AirTag Dog Collar: How To Install & Use It Properly?

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Are you planning on buying an Airtag Dog Collar? 

In that case, we have some facts that we would like to share with you, which will give you a clear picture before buying the AirTag.

AirTag Dog Collar

If you’re considering converting your AirTag into an AirTag Dog Collar, Don’t proceed with it. 

It was initially not recommended by Apple Inc to use it as a pet tracker. The AirTag was made to find lost items.

Moreover, it can only be tracked with iPhone around it, which gives absolutely no assurance.

While it may come up with an affordable solution to track your dog, it is not the best one. 

Although, if you still don’t believe us, let’s see some concrete details to make you understand our point of view on this topic.

Overview: Airtag Dog Collar

AirTag is an Apple device that is used to track your belongings. Moreover, it is used to track pets by fixing them on a pet collar. 

Airtag Dog Collar-Overview

When this device was released by the tech giant Apple, it declared the reason behind making the Apple AirTag. 

The company clearly stated that AirTag could be used as a tracker to find lost items like a handbag, keys, or any other belonging.

Also, they repeatedly mentioned not using it to track your pets, whether a dog or a cat.

AirTag was not built like other popular dog trackers to function like them. It was made explicitly for finding lost items.

Although some features might help you find your dog, it is lost in an open area. So, let’s check them out real quick.

Key Features

Like other dog tracking devices, there aren’t many features in an Apple AirTag. However, we can mention a few remarkable abilities this device offers. Hence, let’s check out what these abilities are.

1. Speaker

The Apple AirTag has a built-in speaker through which you can ping the Airtag. It makes it easier for the person with the AirTag to know that you’ve pinged the tag.

2. Long Lasting Battery

The Apple AirTag has a long-lasting battery that can last about a year and doesn’t require recharging. This battery only needs to be replaced once it is out of power.

3. Lost Mode

The Lost Mode feature helps find your missing pet with an AirTag dog collar by alerting you on your iPhone when an iPhone user passes by.

Is it possible to use an Apple Airtag to keep a tab on your dog?

When people use their Apple AirTag on their dog’s collar to keep a tab on their dog’s whereabouts, they keep three things in mind- Peace of mind, convenience, and lower price.

 Apple Airtag-Dog coller

However, it might not be the best solution to track your dog with the AirTag dog collar, even though it doesn’t need any kind of recharging. Also, all it requires is a battery that runs for about a year.

Some reasons provide our statements with solid support. These compelling reasons are mentioned in the Pros and Cons section below.

Pros And Cons: AirTag Dog Collar

When we see the Apple Airtag as a Dog Tracker, there are some things to take into consideration before using it on a dog collar. 

AirTag Dog Collar- Pros And Cons

That being said, there are pros and cons to the AirTag Dog Collar. Hence, let’s move further to learn more about both sides of the coin.


  • The Lost Mode feature sends an alert to your iphone.
  • The AirTag displays your contact information.
  • It gives a proximate location.
  • It contains a user-replaceable battery that runs for as long as a year. 
  • It is possible to ping the AirTag.
  • Multiple accessories are available to make your AirTag personalized to recognize them as assigned tags.
  • No Subscription is required after buying the AirTag.


  • Poor network coverage area makes it harder for AirTag to track your missing dog.
  • The AirTag doesn’t inform or make a noise when your dog leaves your house of a specific boundary. 

How Does Apple AirTags Function For your Dog?

To make your Apple AirTag function as a dog tracking collar, there are a few steps given below that you need to follow in order:

  1. Register your AirTag on your iPhone app.
  2. Give your AirTag your or your dog’s identity by registering with your details.
  3. Turn on the LOST MODE from your mobile app.
  4. Check if the map on the app shows the proper location by placing your AirTag on your dog’s collar.
  5. Customize the AirTag app setting as per your requirements.

Concerns Regarding the Apple Airtag Tracker

The Apple AirTag can be used in multiple ways, but when you use it with a Dog Collar, some concerns need to be considered before buying it. Such as:

Apple Airtag Tracker

1. Privacy Invasion Threat

The privacy invasion concern arises if someone else’s AirTag is with you or f you find someone else’s dog with an AirTag and take it home for its safety. Also, it might happen that the dog owner keeps tabs on you after knowing your address.

That way, It is easily possible for someone to access your personal details. Plus, they can find out your whereabouts just by putting an AirTag in your backpack without you knowing.

2. Extra Expenses 

Buying an AirTag for your dog to use as a tracking collar is convenient. However, it can’t just place on your dog anywhere without any support.

An AirTag needs a proper dog collar to be placed on a dog which can be later used as a dog tracking collar.

Hence, you will need to spend extra money on buying such accessories along with an AirTag.

3. Dependency

The fact that an AirTag can only be tracked down if an iPhone service user passes is not fitting.

A tracking device should be reliable enough in order to be tracked down in difficult conditions as well.

Apple AirTag Alternatives

Here is a comparison of Apple AirTag’s alternatives, such as the Fi Dog Tracking Collar and Halo Dog collars.

PerimeterAirTag Fi Collar Halo Collar
Long Battery LifeYesYesNo
Functions on both Android and iOSNoYesYes
Satellite TechnologyNoYesYes
Subscription NecessaryNoYesYes
Third-Party Smartphone App YesNoNo

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Final Verdict: Is AirTag Dog Collar Worth

Using an AirTag Dog Collar is easy if you live in a locality where it can be easily tracked down.

If you live in a remote area, it will be harder for you to track down the AirTag as it needs an iPhone service user to pass by to alert you. Whereas if you live in a crowded place, there will be many iPhone users in the area.

Plus, even though it is convenient and comes at a lower price, it is unsuitable for use as a dog tracker. 

Ultimately, it doesn’t have all the features a professional Dog Tracking device can provide.

So it’s important for you to make a wise decision before finalizing the Airtag device.


Which one is better? Tile or AirTag?

If you want a better tracking device that works with Bluetooth, the Tile tracker will give you a better and longer range.

Can AirTag work with the help of Wi-Fi?

Unfortunately, AirTag doesn’t have the feature to connect with Wi-Fi at all.

Can AirTag be tracked by multiple people?

AirTag can be exclusively tracked by one phone only. Hence it’s not possible for anyone else to access your AirTag.

How far can a dog be found with an AirTag?

Roughly, at an 800 feet distance, a dog can be found with an AirTag.

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