-proof design.Health and activity tracking, durable construction.
ConsOccasional technical glitches.Occasional delays in alerts, shorter battery life.
Pricing and SubscriptionsStarting from $19/month$69 device cost, $3.33 per month subscription.
User ReviewsUsers praise reliability and battery life.Users appreciate health monitoring capabilities.

Fi vs Whistle: Overview

Fi and Whistle are well-known names in the dog community and are counted in the top dog collars. Their mind-blowing features earned them popularity, and their demand rose to the sky quickly.

Fi Dog Collar
Whistle Go

Fi Collar 

With Fi Collar to assist you in keeping tabs on your dog, you have nothing to worry about. This collar has a powerful battery that lasts up to three months, a long life for a one-time charge. 

It also has great features such as strong Wi-Fi connectivity, health and activity tracking, and GPS location Tracking. 

Fi Collar 
Source: FI

The GPS live location tracking provides nearly 100% accuracy in showing you your dog’s location with the help of advanced technology.

This collar is available in multiple colors and four sizes in Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large measurements.

Whistle Go Explore Collar

The Whistle Go Explore Collar has some extraordinary features besides finding your dog’s current location. 

While providing similar features to the Fi Collar Whistle, Go Explore detects and alerts you when your dog escapes the safe zone boundary you established from your Smartphone app.

Whistle Go Explore Collar
Source: Whistle

Although it’s a great collar to keep tabs on your dog’s whereabouts, health, and other activities, it doesn’t have multiple size options.

However, you don’t have to worry if it will fit your dog or not. It can be fixed on your dog’s existing collar or any new collar that fits your dog.

Key Features Comparison: Fi Vs Whistle 

Key Features is the most important section for comparing any two products. This section lets you learn what each product offers and its technical specifications.

Hence, we have compared the Fi Collar and Whistle Go Explore Collar’s key features based on some basic aspects.  

Key Features Of Fi Dog Collar 

The Fi Collar is basically made for tracking your dog’s whereabouts and ensuring that they are not running after anything.

With some of the features below, you can monitor your dog’s activity and can record your dog’s steps. However, this collar primarily focuses on GPS tracking. Our Fi Collar Review has a more precise take on the Fi Collar features if you would like to check it out.

Key Features Of Fi Dog Collar 
Source: Fi

1. Location Tracking

The Fi gadget performs brilliantly as a wireless invisible dog fence, enabling customizable geofencing to create various safe zones. 

It’s especially helpful when you enjoy taking your dog on road trips and require secure areas around. Remember that setting up Fi’s geofencing safe zones may be challenging.

Fi will immediately warn you if your dog ever leaves the confines of its safe zone so you can find them immediately before they travel too far.

Fi activates its lost mode when your dog crosses the safe zone boundaries. It sends a live location and tracking status automatically to your phone. Then, a red LED flashlight on the collar pops up to help you spot your dog in the dark.

It requires a cellular AT&T signal like other GPS trackers. However, Fi collar’s LTE-M network gives you an immediate response with worldwide access. Additionally, it uses three satellites for a more enhanced tracking speed, even in an open area.

2. Basic Specifications Of The Collar

The actual gadget includes a dog collar in 4 sizes.  These are sizes small for dogs with necks below thirteen inches and X-large for dogs with necks of at least 34.5 inches.

The Fi collar, however, claims a chew-proof structure thanks to its aluminum faceplate & metallic armor, so you have no reason to be concerned about securing a costly item with advanced technology around the furry friend’s neck.

An IP-68 rating even qualifies as waterproof, meaning you don’t have to fear your dog diving or becoming wet.

Fi’s lengthy battery life, which lasts a maximum of three months, is another one of its advantages. Although it depends on how it is used, the charge will rarely drain out right when it’s needed the most.

3. Health And Activity Tracker

The collar prioritizes GPS tracking and clearly shows your dog’s activity routine on the app. 

Any given day, week, or month provides a clear perspective of your dog’s step objectives. It simply displays step totals and sleep patterns, though.

In addition, Fi Collar’s smartphone app has a community element. You can also compare your dog’s activities with other Fi Collar users of the same breed who are in the same state as you and your dog.

Key Features Of Whistle Go Explore Dog Collar 

Fi Smart dog collar prioritizes the GPS tracking service primarily; however, Whistle Go Explore is also a GPS Tracker, and it also focuses on health and activity tracking to ensure your dog’s health is 

Key Features Of Whistle Go Explore Dog Collar 
Source: Whistle

1. Location Tracking

You can establish safe areas using the GPS feature of the Whistle pet monitoring app. These areas can be specifically tailored with the Whistle collar, and you can have multiple activated areas simultaneously.

However, remember there’s a 4 – 5-minute delay whenever your dog or cat leaves the geofence’s perimeter. 

