Fi Smart Dog Collar Review 2023: Is It Good For Your Dog?

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One in three pets will go lost at least once throughout their lifespan, which may sound absurd considering that 10 million pets go missing in the US alone. So, without further ado, let’s check if buying a Fi Smart Dog Collar Review changes your life or keeps you disappointed.

However, 3% of the lost dogs are not found in any way possible if they are not wearing any tracker.

If losing your pet dog is your biggest fear (and let’s admit it, we all are scared of this one thing ), you may consider buying a smart dog GPS collar for your dog.

And among the finest ones available in the market is the Fi GPS Dog Collar.

Fi smart dog collar: Overview

Fi strives to transform how people interact with their dogs completely!

The worst aspect of owning dogs is not detecting when and if they are in trouble. 

Fi Smart Dog Collar Review

Fi is trying to convert this by utilizing technology to better the canine community and the 89.7 million canines living in the United States.

Additionally, you may monitor your dog when you’re elsewhere. Whether they are living with someone you kept them with or in a kennel, you can ensure they are secure.

Also, the Fi  GPS collar notifies you when your dog walker (if you have any) picks up your dog and drops them off.

It has such a long battery life that you can keep the collar on your dog without worrying about running out of power. You can also track your dog’s behavior and health with this collar.

However, it’s vital that you select the correct size for your dog since the Fi GPS dog collar is available in four sizes.

Not only sizes, but this collar is available in three series named series 1, series 2, and series 3 (latest version) in the market.

To understand the Fi dog smart collar more deeply, you can check out the following aspects, which determine

Key Features Of Fi Dog Collar

The technological components of the Fi GPS collar are what really set them apart. 

So, here is some important aspect that is necessary to consider while getting a smart dog collar for your pup.

Key Features Of Fi Dog Collar

1. Type of Sizes In Fi Dog Collar

The Fi collar is available in four sizes according to different measurements. You can refer to the table below to understand the difference in sizes.

SizesTheir Measurements
Small Collar (S)11.6” to 13.6”
Medium Collar (M)13” to 16.6”
Large Collar (L)16” to 22.6”
Extra Large Collar(XL)22” to 34.6”

2. Designing

If you consider a dog collar as a dog fashion accessory, you’ll like the Fi dog tracker’s design and structure. Its small size and extra funky patterns truly go with the ongoing trends.

These collars come in four different colors, each with unique printed patterns. You can even get customized designs if the existing ones are not up to your liking.

It has a tough, supple 1-inch wide woven polyester strap that keeps your dog comfortable. Also, a sliding-release clasp made of aluminum lasts for many days or even months.

3. Waterproof

Both Fi series 2  and Fi series 3 are made waterproof. The Fi series 2 is an IP68-certified dog collar. Whereas the Fi series 3 is, an IP68 & IP66K certified one.

So, if your doggy loves playing with water, you can rest assured. The water won’t harm your dog’s smart collar.

4. Battery:

The battery life of Fi smart collars is relatively better and larger than other smart dog collars in the market.

It lasts for three months with continuous usage and minimal draining.

5. Tracking mode/Lost Dog Mode

The Fi smart collar’s ability to track a dog’s position is the true draw for dog owners and dog walkers.

The Fi collar will often work more like an invisible dog fence. It has a virtual boundary that extends from your base station at home or on your phone.

6. Activity monitoring

The activity tracker feature in the Fi smart collar works exactly how an activity tracker should work properly.

To determine whether your dog is sufficiently active, you can check their statistics and daily step counts on the Fi smart collar app.

7. Sleep tracking

The latest feature Fi introduced for their Series 2 collar—sleep tracking—gives them an advantage over other similar design dog tracking collars.

Whether the dog is asleep, taking a nap, or alert at all times, the Fi smart collar constantly monitors their whereabouts. The app provides hourly, daily, weekly, and even monthly sleep statistics for your dog.

8. Safe zone

The safe zone features work as an invisible fence for your dog. It enables the collar to do the job of an invisible fence without even installing wires underground in your yard’s perimeter.

Pros And Cons for Fi smart Dog Collar

Pros Cons 
Long Battery Life High in price 
Bluetooth and wifi availability for activity update Doesnt show accurate data 
Warranty offer 

What Is Fi Smart Dog Collar Made Out Of?

The construction of the Fi Smart Dog Collar is pretty solid, and it is a bit heavier than the normal dog collars. The collar has a GPS unit smaller than a matchbox, metal hardware for attaching the leash, and a buckle loop for quick release. You can easily attach any dog leash to this collar without any issues. They also offer a one-year guarantee of the collar, and these collars are chew proof too.

