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As per research, 3.3% of dog owners around the globe are using an electronic dog training collar. It is not preferable to train a dog with many dog parents as it is a sensitive and controversial way of training.

People hear the word’ shock collar’ and think otherwise negatively. The reason is these collars were painful to dogs when it was made a long time ago. But now, they are made with less intensity and are more humane.

If you are thinking of using a dog training collar, you’ve landed on the right page. We’ll help you learn to use it correctly as we go through the guide step by step and the risk coming with it.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the details!

How To Use An Electronic Dog Training Collar: Step By Step 

How To Use A Dog Training Collar

Getting to control your dog is one thing but making it happen with the help of an electronic training collar is another challenge.

While trying to train a dog or using devices to control the dog needs proper dedication. And on top of that, you need to pay attention to little detail. 

Take one step at a time but do it with an attentive mind. You can follow the steps below to learn HOW TO USE A DOG TRAINING COLLAR.

Step 1: Choose a good quality product

Buying a good quality collar helps make tasks easier for you and your dog. It can affect your dog if the collar starts giving trouble while the dog is wearing it.

This trouble might include malfunctioning of the collar, and it is resulting in harming the dog badly.

Due to this issue, buying a good quality electronic dog training collar is recommended to train your dog. That will result in your dog getting trained in a positive and unharming way.

Step 2: Make your dog used to the collar 

Make your dog used to the collar

Start with basic things to make your dog used to the collar. You can start by giving simple commands to the dog via the electronic collar.

These simple commands can be as come, stay, go, etc. you can offer your dog treats when the dog follows the commands correctly. This makes the dog feels safe wearing the collar, and the dog will continue to trust you innocently.

Step 3: Make the dog like the electronic collar.

Make the dog like the electronic collar

Nothing comes before your pup’s comfort and mood while training. To do that, make the dog like its collar first. The dog should be able to connect the shocks from the collar with getting treats.

So when the collar releases shock, the dog will obey to receive a treat or reward from you.

Step 4: Turn on the proper modes on the collar.

When we use the word ‘shock’, it doesn’t necessarily mean intense & harmful currents. (phew!) 

Still, it is recommended to use mild or less intense modes like vibrate mode and sound mode to grab your pup’s attention. This results in getting your job done and keeping your dog happy and comfortable.

Step 5: Take the expert’s help in need

If you are having trouble using the electronic dog training collar, approach an expert for help. Taking help is way better than getting stuck and frustrated. Your dog might not appreciate your frustration.

Only an expert will help you go forward with the training other than you. Many professionals know how to get your dog to follow commands without forcing the dog negatively.

Even though hiring an expert is expensive, your dog’s comfort and well-being should not be compromised. 

Step 6: Know when to quit

Even though it is cool to have your dog wear the collar full-time, it’s better not to. It can cause discomfort to your dog if worn all the time.

All dogs have different traits and moods. While using an electronic collar might work like a miracle in your life, it shouldn’t be forced onto your dog. 

Some dogs are sensitive, and some are tough. The tough ones might handle it well, but you can’t expect the same for the sensitive ones. Because of that, you need to know when to stop the training and take a step back.

Step 7: Test it out

Once you get the gist of using a dog-training collar,  you can practice it with your dog to try out different commands. 

By testing it out before using it full-time, you will get an idea of the duration it will take for your dog to like it. You will also know how much you have mastered using the dog training collar.

Risks Of Using An Electronic Dog Training Collar

Even though there are multiple benefits to using an electronic dog training collar, some risks come with it. These risks can affect your dog’s well-being.

To avoid regrets after buying an electronic dog training collar, consider the following risk factors:

1. Discomfort to your dog:

These collars don’t cause harm to the dog but can cause discomfort if worn continuously to the dog. Also, the constant vibrations or shocks can disturb the dog’s moods badly.

Due to this problem, it is recommended to do this training with a positive approach and by offering treats.

2. Fear and anxiety triggers:

Fear and anxiety triggers

Some dogs are sensitive in nature. They get anxious and scared more easily than other dogs. Also, anxiety and fear triggers can lead your dog to act aggressively and violently. 

