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An off-leash dog can be tough to contain. The last thing you want is for your dog to join the estimated 10 million dogs that go missing each year in the United States.

GPS- tracking wireless fences are now being made available by a rising number of businesses. 

Thanks to technology, you can give your dog freedom in your yard and even outside. You’re in luck if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of burying in-ground wiring because of this new technology.

Halo Collar is the most well-known and well-liked of these fences in the pet parent community, though is it actually superior to the other collars?

So if you are also wondering about this, let’s find out by diving deep into the details.

Overview: what exactly is a Halo Collar? Is it an invisible fence or a GPS tracker?

Halo Hollar

Everyone who watches youtube to learn to train their dog knows Cesar Millan. He is well-known for training dogs like magic. 

After spending years of hard work training and loving dogs, he stomped upon a will to create useful dog gadgets. 

Then, In 2017, dog training expert Cesar Millan and his business partner brought a dog collar to the market to make dogs’ lives happier by launching Halo.

A halo collar is set up using a wireless fence.  This collar is directly linked to your Halo app, and it should be placed around your dog’s neck. You can adjust the size of the area you want to be covered with the help of the invisible fence feature in the Halo collar app. 

Furthermore, the latest collar product, the Halo 2 Collar, performs better than its predecessor, the first Halo collar. 

The reason is that the Halo 2 provides extra features like a better GPS tracker with more coverage and a 21-hour long-lasting battery. 

Now, if we talk about their USP, then I’m happy to tell you that the Halo collars offer you Wi-Fi-free and wireless dog fences. Additionally, you get to track your dog’s activities and location with the help of their app, which is available on Android and Apple stores too.

The evolvement of the Halo Collars in the Pet Community

The first-generation Halo Collar was launched in 2020 and has gone through a number of important updates and advancements. 

Also, we should appreciate the fact that Halo has improved in solving customer issues regarding location accuracy. This was a major issue found in the predecessor Halo collar.

Later in 2021, Halo 2 came into the market, and following it in 2022, the Halo 2+ collar was launched. 

And believe me, they have made eye-catching modifications with every smart collar product over the years.

What are the New Changes In Halo 2+?

The company created fantastic adjustments for the new and improved Halo 2 collar in response to dog owners’ issues regarding the original Halo collar.

Halo 2

A few of the improvements are as follows:

  • A collar with a Pro-case that is significantly more robust and can withstand rough play and chewing
  • Greater geographic precision
  • Cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth enhancements
  • Enhanced battery functionality

Pros & Cons: Halo Collar 2+

Every product in the world delights us with some advantages and disappoints us with some disadvantages. 

To understand the strengths and weaknesses of the Halo collar, let’s check out the Pros & Cons that users experience with the product. 


  • You can keep an eye on your dog’s whereabouts  24/7 through the GPS tracking system.
  • Adjusting the collar according to your dog’s neck size is effortless and takes only a movement.
  • Any type of dog breed and size can wear the halo 2+ collar.
  • The advanced features in the halo app boost the performance of the collar 

and creates a better relationship

  • No need to install wires for fencing.
  • Functions with the help of technologies like GPS or GNSS, Bluetooth connection, Wi-Fi Connection, and LTE network.
  • Location certainty is at the top because of the connection availability to GPS satellites. 
  • Provides feedback to help you improve your dog’s safety measures.
  • It comes with a 1- year warranty service.
  • The halo 2+ collars help you to find your dog at night with the Halo LED lights. 


  • Halo dog collars are very expensive between the invisible fence and GPS tracking products.
  • It needs a subscription plan to start using it.
  • It requires a minimum circumference of the neck of dogs to fit the collar at its tightest fitting.
  • Some of the advanced features require a mobile network to function.

Key features of a Halo 2+ Collar

The Halo 2+ collar is so advanced and is made with so many exciting features. It is necessary to take some time to ace them and use them to their full potential. 

We’ve shared insights on all the essential features that make Halo 2+ rank at the top of the list.

Wireless smart Fencing (Via App)

The Halo 2+ allows you to create safe zones using invisible dog fences if you don’t want to get out of a certain boundary. This way, you can keep your dog safe inside a particular area and give the dog freedom of his life.

You can access these features with the assistance of the Halo app. You will need to create safe zones using the map given in the app to draw a perimeter. This perimeter can be of any shape and size of more than ½ acres.

This feature has kept the customers pretty relieved because this latest model allows for drawing a bigger fence area.

Halo 2+ Collar GPS Tracker

Halo 2+ Collar GPS Tracker

The GPS tracker in the Halo app has an improved 100% accuracy ratio in finding locations. It uses GNSS technology to track down your lost dog and keeps you worry-free. 