The Fi Series 3 collar’s battery life is almost three months, allowing you to put it on your dog and forget about it for a few weeks. Series 3 accurately tracks the steps & activity of your dog and compares it with other similar dogs. It helps you keep your dog fit and increases its life expectancy. The stainless steel body frame of the Fi series 3 collar can handle more than 400 lbs of static force.

Fi smart dog collar Series 1: Pros & Cons

Fi smart dog collar


Check out the following list of Pros and Cons for the Fi dog collar to learn its weaknesses and strengths.


  • It provides faster escape alerts. 
  • It has a long-lasting battery life.
  • You can track your pet dog’s sleeping schedule with it.
  • It has many social features.
  • This smart dog collar is made with superior and high-quality hardware.
  • It is fully waterproof.


  • GPS tracking cannot be accessed without a subscription.
  • Doesn’t function properly without cell network service.
  • Small dogs under a particular weight cannot carry the collar’s weight with ease.
  • It becomes too expensive after including monthly subscriptions.

How do you use a Fi smart collar?

How do you use a Fi smart collar

Installing the Fi smart collar

You may begin to set up the collar before you receive it if you want. If you choose to do so, you will get to customize your dog’s collar according to your choice and preferences.

Once you get the collar, you need to put it on your dog’s neck and activate it on the application. Also, the app is there on the android app store as well as on Apple iPhone’s app store.

The user interface and functionality are pretty easy to use. However, taking your time learning all the features in the app is recommended to take full advantage.

Let’s look into the tabs at the bottom of the app to understand how it works:

1. Live

The ‘Live’ tab is the first one. This demonstrates the present position of your dog, the battery life of the collar, and a chronology of their movements.

It displays their most recent walk’s length, distance covered in walking, and the number of steps.

2. Discover

The second tab, ‘Discover,’ is effectively a social media for canines. You can explore the profiles of dogs registered on the Fi app, or you can use them as Fi app users. 

Also, it has the same features as social media, like liking and commenting on the photos of other dogs.

3. Rank

The third tab is ‘Rank.’ Using breed and state-specific statistics, it displays how your dog’s step total compares to those of other registered dogs on Fi App in the area.

4. Activity

The ‘Activity’ is the fourth tab which provides statistics of your dog’s daily activity that you get to see by hours, days, weeks, and months. You can also check your dog’s sleeping schedule in the activity section.

5. Profile

In the ‘Profile’ tab, you can make changes to your user profile on the app. Plus, other features like settings and an invisible fence safe zone can be managed from this section.

User guide for using the app: 

You can track your dog’s every activity regarding your dog’s sleep schedule, location, health records, and monitoring. Although it may sound complex to you, it’s pretty easy and handy once you start using it.

When you buy a collar from Fi, your account gets activated on the Fi app before you even open the app.

After installing the app, the registration or sign-up credentials are provided at the time of your product’s checkout. Also, to get a new password link, you can click on ‘forgot password.’

Just like any other, this app helps you understand the features by providing a step-by-step administration.

Now that you are signed in, we’ll go into the important features stepwise to understand them and know what they demonstrate:

Fi dog collar function

1. To Manage your dog’s profile,

you need to select ‘Create Profile’ (dog’s profile).  After that, enter your dog’s details to complete your dog’s app profile. 

These details include information like your dog’s name, gender, his/her breed, weight, and birth date or the date you adopted the dog.

The Fi app allows you to link your Instagram account with your Fi account. 

After this, connecting your Fi base is the next thing to be done. When the app discovers your base, it will notify you of the activation.

2. Wifi connection

You must connect your Fi base with your home Wifi. The Fi app only allows a 2.4 GH Wi-Fi network to be connected.

3. Safe zone

Once you’re done connecting the Wi-Fi to the Fi base, you will need to set a safe zone (invisible fence without wires). 

You’ll be able to get into the base’s location and reposition the blue circle covering a space where your dog can play freely. 

How does the Fi smart dog collar function?

Fi dog collar function

Your dog’s whereabouts are continuously tracked by the Fi Tracker utilizing satellites. 

The unmatched (till now) battery life is made possible because this was the first tracker to use AT&T’s LTE-M cellular network to transmit the position to the app.

In addition to having a greater range than 3G, 4G, 5G, and LTE networks, LTE-M offers improved network coverage.

You’ll be able to look up the coverage in your area using a map. You will get both 4G LTE and LTE-M if you have 4G LTE. 

Also, LTE-M has a more extensive coverage than other networks; however, remember that geographical features like mountains may block a signal.

Ultimately, it works out fine for you and your dog.

