11 Best Dog ID Tags To Use On Your Pet In 2024 (Top Picks)

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If a dog wanders off, they are helpless to call for help. Therefore, they will always have a method to find a home. It is crucial to protect your pet with the Best Dog  ID Tag.

There is sure to be a dog ID tag that properly satisfies your dog’s particular personas, given the vast range of colors, collar attachments, and extra functions available. 

Our top recommendations for pet ID tags on the market today are included below, along with a list of the essential information that every dog tag must contain. 

Top 11 Best Dog ID Tags of 2024: In a Nutshell

Here is a table representing all our top picks for the Best Dig ID Tags to make your dog look extra cute and to give him an identity if lost.

Sr. No.Best Dog ID TagsBest For?Price
1.GoTag Pet ID TagBest Overall$8.95
2. Leash Boss Per ID TagBest for Webbed Nylon Collar $9.98
3.Boomerang CollartagsBest to go around a collar$11.49
4.Qalo Custom Silicone Dog ID TagsBest for Hyperactive Dogs$29.95
5.Providence Engraving Pet ID TagsBest for bigger space for engraving text$6.50
6.Io Tags Pet ID TagsBest for small-sized breeds.$2.99
7.Buttonsmith Custom Dog Collar (Collar Tag)Best for an affordable price $19.99
8.License Plate Custom Dog TagsBest for adding photo and text together$19.50
9.ElevationLab TagVault TagsBest to suit with any tag$28.95
10.PINMEI Scannable QR Code Dog ID TagBest for a fancy tag$36.73
11Murphy And Max Custom Pet IDBest to buy in a variety of forms$13.00

Here are our top selections for the best dog ID tags on the market, while there are many other options. 

1. GoTags Pet ID Tag

These tags come in two sizes and are constructed of stainless steel, which won’t rust. Eight additional forms are now available to you, like ribbon ties, bones, and stars. 

GoTags Pet ID Tag

About eight lines of text, including your name, contact information (including your vet’s), a list of your allergies, and your address, can be engraved on both sides of the ID Tag. 

These tags are useful, functional, and reasonably priced, and there are enough modification possibilities to give you a meaningful selection without overwhelming you.


  • It has enough space for eight lines to write information on it.
  • It has a minimal design.
  • You can read the text engraved on the tag easily.
  • It is made of stainless steel metal.


  • The font of the text is a little smaller than it should be when trying to fit longer information.
  • The engraved text might fade if used too roughly over the years.

Price: $8.95

2. Leash Boss Pet ID Tag

These tags attach discreetly (and securely) to your dog’s collar by sliding right on there.

To ensure that your dog is consistently identified, each tag is individually engraved with one to five lines of text. These tags are the ideal addition to any webbed nylon collar, even if they cannot be used with leather or fabric collars. 

 Leash Boss Pet ID Tag

These tags are bent specifically to prevent digging into your dog’s neck while being worn, making them pleasant for your dog as well. 

Because hanging tags may become snagged or become entangled in floor gaps, many people also believe slide-on tags to be safer. 

Therefore, they are a particularly appropriate choice for dogs who spend a lot of time on floor decks.


  • It is a great option for active puppies.
  • The engravement is deeper and easy to read.
  • It is made of classy stainless steel, which looks good with any collar.
  • These tags don’t make much of a chiming noise.


  • These tags are not suitable to go with leather and fabric dog collars.

Price: $9.98

3. Boomerang CollarTags 

Dog collar tags are designed to go around the collar rather than dangle it, keeping them flat on the collar strap. 

Boomerang CollarTags

Since they won’t dangle into a water bowl or get trapped, this has various advantages over a typical ID tag.

The collar tags on your dog are likewise absolutely silent because they rest flat on the collar. 

In addition to producing our preferred collar tags, Boomerang CollarTags also created the format. 

Boomerang uses diamond engraving, which produces a deeper and more durable cut than most engraved dog ID tags.

Moreover, they offer four lines for the tiny version of the CollarTag or six lines for engraving.

To slide CollarTags over your dog’s collar, slide it over the buckle. Collar tags are slightly curved to match your dog’s neck’s curve.


  • These tags lay flat on the collars.
  • The engravings are deeper.
  • It comes in multiple sizes and fittings.
  • It is made with stainless steel, which is durable and strong.


  • It needs to be coordinated with your dog’s existing collar or the collar you want your dog to wear.

