165 Best Gun Names For Dogs That Are Unique And Creative

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People who use firearms or people into action are often obsessed with their personal guns and anything related to guns. And naming your beloved dog with some popular gun names for dogs would be the icing on the cake.

However, I suggest being mindful while choosing a name for your dog that will be stuck with your dog for the rest of their life.

Now, if you allow me, let me take you on a tour through gun names for dogs based on different categories. Here you go!

165 Gun Names For Dogs: Inspired By Different Gun And Gun Parts

Gun names for dogs can be found in categories like manufacturers/brands, fun models, gun parts and accessories, and, most interestingly, ammo. This theme contains such surprising names that I never thought I’d be exploring.

Here’s an overview of the gun-related categories I’ve classified the dog names into:

Gun Names For Dogs MaleFor Strong, masculine names inspired by firearms for a bold and powerful male dog.
Gun Names For Dogs FemaleUnique and fierce names derived from guns are perfect for a spirited female dog.
Gun Brand NamesPrestigious and recognizable names from famous firearm manufacturers are ideal for a dog with a distinguished and noble demeanor.
Gun Model Names Names are based on popular gun models suitable for dogs with strong and distinctive characteristics.
Names Inspired By Gun PartsInnovative names taken from the components of firearms are ideal for a dog with a complex and intricate personality.
Names Inspired By AmmoExplosive and impactful names inspired by various types of ammunition, fitting for a dog with a dynamic and energetic nature.
Cool Gun Names Stylish and edgy names inspired by firearms are perfect for a dog with a cool and commanding presence.
Cute Gun Names Adorable and charming names derived from gun-related terms are suitable for a lovable and endearing dog.

Gun names for dogs can be found in categories like manufacturers/brands, fun models, gun parts and accessories, and, most interestingly, ammo. This theme contains such surprising names that I never thought I’d be exploring.

Gun Names For Dogs

Keep scrolling down to explore gun names for dogs that will blow your mind.

Gun Names for dogs female

Female dogs are always more fierce, and at the same time, they are beautiful. Therefore, the following names are specifically made to suit such fierce female dogs to suit their personality and appearance:

  1. Beretta
  2. Winona (inspired by Winchester)
  3. Kimber
  4. Glocka (a feminine twist on Glock)
  5. Savannah (inspired by Savage)
  6. Mossy (from Mossberg)
  7. Rugerette (a feminine version of Ruger)
  8. Sightella (inspired by gun sights)
  9. Chloe (inspired by choke)
  10. Luger (inspired by the Luger pistol)
  11. CZara (inspired by Ceska Zbrojovka)
  12. Trigger
  13. Bulleta (a feminine twist on Bullet)
  14. Magda (from Magnum)
  15. Ammo
  1. Carbine
  2. Barrel
  3. Winnie (inspired by Winchester)
  4. Browning
  5. Remy (short for Remington)
  6. Rem
  7. Coltina
  8. Carbine
  9. Siggy (inspired by Sig Sauer)
  10. Mausera
  11. Enfielda
  12. Rifelia

Gun Names for dogs male

These gun names for male dogs are as tough as they are mostly inspired by things that represent the boldness of guns and the components that are needed to assemble a gun. So, if you have a rough and tough dog that fears nothing, these are the names you can go for:

  1. Colton
  2. Wesson
  3. Desert (after Desert Eagle)
  4. Smithy
  5. Rifle
  6. Magwell
  7. Gauge
  8. Beret
  9. Bulletproof
  10. Remmy
  11. Sig (inspired by Sig Sauer)
  1. Taurus
  2. Kalash (short for Kalashnikov)
  3. Bolt
  4. Cannon
  5. Hunt
  6. Recoil
  7. Musket
  8. Stallion
  9. Mauser
  10. Enfield
  11. Barrett

Gun Brand Names for Dogs

Dogs like Great Danes, Dobermans, and a few ferocious dogs that are similar to these dogs, I have made a list of the following gun brand names to suit your furbaby:

  1. Colt
  2. Smith
  3. Wesson
  4. Remington
  5. Springfield
  6. Savage
  1. Benelli
  2. H&K (Heckler & Koch)
  3. CZ (Ceska Zbrojovka)
  4. FN (Fabrique Nationale)
  5. Weatherby

Gun Model Names for Dogs

The following names are inspired by the different types of gun models that can suit a dog well with different coat styles. So, dogs with thick and stylish coats are well-suited for one of the names given below.

  1. Cooper
  2. Winchester
  3. Browning
  4. Thompson
  5. Mossberg
  1. Maverick
  2. Springfield
  3. Mossberg
  4. Weatherby

Dog Names Inspired by Gun Parts

The following dog names are inspired by multiple gun components and parts that perfectly suit big dog breeds that are mostly darker in color and have a trait that resonates with gun parts. German shepherds, Rottweilers, and a few similar dog breeds are the ideal dog breeds for such names.