You won’t have to search through streets and woods for your dog even if it escapes. Your dog’s whereabouts can be found by checking the Halo app to see where it has wandered off to.

The Training Program Of Halo Collar

The Training Program Of Halo Collar

The 21-day curriculum created by Cesar Millan combines fence boundary training with behavioral psychology instruction. 

You begin with fundamental indoor exercise and work your way outside. Using this step-by-step collar manual, you can learn the many levels of fence training for various animal types.

The Halo Beacons

The Halo Beacons

Halo beacons can be used to train your dog, keep them out of dangerous situations, and provide temporary safe zones. 

Whether your dog is inside your house, outside in the yard, or traveling, Bluetooth beacons, indoor USB beacons, and outdoor beacons provide you with more freedom anywhere.

The Feedback Feature.

Halo 2+ is a collar that specializes in providing feedback on your dog’s activity improvements. This feedback can be received in two forms, Customizable and Encouraging. 

The customizable feedback suggests managing the sound and static correction mode vibrations the collar releases. 

Whereas encouraging feedback helps you call your dog back into the safe zone or home if it ever goes out of it.

Also, You call your dog back with the help of a whistle or a comeback note through the halo app.

How does the Halo Collar 2+ function?

The halo collar is an extraordinary device made to assist in protecting and securing dogs. Because of the cutting-edge features offered by this collar device, the owner can watch over their dog even when they are away. As crucial as protecting your dog’s health is ensuring his or her safety.

A virtual fence makes a lot more sense when building physical walls around your property is not always an option.

Halo Collar may be utilized in a number of scenarios, including homes, gardens, playgrounds, and more, as seen by online reviews.

Any dog five months or older that weighs 15 lbs or more can wear a Halo Collar, regardless of whether it is a smaller or a bigger dog breed.

Subscription Plans Of Halo

Subscription Plans Of Halo
Per Day Plan

For $4.49 per month, you may use 20 fences and perform some simple training with tracking with the basic subscription package.

Additionally, it records how your dog reacts to input when they approach or cross perimeters and gives access to past data. 

For $9.99 per month, the silver subscription level offers more specialized services and sophisticated activity tracking.

You receive the same functionality and benefits as the silver package with the gold subscription plan, which costs $29.99 a month but offers more benefits. 

With gold, you can anticipate monthly access to the best training courses, live sessions with knowledgeable trainers, and professional advice for tailored training support.

Alternatives of Halo 2+ Collar

It makes sense to ask whether alternatives to these expensive electronic dog collars might even be available. Is there a decent product that is also less expensive?

The Fi collar, the SpotOn virtual fence, and the Halo collar are two more smart collars that you may compare with the Halo collar to ensure that you’re receiving the ideal collar for both you and the dog.

The Fi Series 3 Collar

This is far less expensive than SpotOn and Halo collars, making it the better choice. 

Additionally, it has a light that makes it easier to see at night and fits different dog sizes. However, one of its primary selling points is the up to three-month battery life.

The SpotOn Virtual Fence

The Halo’s GPS tracking is inferior to SpotOn’s, which uses satellite communication every six seconds. 

Depending on how it is utilized, SpotOn’s battery life can reach up to 24 hours, which is comparable. 

The SpotOn collar costs around $500 more than the Halo collar, even though it will ultimately be less expensive.

Final Thoughts

We put this information together to save you from making a wrong investment if it’s not worth it. 

Firstly, Halo is a product people buy in the name of the infamous dog whisperer Cesar Millan. But, some people don’t really find it worth buying because of the in-depth training feature.

However, Halo has been a great assistance to many pet parents in keeping their dog’s inside the safe zone. Additionally, in tracking, if the dog is lost somehow.

Basically, this collar has worked wonders for some people and has failed to amuse some people. 

So to summarize our thoughts on buying a Halo Collar, it is an incredible piece of modern technology. The Halo fence is perfect for dog owners who don’t require a fence but still want to track their dogs.

Halo collars provide your dog the independence they need while yet adhering to its training schedule.

Before making a choice, it is wise to do some research and read reliable reviews from other customers. We sincerely hope that we were able to point you in the proper way.


Is the Halo collar effective like other smart dog collars?

The halo collars are absolutely reliable because they stop your dog from going out of the safe zone as it works as an invisible fence.

What is the best alternative to a Halo Collar?

In my opinion, the Fi smart dog collars are the best alternative for the Halo Collars so far.

At what age should you get your dog a halo collar?

It is recommended not to make a dog wear a Halo until they reach five months of age.

Do Halo Collars need a monthly subscription?

To begin using Halo collars, an active monthly subscription is necessary to use its mind-blowing features.

Are Halo Collars adjustable to all dog sizes?

Absolutely yes! Halo Collars can be adjusted according to your dog’s neck size fitting.

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