Price: $11.49

4. Qalo Custom Silicone Dog ID Tags

With their jingle-free design, these silicone dog tags are the ideal choice for energetic dogs.

 Qalo Custom Silicone Dog ID Tags

The 100% silicone tags can have a total of six lines of engraved text and double-sided printing, making them completely customizable.

Additionally, you will receive a useful container that will keep your tag dry and safe when not in use. 

The tags are notable for being a little thicker than the typical quarter-sized dog tag, which increases their visibility and makes them ideal for larger-sized puppies.

The tags also come with an easy-to-use warranty, so if you’re unhappy with them in any way, you can obtain a replacement tag or a refund. 


  • These tags are better suitable for large and active dogs.
  • The vital information about your dogs always stays visible on these tags.


  • The soft rubber on the tag is not chew-proof and will only be destructed by your dog if the dog has a habit of chewing things.

Price: $29.95

 5. Providence Engraving Pet ID Tags

The Providence Engraving tags compensate for the fact that they are made of aluminum rather than stainless steel by being so incredibly cheap. 

 Providence Engraving Pet ID Tags

They also come in eight various shapes and nine different colors, offering a remarkable range of customizing options. 

Additionally,  these tags can have up to eight lines of text engraved on both the front and back, giving a lot of space to put up all the important information you want. 


  • You engrave whatever information you want on both sides of the tag.
  • It is extremely lightweight.
  • You can customize the tag online on the website when ordering.


  • These tags come in limited styles while customizing.
  • Its aluminum can bend in bent forcefully.

Price: $6.50

6. Io Tags Pet ID Tags

These sassy pet ID tags from io tags are ideal for smaller breeds and exude your dog’s unique personality. 

With these glittering Pet ID tags, your dog will certainly stand out in the crowd. 

 Io Tags Pet ID Tags

Also, the tags can have up to three lines with information carved specifically for them., which is lesser space than other tags but still usable.

Additionally, you can choose to add a personalized glow-in-the-dark ID tag silencer to your tag to improve visibility and keep your dog’s collar from jingling. 

Each tag is composed of incredibly thin and light materials so that your dog won’t feel its weight as he goes about his day.


  • It has a glittery minimal design.
  • These tags are lightweight.
  • They are available in a variety of colors.
  • You can use different colored tags if you have multiple pets.


  • The information on these tags is lasered and not engraved. Hence, it is not easier to read the information on the ID tags.

Price: $2.99

7. Buttonsmith Custom Dog Collar (Collar Tag)

ID collars, which are printed with your dog’s essential information, offer an alternative to tags.  Buttonsmith is one of our preferred dog collar tags as a result. 

Buttonsmith Custom Dog Collar

There are many different colors available for Buttonsmith collar tags, including solids and playful prints like flowers, blossoms, dots, flag prints, athletic markings, pine trees, and creative patterns like Van Gogh’s iris. 

Ten fonts and twelve text colors are also available. While preventing tearing like embroidery, it is next fused to polyester webbing. 

The surrounding text on the collar can be personalized with up to 30 characters, which provides at least enough place for a name and a phone number.

Buttonsmith Custom Dog Collars come in six different sizes in addition to an incredible variety of design and color choices and are union-made in the US.


  • There are many design choices available to choose from.
  • Its clasp can be released quickly and is strongly made.
  • The print collar is big enough to read easily.
  • The personalization of the collar is included in the price of the product.


  • The only information that can be added to the collar tag is your dog’s name and your contact number.
  • It comes with a longer warranty period.

Price: $19.99

8. License Plate Custom Dog Tags 

These charming dog tags from 1 Cute Pooch, which feature license plate designs, are ideal for protecting your dog and showcasing your state pride at the same time. 

 License Plate Custom Dog Tags

While still having all the information required to keep your furry friend safe, these adorable license plate dog tags are sure to make your dog stand out in the crowd.

These personalized dog ID tags have space for your dog’s picture, address, and up to five lines of additional text. 

In addition, you have more room to add a caption under your dog’s picture, such as “microchipped” or a brief character feature. 

Your dog’s name is imprinted with the state of your choice on the reverse side in a license-plate type tag. the back of the tag is printed upside-down to make it simple to read when turned over

For maximum versatility, these thin aluminum tags can be worn on both tiny and large puppies. 


