7 High Tech Ways to Find a Lost Pet In 2024 (Effective Guide)

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As a fellow pet parent, I can understand how a person who has lost a pet might feel after losing their fur baby. That’s why I learned some High-Tech Ways To Find A Lost Pet in advance if I ever have to go through such a situation.

These approaches are easy, less time-consuming, and made with extraordinary technology to help you keep an eye on or find your lost dog.

Plus, with 93% of dogs being found in the past few years, we recommend not losing hope until you try all the options.

So, let’s find out more about the High-Tech Ways To Find A Lost Pet below!

Top 7 High-Tech Ways To Find A Lost Pet In a Nutshell

In the table below, we have shared a list of the top 7 high-tech ways to find a lost pet, which also features the companies or brands that provide high-tech services.

Here is an entire list of all the High-Tech Ways to find a lost pet, which will you give you enough insight and assurance to use these options to get your lost pet back.


High-Takeaways To Find A Lost Pet

Service Company/Platform Name
1Lost Pet Finder WebsitesFido Finder, Lost Dogs Of America, Pet FBI, Pet Amber Alert.
2Lost Pet AppsFinding Rover, Shadow, Pet Alert USA.
3GPS TrackersFi Smart Collar, Pawtrack GPS Collar, PetPace Smart Collar.
4MicrochippingHome Again, Whizzles.
5Social Media SharingInstagram, Twitter, Facebook.
6High Alert PlatformsPetAmberAlert.com.
7Facial Recognition TechnologyPIP App.

1. Lost Pet Finder Websites

Lost Pet Finder Websites
Source: Fido Finder

One of the fundamental initial things you can do is visit the website to register for a lost pet. These are websites that are dedicated to assisting owners in locating their missing pets by providing images, descriptions, and contact details.

Some of the most trusted and well-known pet finder websites you can visit are Fido Finder,

Lost Dogs Of America, Pet FBI, and Pet Amber Alert.

2. Lost Pet Apps

Using a dedicated app is another internet option to locate your lost dog. You can use these apps to report or look for lost dogs in your region by downloading them to your smartphone or tablet. 

Lost Pet Apps

We recommend using some most well-liked pet and lost dog apps for best results, such as Finding Rover, Shadow, and Pet Alert USA.

3. GPS Trackers

 GPS Trackers

GPS Pet Trackers are high-tech devices that can be used to track down your pet with the help of GPS and cellular signals. It helps in keeping track of your pet’s whereabouts within a particular parameter in real-time. 

You can go for some of the best GPS trackers in the market, such as Fi Smart Collar, Pawtrack GPS Collar, and PetPace Smart Collar.

4. Microchipping

If your pet is located and taken to a shelter or another veterinarian’s office, a short scan will reveal the contact information you gave. 


To accomplish this, your veterinarian can implant a tiny RFID microchip beneath your pet’s skin. In Addition, ask your veterinarian whose microchip service they employ and if they have a pet recovery procedure.

Some Microchip products like HomeAgain and Wizzle will inform a network of vets, shelters, and rescue groups. 

5. Social Media Sharing

Social Media is a powerful tool that can be used to find anything and anyone in the world, and many social media platforms hold immense power over people and networking.

Social Media Sharing

Some of the most well-known and influential social media sites worldwide are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By connecting with millions of people who could have seen or heard about your pet, you can utilize it to locate a lost pet also, it increases the chances to find a lost pet.

6. High Alert Platforms

High Alert Platforms

Some platforms literally work detectives to find your lost pets and one of the trusted and well-known online platforms is PetAmberAlert.com.

This platform gathers information about your lost pet and faxes fliers to places like Rescue Shelters, Vet clinics, Pet Shops, Social Media, and in the neighborhood.

7. Facial Recognition Technology

Facial Recognition Technology

You might not believe it, but there are platforms with technology that allow you to upload a photo of your lost pet or the one you find. 

It shares the photo with animal shelters, vets, and other people with pet information while alerting them that you’ve lost your pet, along with your name and contact details.

To use this way to find your lost pet, you can either go for PIP App, as it’s our top choice for this high-tech approach.

Dog GPS Tracking Collar Recommendations

There are many options in the Dog GPS Tracking Collars category, but here are some of our favorite options that are actually effective in real life:

Dog GPS Tracking CollarsIt is best to track your dog’s behavior and location altogether.
Tractive GPS Tracking CollarIt is best to track your dog in forest areas.
Fi CollarBest for tracking activity along with tracking the location of your dog.
Whistle Go Explore GPS Tracking CollarBest to track your dog in any area.
Jiobit CollarBest for dogs of small size and lightweight.
Garmin Alpha 200i CollarBest to track your dog in forest areas.

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Final Verdict: High-Tech Ways to Find a Lost Pet

It can be upsetting and distressing to lose a pet. Thankfully, numerous High-Tech Ways to Find a Lost Pet are available to report and find a lost pet. 

You can use social media networks, websites, apps, and services that are dedicated to assisting pet owners in finding their lost dogs. 

To avoid losing your pet again, you can also use online tools and advice and improve your chances of reuniting with your pet.


How much is the chance of getting your lost dog back?

Usually, when people see a pet dog wandering alone, they intervene and try to report the dog as found. Hence, there is a 93% chance of finding a lost pet alive.

Is it possible for animal communicators to find a lost pet?

Map dowsing is a method certain animal communicators use to discover the location of your lost pet using a map. When combined with the more popular technique of getting a visual description of the region, it is a much more efficient way to find a missing pet.

Can you track pets with Microchips?

Although microchips help you reunite with your pet, they cannot be tracked like GPS trackers.

Why do microchips not contain a tracker? 

GPS trackers require batteries, and fitting a battery in a microchip is impossible. Hence, microchips don’t contain a tracker.

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