  1. Bolt
  2. Trigger
  3. Hammer
  4. Barrel
  5. Slide
  6. Sight
  7. Safety
  8. Stock
  9. Cylinder
  10. Magazine
  11. Extractor
  1. Firing Pin
  2. Action
  3. Choke
  4. Ejector
  5. Slide Stop
  6. Recoil
  7. Cam
  8. Latch
  9. Sear

Dog Names Inspired by Ammo

Multiple types inspire the following dog names that perfectly suit tiny dog breeds: ammos. Corgis and Pomeranians are the ideal dog breeds for such names.

  1. Bullet
  2. Magnum
  3. Ammo
  4. Winchester
  5. Shell
  6. Gauge
  7. Caliber
  8. Primer
  9. Cartridge
  10. Reload
  11. Brass
  1. Sabot
  2. Slug
  3. Powder
  4. Rimfire
  5. Hollow Point
  6. Wadcutter
  7. Buckshot
  8. Jacketed
  9. Ballistic

More Gun-Related Dog Names

The following dog names are inspired by multiple types of gun components, gun parts, models, brands, and multiple things that are in any way related to guns. Any dog breed can carry the following names.

  1. Hunter
  2. Sniper
  3. Gunner
  4. Camo
  5. Trigger
  6. Magnum
  7. Shotgun
  8. Shell
  9. Ammo
  10. Silencer
  11. Revolver
  1. Carbine
  2. Maverick
  3. Magnum
  4. Colt
  5. Winchester
  6. Beretta
  7. Rifle
  8. Browning
  9. Glock

Cool Gun names for dogs

Here are a few cool gun names that are perfect for your sweet and calm dogs who look ferocious and badass but are very calm and composed in nature. However, be sure to choose one that suits your dog’s appearance the most.

  1. Recoil
  2. Slinger
  3. Ransom
  4. Archer
  5. Desperado
  6. Laser
  7. Barrage
  8. Bunker
  9. Deadeye
  10. Howitzer
  11. Warpaint
  1. Chamber
  2. Gunmetal
  3. Avalanche
  4. Outlaw
  5. Bulletproof
  6. Gauge
  7. Derringer

Cute Gun names for dogs

Even though you have a petite but energetic and brave dog at the same time, the following cute gun names would be perfect for them. You can easily imagine one of the dogs from small-sized breeds being called by one of the following names.

  1. Peashooter
  2. Stash
  3. Plinker
  4. Treasure
  5. Clicker
  6. Duster
  7. Zip Gun
  8. Ticker
  9. Clinker
  10. Ribbon
  1. Nugget
  2. Lockie
  3. Pebble
  4. Zipper
  5. Penny
  6. Widget
  7. Jewel
  8. Tickle
  9. Tiny

How can you aim for the perfect dog name?

Hopefully, you have found your dog’s perfect name and shortlisted some of your favorites from the above categories. However, if you are struggling to shortlist the names, here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect gun name for your furbaby.

Gun Names For Dogs...

Note: if you wish to find a good name as quickly as possible and without wasting time in searching, you can use the dog name generators that I’ve in my other article.

1. Your dog’s personality:

Analyze your dog’s personality and try to match a name with your dog’s behavioral traits and habits that you have noticed in your dog’s puppyhood. If unsure, you can play with your dog for a few days and figure out your dog’s traits. This way, it will be easier to name a dog. 

2. Your dog’s appearance:

A dog’s appearance is one of the easiest references to name a dog. For example, your dog’s color, markings, eye color, physique, fur pattern, etc., can be the inspiration behind your dog’s name. Anything related to your dog’s appearance can really help you to decide the perfect name for your dog.

3. How does the name sound?

Naming a dog shouldn’t only be about you having a name for your dog for the sake of calling their name out. A name should be easy and decent enough to be yelled out loudly in public. Also, it should be easy for your dog to comprehend it as their own name.

4. Try the names out:

Even though you have a bunch of names for your dog that can be easily pronounced, I suggest trying them out by yelling them one by one. So, whichever name your dog responds or reacts to can be chosen as his forever name.

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Wrapping Up!

So, here you have a big collection of gun names for dogs, from which you can narrow down your favorite names. If your pup is badass, then naming him with a gun-themed name will be a cherry on top.

However, make sure that the name you choose suits your dog’s personality and appearance and is easy for your dog to comprehend.

Also, make sure the name is decent enough to yell out publicly to avoid making a scene.


What are the nicknames that also mean Gun?

Names like shooter, piece, rod, and heater are a few nicknames of guns that can also be used as dog names.

Which guns have animal-themed names? 

The popular gun types called snake guns can have animal names like Cobra, Anaconda, Python, Diamondback, etc., as these snakes are deadly, like the colt on snake guns.

What is gun dog slang?

“Gun dogs” are canines that have been trained to work with a loud weapon for hunting or recovering game, while the name “hunter dog” is inclusive of all breeds and abilities to hunt canines.

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