This is a result of the Whistle’s power-saver function when in the safe zone’s boundaries, but it makes up for it by alerting you through notification pop-ups on your smartphone, in addition to text and emails, to ensure that sure you notice the alert.

The Whistle combines an AT&T wireless connection with the LTE wireless network while tracking beyond the geofence, providing frequently updated location information every 60 seconds and logging the dog’s 24-hour position record.

Even better, it has a sharing option so everyone in the family can work together to find and find your dog!

2. Basic Specifications Of The Collar

Although the Whistle collar is not equipped with a collar, many collars can fit its compact, light structure. Additionally, with three colors (Blue, Green, and Gray), you will discover one that matches your dog’s style.

It has an attachment strap that is made from rubber, and it is quite durable, chew-proof, and cannot be bitten easily by dogs. 

Plus, it is waterproof with an IP67 rating and a powerful battery that lasts up to 30 days.

3. Health And Activity Tracker

The Whistle Go Explore actually stands out because of its health and activity monitoring feature. Whenever your dog completes its daily steps target, it sends you a push notification. In addition, other important reminders like medication, grooming, etc.

You can monitor your dog’s other behaviors like licking, drinking, scratching, eating, and sleeping on a daily basis. You will know right away if there’s anything wrong with your dog.

Keeping your dog fit is a great advantage of using this collar, as it shows all the insights into your dog’s health and fitness.

You consider it a smartwatch for dogs that show everything except time. Also, it is great for your peace of mind when you leave your dog alone.

Performance Comparison: Fi Vs Whistle 

Regarding performance, Fi and Whistle Go Explore are both useful and reliable in their respective services.

There are close to no connectivity issues reported by the users of Fi Collar, thanks to its LTE-M Network technology. However, you can rely on it to find your dog in general areas and shouldn’t expect the exact precise location.

Also, if you are in an area with poor network service, using the Lost Dog Mode is not recommended, as it depends on the cell signal.

Nonetheless, Fi Collar is popular for its long-lasting battery, which lasts for nearly three months. However, if you use it dependent on Bluetooth only, it will last three weeks. Also, if you continuously use the lost dog mode, the battery lasts two days.

On the other hand, the Whistle Go Explore device is no less, either. It has maintained a good record of the users with extraordinary services. Like Fi Collar, Whistle also uses AT7T network technology, which is as reliable as the Fi Collar.

However, Whistle Go Explore’s battery is not as effective as the Fi Collar’s battery, but it provides a power-saving mode when the WiFi is connected. The power saving mode turns off the device, and every few minutes, it turns on to check if your dog is inside the safe zone. 

Unfortunately, this feature can lead to a little delay in the escape alerts when your dog crosses the boundaries.

However, as per Whistle, the battery should last for at least 30 days only when your dog stays within the range of the WiFi connection. 

Otherwise, you can expect it to last up to 20 days. Plus, just like Fi Collar, its battery will drain faster if you continuously use the tracking mode.

Verdict:  Rely on the Fi Collar for tracking your dog’s location and get a Whistle Dog Collar if you need a short-range tracker with basic technology and your primary focus is on your dog’s health 

Pros And Cons: Fi Vs Whistle 

Whistle Go Explore, and the Fi smart dog collar both make useful gadgets that are highly advised, yet none is ideal for everyone. You can check both of their strengths and weaknesses to see which collar suits your dog’s needs.

Pros And Cons: Fi Dog Collar

Following are the Pros and Con of the Fi Smart Dog Collar:


  • Sturdy designs with improved durability.
  • It has a long-lasting battery life.’
  • It is certified with an IP-68 waterproof rating.
  • It reacts fast to escape.
  • It has fun socializing features via the app.
  • It is built with advanced technology for accurate results.


  • It requires a subscription.
  • It’s not suitable for dogs that weigh under 10 lbs.

Pros And Cons: Whistle Go Explore Dog Collar

Following are the Pros and Con of the Whistle Go Explore Dog Collar:


  • It is quite lightweight.
  • You can use it for your cat along with your dog if you have one.
  • It has long-lasting battery life.
  • You can establish multiple safe zones with it.
  • It has an extended set of activity-tracking features.
  • It is ideal for small-sized dogs too.


  • Like Fi smart dog collar, Whistle Go Explore also requires a network subscription.
  • It’s not as fast as Fi collar in responding to alerts.

Pricing And Subscriptions: Fi Vs Whistle

There is a very small difference between the pricing of both devices. However, it will definitely help you make a more firm decision.

FI Plans:

Following are subscription options you can choose from:

Membership DurationCost per WeekBilling CycleAdditional Offer
Monthly$4.40Billed as $19 per monthPrepay and save, Prioritized shipping
6 Months$3.90Billed as $102 semi-annuallySave 10%, +1 month free
1 Year$3.70Billed as $192 annuallySave 15%, +2 months free
2 Years$3.20Billed as $336 bienniallySave 25%, +3 months free

Whistle Cost:

In Contrast. Whistle Go Explore is a bit cheaper and has a money-back guarantee of 90 days. Similarly to Fi Collar, Whistle also requires a network subscription for which you can choose from the following choices:

Device + one-year subscription$228.00, automatically renews annually
Device only$129.00

If you look at it according to prices, even though Whistle Go Explore is cheaper than the Fi Collar, Fi Collar has more advanced GPS technology.

