Pawtrack Review 2023: Is It Any Good For Small Dogs?

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This GPS collar ‘Pawtrack’ was created mainly for cats. However, it can also be utilized for tiny dogs like poodles or chihuahuas.

Also, many pet owners let their pets roam around in the neighborhood areas freely at their own will.

But unfortunately, it is not possible to monitor pets 24/7 by running behind them and leaving everything in hand just for that. 

So, the Pawtrack GPS collar is put into action as a great solution for pet owners who are experiencing the same problem as us. 

Plus, it does the job with accurate position monitoring thanks to a four-leveled tracking technology.

Furthermore, to understand what else this Pawtrack GPS Tracking Pet Collar can do, let’s delve right into all the details you need to know it better. 

Overview: How does pawtrack actually work?

While your pet is outdoors, Pawtrack will automatically upload data to your online account on the Pawtrack app, take a position reading every 6 seconds, and store the information inside the collar.

You can tap the Update option to get the device’s current location if you don’t wait for automatic placing.

Also, You can configure a number of notifications to notify you when your pet arrives at or departs from the house or to tell you when the battery is getting low.

Three options to view your tracking history with Pawtrack, including:

  1. The collar offers you real-time information on your pet’s location at all times and replays your time-stamped places.
  1. Creates a route for your pet’s movements that is lined up.
  1. By highlighting frequently visited spots with red signs, you can discover where your pet likes to hide.

You can always activate the Beacon feature via your app if you get close to your cat but are still unable to see him or her. 

This causes the collar to emit a distinct signal that is picked up by your device and converted into percentages that show you whether you are approaching or further away.

The collar has a Wi-Fi antenna, so it can identify your home’s Wi-Fi and turn off once your cat returns, extending the battery life.

The gadget will periodically check to see if it is still linked to your residential Wi-Fi.

Even though there are many steps involved in the setup process, at first, it may seem scary. It is actually relatively straightforward.

Once you have your Pawtrack device, all you need to do is download the app, create an account, choose your home location, add your first cat, link your Pawtrack, choose the size of the collar, obtain a GPS location, and connect to your Wi-Fi.

Designing of pawtrack

Pawtrack is a highly sturdy and sophisticated design that is committed to getting rid of any extraneous elements that can interfere with your cat’s routines and habits.

This robust collar may accompany your pet on any journey without concern about any major damage, thanks to the combination of sturdy webbing and durable plastic.

The collar is available in three sizes which are small, medium, and large, and can be further customized for your pet’s ideal fit and comfort.

It should be noted that even the small size would be too large for young pets. Thus, using the collar on young animals is not advised.

You must understand what each of the Pawtrack collar’s several indication lights means in order to operate it correctly. 

Being said that Blue indicates Wi-Fi mode (Blinks every 5 Minutes), and Red Indicates network failure, GPS location tracking, and Network availability in the variation of blinking patterns.

Additionally, to indicate low battery, it shows multicolored lights.

Pawtrack’s tech specs

There are many extraordinary features in the Pawtrack collar, just like its competitors. Hence, we will compare and contrast some of Pawtrack’s most significant technological features in this portion of our analysis.

Pawtrack official page

GPS Tracker

The device offers owners one of the most precise GPS pet trackers available on the market by combining GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Wi-Fi, and beacon tracking. 

Pawtrack-GPS Tracker

Furthermore, this implies that its GPS antenna is always oriented upward, as was previously indicated, which considerably helps with this.

Battery Life

As mentioned in this Pawtrack review, this device has two removable batteries that let you utilize it without being interrupted. 

Plus, the battery lasts for around two days, and a complete recharge takes about two hours.

Splash Resistance

The Pawtrack collar is splash-resistant, not waterproof, as stated on the official web page. 

To put it another way, it can withstand average rainfall and unexpected splashes but shouldn’t be submerged in water over a lengthy period.

Regional Coverage

Regardless of your cellular connection, Pawtrack should function in most nations. You can get a complete list of 171 currently supported countries on the official website.

Consequently, you don’t have to worry about taking your pets across borders in case they get lost somewhere in the crowd.

Pawtrack Smartphone Application

Pawtrack Smartphone Application

Pawtrack’s smartphone application’s significant specifications are given below:

  • The Pawtrack app is simple to use and clearly shows your pet’s current location. 
  • There are three ways to display Pawtrack’s tracking record, along with Playback, Path, and Heatmap, as was already discussed in this review.
  • Additionally, you can utilize the app to control the settings for crucial features like geo-fence borders and notification preferences.
  • Additionally, you can download a CSV report file for archival purposes and share your pet’s activity schedule with your internet connections and contacts.
  • Although this app is available for both Android and iOS devices, you may also use the free tracking beacon to keep track of your pet.

Pawtrack Key Features

Pawtrack has a variety of features that keep it simple to use and enable you to always keep tabs on your pet. 

In light of this, let’s examine the collar’s most salient features to determine whether the price is reasonable.

Tracking In Four Levels

In order to give you accurate readings at any time, as we’ve already explained in this Pawtrack review, the device uses GPS, GNSS, Galileo, and Wi-Fi tracking.

The technologies listed above are the crucial factors behind precise location tracking.  