  • These distinctive and entertaining tags are among the few that feature your dog’s complete photo and five lines of text. 
  • Customers praised the pet ID tags’ attractive appearance and a high degree of visibility.


  • According to several consumers, they aren’t as durable, especially for energetic puppies. 

Price: $19.50

9. ElevationLab TagVault Pet 

Since you can locate an AirTag using the Find My app, Apple’s AirTags are among our favorite dog monitoring gadgets. 

You have two options for doing it: on your own device or by being close to another iPhone or iPad connected to the Find My network. 

ElevationLab TagVault Pet

An AirTag can function even better than GPS in urban areas where iPhones are prevalent. AirTags aren’t actually made for the demands of a dog’s life; they are simply water-resistant.

The TagVault Pet by ElevationLab is a waterproof, armored container that can be used to secure AirTags to any dog collar. Any collar with a thickness of up to 0.2 inches will fit within the TagVault Pet. 

The TagVault’s clever design features allow you to access AirTag functions, such as the ability to hear the AirTag chime, despite the strong security it provides. 

The TagVault has a second set of screws on the front that allow you to replace the AirTag battery without completely removing the mount.


  • It makes Apple Airtags waterproof and durable.
  • It can suit almost any collar.
  • It doesn’t get tangled in any kind of object.


  • This tag uses tiny screws, which makes it a little tricky to fix properly.
  • It is too heavy and bigger for very small dogs.

Price: $28.95

10. PINMEI Scannable QR Code Dog ID Tag

The PINMEI Scannable Dog ID Tag initially just appears to be a fancy-looking pet tag. In order to protect it and keep it looking wonderful, it is built of zinc alloy and has an epoxy finish.

On closer inspection, you’ll see that this tag lacks the printed information that is typical for most other dog tags. 

PINMEI Scannable QR Code Dog ID Tag

A website, a scannable QR code, a lost pet helpline phone number, and an identifying number are all that are included.

The procedure is as follows: If your dog is found, the finder needs only phone the hotline or input the identifying number on the website given. 

Alternatively, he or she can only use a smartphone to scan the QR code.

You can reach the unique profile page for your pet by performing any one of these three activities. 

You can include any important medical details about your dog here, such as dietary sensitivities or medication needs, in addition to your contact information.


  • These tags are better for pet parents who prefer to provide extra information on the tag.
  • It works as it is shown and portrayed in the advertisements.


  • This tag doesn’t allow you to print directly on the tag.

Price: $36.73

11. Murphy And Max Custom Pet ID Tag 

Your dog has a distinct personality, so a dog ID tag that can be entirely customized should reflect that. 

When ordering a Murphy and Max dog tag, you have a choice of eight various forms, the option to have it made in the shape of your state or the option to pay a little more to have it made specifically for your dog.

Murphy And Max Custom Pet ID Tag

The tags are available in nine various metal types, from standard aluminum and stainless steel to 14K rose or yellow gold, which isn’t very good for your dog. 

Choose from 75 available pictures, such as a camera, a four-leaf clover, or a smiley face, and then add one of them before adding a line of hand-stamped text on either side. 

Although endless customizing options exist, a tag can only hold so much information—a name and a phone number on one side.


  •  These tags are shaped in state shapes.
  • You can choose your favorites from different font choices and images.


  • The space to put up text is limited.

Price: $13.00

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Final Verdict! Best Dog ID Tags (2024)

Dog ID tags are among the most important items of dog safety equipment, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be entertaining, either! 

Your dog’s ID tag should reflect who your dog is in a special way while also protecting him if he gets lost.

Furthermore, if you’ve chosen your favorite ID Tag, that’s great. However, for those struggling to decide, we recommend going for the GoTags Pet ID Tags.

The GoTags ID Tags are made of high-quality and durable material and will last for a longer period. 


Which slide for a dog ID tag works best?

Silicone is the finest slide for a dog ID tag because it is a safe material that won’t irritate your pet’s skin.

Which dog tags are the best at staying on?

Since they are riveted directly to the collar, Rivet-On ID Tags are the ideal dog tags for preventing loss. These pet ID tags are the least likely to be unintentionally removed.

Including a dog tag with a microchip number, okay?

The microchip registration number should be included on your pet’s ID tag so that others may contact you more quickly and be aware immediately that the dog has a microchip.

How much data should be included on a dog tag?

Millions of people wear pet tags, and information like your pet’s name, address, city, and phone number has been written on them.

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