Fi smart dog collars: Features comparison

The primary differences between the two versions are listed below.:

CategoryThe Fi Series 2The Fi Series 3
SizeBigger in size 50% smaller in size than the Fi Series 2
Pull Resistance300 lb Pull Resistance400 lb Pull Resistance
BatteryUp to 3-month battery lifeUp to 3-month battery life
Warranty1-year of device warranty 1-year of device warranty
Extra OfferingsActivity TrackingSleep TrackingActivity TrackingSleep TrackingBoth provided with better signal than Series 2
WaterproofingIP68 CertifiedIP68 & IP66K Certified
Monthly Subscription $6.89 to $$14 to $19

Pricing: Fi series 2 and Fi series 3

Here is the pricing of Fi series 2 and Fi series 3

Pricing of the Fi Series 2

The price of the Fi Series 2 Smart Dog Collar was $149. The base station you connect in at home, the dog collars, and a small-sized, portable GPS device placed on it are all included in this price.

You can select a membership package once you figure out which one suits your purpose. Additionally, you will have to buy a Fi collar subscription to access the tracking features like the ‘lost Dog Mode.’

To subscribe costs $99 a year, and if you prefer a monthly payment, you’ll need to select the $8.25 per month plan.

Now, choosing a financially ideal Fi collar from these two options is up to you.

Pros and Cons Of Fi Collar Series 2

Pros Cons 
Able to track sleepOnly for dog more than 10 pounds
Speed escape alertsSlight learning curve 
Good quality Hardware
Long battery life

Pricing of the Fi Dog Collar Series 3

When purchasing the Series 3 Fi collar, you can subscribe for a month-to-month, six-month, one-year, or two-year period. 

By doing so, you will have access to the collar’s full range of tracking functions, including GPS and LTE, as well as its full range of coverage.

In comparison to the $19 monthly membership, the longer-term options offer significantly lower monthly costs. However, the 2-year membership drops down to $14 a month, which is a fantastic price from my perspective.

Fi Series one Dog Collar

Pros and Cons Of Fi Collar Series 3

Pros Cons 
Longer battery life May be not properly working in rural location 
Highly waterproof Cheaper than series 2,still pricey
Cheap in subscription 
Able to set desired geographical Bounderies 
Add multiple users 

Is the Fi Smart Dog Collar a good value for the price?

Due to Its innovative And latest capabilities, you can invest in fi Smart dog collar. The Fi smart collar will cost around 149$. Also, they offer coupons, which will help you to save money. Also, they are available in Four colors. These collars usually cost between $30 and $100, not including the tracker’s price.

If you are looking for functionality, You’ll invest in the subscription plan. This plan runs for $99 per year, but the good thing is that it offers a 30 days free trial period.

Would I recommend the Fi Smart Dog Collar to other dog owners?

The Fi Collar includes the Fi tracker, and it’s high quality and durable. Once you receive it, charge the fi collar on the included charging base. You Have to follow the simple instruction to the link tracker to the fi account.

The Fi Collar provides vital features like design, waterproofing, Battery, Tracking Mode, Activity Monitoring, sleep tracking, safe zone, etc.

There is also An led light built into the tracker that you have complete control over, including choosing a color. The dog owners can be used to keep the dogs safe during the walk.

It is highly recommended to the dog owners for their dog. 

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Final Thoughts: FI Smart Dog Collar Review (2023)

Given the abundance of high-tech capabilities in Fi Series 2, it makes a wonderful traditional collar alternative and checks all the necessary boxes. 

It is robust, well-built, and dust & water-resistant. It also has a loop for tags, a leash attachment, and a range of colors.

If you want to give your dog freedom and let them off the leash as frequently as possible, the Fi smart collar is all you need for security. 

Those worries about losing your dog can leave, and greater freedom is here!

Lastly, I hope that you found this review helpful and insightful. Also, I would like to know your views on the Fi collars, so leave a comment below and wish you happy pet parenting! 


Is Fi smart collar for dogs effective?

The Fi Dog Collar Series 2 is among the top dog collars available. This collar, which Fi produces, works more than an invisible dog fence.

Can you use Fi smart collar for dogs of all sizes?

The collar is available in four sizes and is designed for dogs weighing at least 10 pounds (so no cats or little puppies).

Is there a free version of Fi collar?

Fi Series 2 Collars are available with or without a membership, but it is strongly advised to use it with a member subscription to take advantage of the GPS tracker.

Is the Fi smart collar for dogs waterproof?

Yes, it is absolutely waterproof and is IP68 &IP66K certified.

Can a Fi dog collar be used without cell service?

The LTE-M network has more coverage than other LTE/3G trackers, but Fi still requires the cellular network to interact.

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