Durable and Slick Structure

Don’t worry if you have a chunky pet because the Pawtrack GPS collar can be simply adjusted to accommodate small, medium, and large-sized pets. 

It is built of a sturdy plastic substance and has long-lasting webbing that is intended to make it last.

 Additionally, it is made to be waterproof and adventure-proof.

Simple And Advanced Mobile App

With the Pawtrack App’s activity monitoring feature, you can keep an eye on your feline friend’s daily routine and activities. 

The software also enables you to set up a geofence perimeter, which is a secure area you may choose for your furry pals. 

This safe area could be the area around your house or even a section of a safe place on your street. 

Every time your cat crosses the line, the system notifies you, informing you if they are acting inappropriately or attempting to leave their assigned safe area.

Two Built-In Rechargeable Batteries


You may establish a secure perimeter for your pet to hang out around or inside your house or pretty much anywhere else in your neighborhood using the Geo-Fencing tools. 

The geofence’s biggest complementary function is its ability to send you warnings whenever your cat crosses the line you’ve drawn in the sand.

World-Wide Coverage

In 171 countries all over the world, Pawtrack will always be able to locate your four-legged buddies and connect to any active cellular network.

See the complete list on the official web page to verify your nation/operator.

PawtrackMultiple Animal Tracking 

The Pawtrack GPS Tracking Collar is one of those GPS collars that allow you to track many cats under one account.

Thus, it is not an issue if you are responsible for multiple cats. The Pawtrack brand gives you convenience.

Pawtrack’s Costings

The price of Pawtrack is £49.99, or roughly $53,24. The product has a 12-month guarantee, and you have a 14-day period from the purchase date to return it. 

Simply get in touch with the company’s customer service team if you intend to return the collar.

Pros & Cons Of Pawtrack Review

You can decide if Pawtrack is the best pet tracker for your pet by understanding its major pros and Cons. 

Below is a brief summary of its benefits and drawbacks. 

Pros Of Pawtrack Review

  • It has four levels of tracking mode with the help of GNSS, GPS, Galileo, and Wi-Fi.
  • This collar allows you to track multiple pets.
  • It is durable and comes in three different sizes, which fits your pet no matter the size.
  • This collar easily works across borders.
  • The easy-to-use smartphone application is available for both Android and iOS Devices.
  • It comes with two rechargeable batteries, so you can charge and use them alternately.
  • Additionally, the Pawtrack collar is quite budget-friendly and has a complementary 12-month warranty. 

Cons of Pawtrack Review

  • The Pawtrack GPS collar is not recommended for remote areas.
  • Its battery doesn’t have long-lasting battery life.
  • Also, it doesn’t work without a subscription.

Benefits Of The Pawtrack Collar

With the following benefits, you will have a clearer view of our take on the PawTrack Collar:

  • As mentioned previously in Pawtrack Review, you can keep tabs on your pet’s whereabouts at all times and from anywhere.
  • You will be able to create geofences to restrain your pet from crossing the set boundaries and wandering off.
  • If your pet is stuck somewhere or they have been injured somewhere, by checking the map and lack of movement, you will know it, and you’ll be able to collect your pet as soon as possible.
  • You can check your pet’s route tracking record whenever your pet is wearing the collar and roaming around.

 For whom does the PawTrack Collar is necessary?

Dog or cat owners who constantly worry about their pet’s whereabouts as their pet has the habit of wandering off to places can use this collar to the fullest.

Also, people who want to keep an eye on their dog or cat 24*7 can opt for the Pawtrack collar anywhere on the globe.

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Final Verdict On Pawtrack Review (2023)

Pawtrack is a full-featured GPS tracker packed with the most cutting-edge tools for tracking and finding your pet pals at any time.

Also, the fact that I can track many cats under one account is one of my favorite features of the Pawtrack GPS Tracking Collar.

This is really advantageous to me because I look after three pets, and it gives me steady peace of mind knowing their locations any time of the day.

Plus, no matter how your pet likes to hide, the collar’s four separate tracking technologies allow you to find where your pet is at all times.

The only thing about this tracking collar that I don’t like is that its battery can only run for two days. 

Nevertheless, other features, such as the Two built-in batteries and the four levels of tracking, make up for this drawback.

So this was all from our side on the Pawtrack GPS Pet Collar. Hopefully, you found this information helpful and insightful. If so, let us know your thoughts on this article in the comment section below.

FAQs: Pawtrack Review

How can you cancel a Pawtrack contract?

You must send a written notice of your intention to cancel the Contract within the cancellation period by hand delivery, mail, or fax, to the address specified in paragraph 1.1 or by e-mail to 
This will allow you to exercise your legal right to cancel the Contract.

What can possibly block a GPS tracking device?

In fact, moist tree wood, tinfoil, plastic, and even a metal box filled with thick objects can all interfere with GPS signals.

Can you track a dog if it’s microchipped?

Pet microchips can help you find your lost animal. However, they cannot be used to find your animal once it is lost. With a microchip, you could GPS track your pet.

How can I keep an eye on my dog using my iPhone?

Anyone can rapidly and effortlessly turn any two Apple devices into a functional dog monitor with the Dog Monitoring app.

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