My Experience With Fi Collar

The Fi collar has completely changed how I enjoy time with my lively dog. Getting instant notifications when he leaves the house is a real game-changer, even with a slight delay. 

My pup is a playful one who often disappears in order to look for adventure outdoors. So, despite a few technical glitches, a quick restart always solves the activity tracking issues. 

The collar has held up well, except for a few small repairable issues. It has really helped me find my dog within a few minutes during the recent disappearance of my dog.

Furthermore, discovering the Fi community online has been unexpectedly delightful, offering shared stories and advice from fellow pet owners. 

Due to these satisfactory results, I plan to upgrade to the series three fi collar for more convenient features and advanced technology.

The Fi collar is more than just a tracker; it’s a companion, deepening the bond between me and my furry friend.

Fi Dog Collar Is Right For:

The Fi Dog Collar is right for users requiring a dog tracker for long-range tracking, long-lasting battery life, and additional health and activity tracking features. However, the health tracking feature of the Fi Collar is not as reliable as the Whistle Dog Collar.

My Experience With Whistle Collar

I tried out Whistle GPS trackers before, and they were usually big and not very nice to look at. However, with the Whistle Health Limited Edition, things are different. 

It’s smaller and cooler than the older ones. It even comes with a nice Maxbone collar and leash for a cool, matchy look.

Initially, I was a bit worried about it being tough because my dog tends to break or lose things. The tracker slides onto her collar with a little metal clasp, and at first, I wasn’t sure if it would stay put. 

Surprisingly, it held up well when my dog played – running, swimming, and wrestling with her furry pals. The Whistle Health tracker didn’t fall off at all, and that really impressed me.

However, I find the fi collar to be more accurate than the whistle for explore.

Whistle Collar Is Right For:

The Whistle Dog Collar is right for users who wish to use it primarily to track their dog’s health and activity tracking. The Whistle Dog Collar is less reliable than the Fi Collar in tracking your dog’s location from a long range.

User Reviews On Fi Dog Collar And Whistle

To give you insights into the real-world reviews from active users of Fi Dog Collar and Whistle Go Explore, I have shared a few user experiences active users shared on public discussion forums. 

Let’s see what people think about them:

I have both. The Fi is my choice for one reason: it won’t fall off. I’ve lost two Whistle Go Explore trackers that have detached from the collar. However, I recommend the Fi if you are mostly concerned with dog recovery.Doco2279
Source: Reddit

I chose the Whistle because it also had health tracking and was a much better fitness tracker than the Fi. They use the same tech to track, so I don’t see much difference there. My friend has the fi collar and complains about customer service lacking, but I can’t talk about that much since I haven’t needed customer service.Jizzypuff
Source: Reddit

I love the Fi. It’s easy to get set up. So far, I have only charged it the first time I got it, and it’s still at 45%. I also really like that the Fi module overall is pretty small and inconspicuous on Charlie’s collar. I can’t compare it to the Whistle, but overall, I am very happy with my choice!Charlie-0729
Source: Reddit

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Final Verdict: Fi is Best for Battery Life, Advanced GPS, and Whistle Has Good Features

So, which one would we recommend? Fi Dog Collar or Whistle Go Explore? Honestly, we liked both of them, but when it comes to choosing one, it all depends on your needs and expectations from a dog tracking collar.

If you want to track your dog’s health and other activities along with keeping track of their whereabouts, you should go for the Whistle Go Explore as it focuses on all its services.

In comparison, you can rely on the dog tracking and lost dog modes with Fi Collar. However, the collar’s primary service is tracking the dog; it doesn’t focus so much on the health and activity tracking part.

Still, if we have to choose one as the overall best dog GPS collar, it’s more accurate than Whistle with its advanced GPS tracking technology and extra features.

Ultimately, you should make a choice based on your preferences.


How much percent accuracy does Fi Collar claim?

As the LTE-M network can keep track of low-power and long distances, the signal sensitivity ensures 100% accuracy.

What is the farthest a Fi Collar can reach?

The best part about the Fi Collar is that it has no limit and works worldwide.

Does Fi Collar work well in woods or a dense area?

If you use it in the woods and or an area full of tall buildings, you may not get the result with 100% accuracy.

What is the best pet tracker without a subscription? 

The non-subscription PETFON 2, which has a small form factor that makes it simple to attach to your dog’s collar and can be set up in a matter of minutes, is a good choice if you don’t mind paying a little extra upfront. It did well in our tests, receiving one of the highest marks overall.

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