Australian Sailor And Dog Rescued After 3 Months At Sea

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When I first heard the Australian Sailor and Dog Rescued story, it seemed nothing less than a Disney Adventure Movie. 

The Sydney-based sailor started sailing in Mexico, where he found his adventure companion, Bella the Dog. However, the storm destroyed their journey, which drifted them far away from land and people.

Later, after two months, they were found by a fishing company workers near the coast of Mexico. But wait, there’s more to this story.

Sit back and let the story of Australian Sailor and Dog Rescued unfold!

Turns of events with Timothy Shaddock And His Dog While Sailing

A Sydney resident, Timothy Shaddock, set his sailing journey with his dog from La Paz in Mexico in a Catamaran (a twin-hulled ship or a raft of three pieces) in April 2023. He initially planned his journey via the Pacific Ocean to French Polynesia. 

However, Sadly, after a month into his sailing journey, he went through a deadly turn of events when a storm hit him and his dog.

The storm destroyed everything that Timothy had, such as his electronics and the pieces of equipment he was using to cook for himself. 

Turns of events with Timothy Shaddock

Further, the 54-year-old Timothy Shaddock and his dog survived solely on raw fish and rainwater until a fishing company found him.

Timothy Shaddock And Bella The Dog’s Sweet Relationship

I am short on words while writing about the relationship between Timothy Shaddock and his dog Bella. 

Australian Sailor And Dog Rescued

When Timothy spoke to news reporters after he was brought back to Manzanillo, he revealed how his relationship with his dog Bella was formed.

He mentioned that Bella found him in Mexico, and she is Mexican. Followed by his lovely words for her, he said she was the spirit of the middle of the country, and she was not letting him go even though he tried to stop her from following him into the water. 

Lastly, Timothy expressed his gratitude towards his dog companion while saying that Bella is a lot braver than him for sure.

The Happy Ending Of Timothy Shaddock And His Dog’s Adventure

Following their discovery at sea, Timothy and Bella are shown boarding the bigger boat in rescue photos. Some depict the crew posing alongside the dog. According to reports, Bella will remain with one of the boat’s crew members who saved them unharmed.

When stepping on solid ground for the first time in April, Timothy expressed his gratitude for his continued survival.

The following image represents the exact words of the Australian castaway Timothy Shaddock:

Happy Ending Of Timothy Shaddock And His Dog’s Adventure

Further, he added that he was feeling good; however, he had been struggling for a while before. 

Exact words of Timothy Shaddock

Also, he mentioned he was hungry and didn’t think that he would make it through the deadly storm. 

Australian Sailor And Dog Rescued

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Wrapping Up– Australian Sailor And Dog Rescued

This heartwarming story of the survival of Timothy Shaddock, The Australian Sailor, And Dog Rescued made everyone shed a few drops of tears.

After being adrift in the sea for more than two months, Timothy and Bella the Dog were finally rescued by some fishing company workers.

After the rescue, everyone witnessed the relationship Timothy formed and developed with Bella over their deadly adventure in the sea, as per the news and videos delivered by the associated news channel.

Lastly, we wish the best to Timothy Shaddock and his dog’s future life. In case of any updates on their story, I will keep you updated. 


Has Tim Shaddock given the dog away?

Tim Shaddock gave his dog, Bella, to the member of the Ship, Maria Delia, which was involved in their rescue party. He wishes that Bella receives good care.

Where was Timothy Shaddock rescued?

Timothy Shaddock and his dog were rescued on the Pacific coast of Mexico at a port. As mentioned before, he was rescued by a fishing boat. 

Who is Timothy Shaddock in his regular life?

Born in Sydney, Australia, Tim Shaddock is a retired IT employee passionate about travel and outdoor adventures. Moreover, he had a special love for sailing before getting drifted into the sea.

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