About Us

How we started?

A while ago, I was sitting in my drawing room with my friends, having conversations over a cup of tea. In the middle of the conversation, my friend goes, “have you read the story about Bringing Jackson Home?” 

Clueless and with my eyebrows lifted, I asked, “No, what is it about?” 

My friend narrated to me the story of how a woman named Emilie Talermo lost her five-year-old dog named Jackson and the efforts she put in to find her dog back. As a dog owner who has been through the same, the story of Bring Jackson Home brought back so many flashbacks. My mind instantly travelled 5 years back when I struggled to find my dog for almost a year!

I sat there in silence for ten minutes, reminiscing how devastated I became when I lost my dog. I could feel the pain and emotions that Emilie must have gone through when she lost Jackson. 

My friends headed back to their homes, and my mind kept me wide awake at night as the story of Bring Jackson home couldn’t stop replaying in my head. I kept staring at my dog who was sleeping peacefully on his mattress, being grateful to be able to find him after almost losing him. 

I whispered with a smile on my face and my heart filled with emotions, “thank you for being my best friend.” And then suddenly, a bell rang in my head with a thought, “wait. There are so many people just like Emilie and me. How do they cope up after losing their best friend?” 

And this is where I came up with the idea of the domain Bring Jackson Home! 

Our Aim


Every time you hear about our platform, we want you to remember us by our slogan because we mean every single word we say! 

Bring Jackson Home is all about taking your dog’s security to the next level. No one wants to go through the heartbreak of losing their dogs. However, with unfortunate circumstances, you never know what is coming next. 

Therefore, as someone who loves dogs and owns one, we want to ensure dog security is taken seriously. 

On our platform, our focus will highly remain on helping each dog owner to protect their dog and take dog security to the next level with the proper assistance. Our primary goal is to create a one-stop solution to cater to your dog’s needs. 

We, as dog owners, understand the obstacles and barriers that may come along with nurturing your dog properly and protect them at all costs. So this is what Bring Jackson Home will all be about! Soon, we are going to come up with plenty of new ideas to create our platform a one-stop destination, so that whenever you are stuck in a rut with your pet problems, you can count on us blindly! 

‘EVERY DOG MATTERS’ will be taken seriously only with your support to spread the word about us. With our team full of dog lovers who want nothing but security for dogs, understand how painful it is to lose your dog. 

So, we will constantly thrive on giving you insights, knowledge, tips, and other useful resources, so you never have to bid farewell to your best friend ever. After all, we do not want anyone to be the next Emilie and go through terrible emotional suffering from losing their dog!