How To Attach Dog Tag To Collar? (Step-By-Step Guide)

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Attaching a dog tag to a collar doesn’t have to be stressful, as it is just a matter of a few seconds, not even a minute. However, if you’re confused about how to attach dog tag to collar, I have shared a small step-by-step guide based on my experience.

Dog tags are a huge help when your dog wanders away from you, making you anxious about getting him back safely. 

In such scenarios, whoever finds your dog can return them back to you with the help of the information on the dog tag.

Therefore, let’s move quickly towards the guide covering how to put a dog tag on the collar for your mental peace.

The Steps And Tools Required To Attach A Dog Tag To A Collar In A Nutshell

Here is a brief preview of the tool and steps you require while learning how to put dog tag on collar, in case you are in a rush:

1. Tools you require For Attaching a dog tag on the collar

  • Your dog’s collar (regular type)
  • Your dog’s Tag with their name and your contact details. (Contact number is enough)\
  • A split ring (or a S-hook)

2. Steps to Attach A Dog Tag on Collar

  • Step #1: Examine your dog’s collar after taking it off.
  • Step #2: Attach your dog tag to the split ring.
  • Step #3: Attach the dog tag on collar.
  • Step #4: Put the collar back around your dog’s neck.

Step-By-Step Guide To Put A Dog Tag On A Collar

Attaching a dog tag on collar is no rocket science. With the following four simple steps, you can do it in less than a minute. Here’s how to do it:

How To Attach Dog Tag To Collar

Step #1: Examine your dog’s collar after taking it off

First, you have to start by taking the collar off your dog to put a dog tag on the collar. Once you take off the collar, examine it to see if there is an opening to attach the dog tag. 

The most common opening to attach the collar is a D-ring, where dog parents usually attach a leash when going on walks with their dog. Some of these collars might also have metal rings specially made to attach dog tags.

Step #2: Attach your dog tag to the split ring or an S-hook

A split ring is smaller to attach dog tags than a key ring but quite similar. So, back to attaching, you’ll need to open the split end of the split ring with the help of your fingernail or any tool, slide the dog tag in the middle, and make it a dog tag ring.

If you have shorter nails, opening up the split ring might be harder, so I strongly suggest using a tool to help you open it.

Another option you can attach a dog tag or a dog tag ring to is an S-hook. S- Hooks are easier to attach than split or dog tag rings. However, you require a plier to split it open to slide the dog tag through.

Step #3: Attach the tag to the collar

In this step, you have to follow the same process as the previous one to open up the D-ring and the tag ring onto the collar.

If you are using an S-hook, you’re job will become easier. You can just attach the other side of the S-hook on the collar and turn the S into a figure-8.

Attach the tag to the collar

Step #4: Put the collar back around your dog’s neck

Now that the dog tag is finally attached to your dog’s collar, you can put it back around your dog’s neck and let your dog flaunt it in front of his cool dog friends.

Also, if your dog is not used to wearing a collar or a tag, adjusting and getting comfortable with it will take a while. Secondly, ensure you’re putting the collar on your dog’s neck using the one or two-finger rule to avoid choking.

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Why Should You Use A Dog Tag On Your Dog’s Collar?

Why Should You Use A Dog Tag On Your Dog’s Collar

There are multiple serious reasons why you should always use a dog tag on your dog while making sure the dog tag stays on. Here are some of the crucial reasons – 

  • Your dog might get lost at some point in life. Hence, if your dog is wearing a dog tag, whoever finds your dog will identify them and contact you.
  • A microchip doesn’t help in all scenarios; that’s why a dog tag is necessary as an ID  card. Plus, with a microchip on, the person who finds your dog will have to take the dog to a vet or a shelter to get the microchip scanned. It is a long process. 
  • The third and most crucial reason to put a dog tag on your dog is to avoid breaking pet-related laws in your region. Some regions also mention what to put on dog tag. Some regions require the dog owner to put an ID tag and rabies vaccine on their dog for quick identification and the safety of others.

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Final Thoughts

The process of attaching a dog tag to a collar is the easiest and least time-consuming if you have all the things ready that are required for it. 

Various dog tags in the market are available in different colors, materials, shapes, fonts, and sizes. So, all you need to do is know what to put on dog tag. You can get your contact details as your name and contact number, mainly your dog’s name engraved on the tag.

Now that your dog is ready to roam around with an ID tag, you can rest assured of their safety and be worry-free!


What is the easiest to attach a dog tag to a collar? A split ring or a S-hook?

S-hooks are simpler and more effective than attaching a dog tag to a collar. However, you require the help of a plier to split it open.

How can you fasten your dog’s tag onto a dog collar with rivets?

Start by punching two holes in your dog’s collar while matching them with the holes on the tag. Put the tag on the collar and attach rivets through the matched holes. Next, fix the cap of the rivet and rivets together with the help of a hammer until you’ve fixed it tightly.

Which tags never fall off a dog collar?

The Rivet-On ID tags never fall off a dog collar as they are fixed with rivets on the collar directly. Therefore, they are the ultimate solution for a long-lasting dog tag. However, one drawback of the Rivet-On ID tag is that it cannot be removed easily to attach to a new collar.

What to put on dog tag?

Details like your address, contact details, and your dog’s name should be mandatorily on a dog tag attached to a dog tag ring.

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