The dog may bite you or do unwanted things that may discomfort you. Usually, making the dog wear this collar for a long time can bring risks.

3. Trust issues: 

This very big risk comes with using an electronic dog training collar. Frequent use of this collar can cause trust issues in your dog and disrupt your relationship with your dog. So, it’s essential to approach your dog positively throughout training.

Important Tips On Electronic Dog Training Collars:

There are many controversies around the ‘shock collar’ topic between animal lovers and dog owners who choose to use it. 

Important Tips On Electronic Dog Training Collars

However, dog owners are not always keen on using it but are forced to do so because of the situation. But you can better approach your dog for this training with the following tips.

1. Show your expectations to your dog

Using this collar can be compelling for your dog. It may take a longer duration for your dog to accept this change. That’s why it’s recommended to show your dog what you want them to do through actions that they understand.

For example, if your dog shows bad behaviour, you can use the collar to stop it from doing so. But also, give the dog a cheerful hug and response along with treats when it stops the wrong behaviour.

2. Let your dog accept and get used to the electronic collar

Before trying out the collar full-time for your dog, let the dog get used to the electronic collar. Then check if your dog is getting irritated with the collar. 

If the dog’s irritated, check the collar grip on its body where it’s worn. Then leave the collar on the dog-like clothing piece without using it for a few days for training. It may cause problems if you start using it immediately after buying it.

3. Do not push the dog too hard

Sometimes people use the electronic dog collar excessively and increase the intensity in order to train the dog faster. 

This is a myth that doesn’t apply to the dog. Increasing the intensity of levels will only result in confusion and fear for your dog.

Let the dog take its time, and don’t push it too hard into training. 

Remember, It’s your DOG, not a slave.

4. Use the right & positive ways to control your dog

Doing things in a positive approach always works as a treat. Also, never use the remote control on the collar in front of your dog. That will scare the dog. 

Also, it may result in the dog thinking that you are the reason behind its discomfort. Moreover, lower the correction levels (shock intensity) over time once your dog gets used to the collar.

These things are crucial to be followed. So,  use the right methods by referring to experience videos or experts and take a positive approach to controlling your dog. 

How Should You Introduce A Shock Collar To Your Dog?

First, test the features and functioning of your shock collar and make yourself aware of all the details of the shock collar. This way, you can prevent harming your dog with the shock collar

Next, check if the collar fits your dog correctly and make the dog wear the collar without releasing the shocks and vibrations. Simply put, use the shock collar like a regular dog collar for a few days until your dog gets used to it.

Additionally, follow the following tips while introducing a shock collar to your dog:

  • Make your dog associate with corrections, not with the collar. This way, he will get used to the collar functioning and correct the behavior.
  • In the first few days, keep the stimulation levels at a minimum and start increasing them once your dog is more used to it, but only if necessary.
  • Make your dog bring the commands you have already taught them in reinforcement with the help of the shock collar. It will be something the dog is already familiar with, and they won’t be confused.

Final Thoughts!

So this is it, folks! This was a pretty controversial topic to discuss facts and procedures. Nevertheless, an electronic dog training collar (why such a big name?) is a useful yet fierce device if used properly and positively.

It is a good source to communicate with your dog from afar and without shouting in public places. But it makes your dog pay attention to you immediately and is effective.

In the end, your dog’s happiness and health are unbelievably more important than any device, training, and behavior. So, always use this collar for your dog’s betterment and well-being.

I hope that this article was helpful to you in understanding the electronic collar dynamics and the risk that comes with it. We would love to read your feedback in the comments below. Make sure you share it. Ciao!


Are electronic dog training collars harmful to dogs?

The electronic dog collars are not harmful if used correctly and with low-intensity of correction.

Are electronic dog collars really effective?

Yes, absolutely; electronic dog collars are effective and work real wonders for stubborn and mischievous dogs.

What is the right age for dogs to be trained with an electronic collar?

The approximate age for dogs to be trained with an electronic collar is about 6 months.

What is the average duration to leave the electronic collar on a dog?

The average time to leave the electronic collar on a dog is 7-8 hours daily.

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