Will A Shock Collar Stop A Dog Fight? (Essential Information)

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Dog fights can be scary and harmful most of the time to you and your dog. Although there are many ways, will a shock collar stop a dog fight? And is it effective in stopping a dog fight?

All of your questions will be answered in this article as I have successfully stopped minor or major dog fights with the help of a few easy ways.

Besides, you should not physically intervene in a dog fight, and using a shock is only advisable if your dog is used to it and understands the meaning behind shocks. 

Let’s dive into the details.

Key Takeaways –

  • Dogs fight for multiple reasons like territories, food, etc.
  • A shock collar will help stop a dog fight but can also make your dog more aggressive in the middle of the fight. Hence, it should be used the right way.
  • Never allow two dogs to fight it out.
  • There are other safer ways to stop a dog fight instead of using a shock collar.
Will A Shock Collar Stop A Dog Fight

Why Do Dogs Fight? (Causes)

Dogs generally show aggression towards dogs they fear or are threatened by. For instance, dogs are more likely to retaliate at each other if other dogs bark at them or release a growling sound. 

This generally happens with dogs who are possessive and protective of their owners, yards, and homes, making them aggressive after sensing a threat.

But, many other reasons are seen specifically with dogs living in the same house, which are: 

  • Fights over territories
  • Fights over food and their things
  • Fights rise while playing due to stimulations.
  • Redirecting aggression might end up in the fighting.
  • Fighting over their mate.

Should You Allow Two Dogs To Fight It Out?

Should You Allow Two Dogs To Fight It Out?

I disagree with this. Your dogs shouldn’t be allowed to play rough with one another at all costs because they could seriously hurt one another. Dog fights shouldn’t be taken lightly because they occasionally result in death.

It might go one of two ways when you bring a new puppy into your home. Your dogs will either get along just fine and swiftly form and adjust to their social environment. 

OR they won’t get along at all. The latter may occur when you bring two dominant dogs to one another.

It is advised to take precautions against fights because no one likes to see their dogs injured or traumatized.

Do Shock Collars or E-Collars Help in Stopping A Fight?

Yes, shock collars and e-collars do help stop a fight between dogs. However, it will only be useful if both dogs wear a collar. 

E-collars help stop a dog fight by transmitting static electric shocks at low intensity so that it doesn’t harm your dogs. Plus, they can be used remotely, allowing you to separate the two fighting dogs from afar and create a distance between them. 

Getting physically involved might not be the best option for you in a dog fight, as you may get harmed.

However, remember that using a shock collar or e-collar in such an aggressive situation might worsen the situation as it can trigger anger in your dog. 

Also, before using a shock collar for your dog, be sure to learn how to use an e-collar.

You can refer to our complete guide on e-collars by clicking here.

How To Use A Shock Collar Properly To Stop A Dog Fight? 

How To Use A Shock Collar Properly To Stop A Dog Fight
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If you are going to use a shock collar to stop a dog fight, as it is the only option remaining, you should do it carefully. You follow the steps below to do it correctly:

Step #1: Dog owners should have their dogs undergo obedience training by using the shock collar in neutral conditions. (You can’t expect your dog to get used to the collar immediately.)

Step #2: Train your dog with various commands and obedient behaviors, and use the collar when your dog gets angry. 

Step #3: Don’t forget to teach your dog to follow a leash when a shock is released. This way, you can use positive reinforcement to grab your dog in the middle of the fight.

To train your dog at a young age and get the best one for your pup or a small dog, check out our top 10 shock collars for small dogs.

Other Ways To Stop A Dog Fight

With the following ways, you can attempt to stop a dog fight correctly. However, it is necessary to employ the ways by following precautions and safety measures.

1. Keep your calm in such situations

According to many dog trainers, staying calm in such situations is necessary to let your dog calm down. You must also avoid shouting during a dog fight, as it will only worsen things. 

The dog experts I have worked with in the past suggested the same when I used to dive into dog fights at the rescue shelter.

2. Clear the area of bystanders

Most importantly, take all kids and bystanders away from the areas where two dogs are fighting aggressively. Sometimes, dogs solve their fights on their own if the matter of dispute is not that serious. 

However, the owners of the two dogs should be present there to stop the fight when there is an opportunity. 

3. Spray the fighting dogs 

If you get a chance, try spraying water through a water hose, bottle, or bucket on the dogs fighting on the aggressive dogs’ eyes and noses to distract them from the fight.

If it’s available with you, you can also use a citronella spray collar on your dog if they often get into fights with other dogs. This is the best option when it comes to distracting a dog.

Spray the fighting dogs
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4. Create some sound

By creating sound, I don’t mean that you start yelling and make the angry dogs even more aggressive. Instead of that, a sound like a horn would be better to distract the dogs from fighting with each other.

5. Use an object

Get a board or a piece of wood sheet and put it between the two fighting dogs. Using such an object helps you separate the dogs and pull one dog apart from the other dog. 

You can also try wrapping one dog with a blanket and putting objects like chairs or any kind of barriers over the blanket and dog to make the fight stop. You can keep your dog under the blanket till both dogs separate.

6. Use the wheelbarrow method

You can only use this method if there is no other choice at all. The reason is that separating from fighting and aggressive dogs can be dangerous and might lead to getting hurt.

Therefore, the safest option is to separate two dogs using the wheelbarrow method, which requires two adults to pull one dog each.

Here’s how you can accomplish your goal through this method – 

1. Each of you approaches one dog from behind while grabbing its back legs and keep walking backward.

2. Circle back to either of the sides while steering clear of other dogs. Doing this will help you stop the dog from harming or biting you.

3. Keep the process going until you separate from their rival dog, where your dog won’t see the other dog. If you can’t find a safe place, all you have to do is keep the circular motion going on until your dog calms down or until you attach a leash to your dog.

What Not To Do While Attempting To Stop A Dog Fight?

People mention using cattle pokes or shock collars to separate two fighting pets. I can assure you that this won’t work very often. 

The electric collar or cattle prod will increase the dogs’ desire to fight. When startled, they will either turn and bite the prod or imagine the other dog is hurting them, making them fight harder. 

The best time to use an electric collar is during training exercises, not during a real fight between dogs.

What Not To Do While Attempting To Stop A Dog Fight
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Should You Hire a Professional Trainer For Obedience Training?

If your at-home method only gives little results, getting help from a professional trainer would be the best option, which I recommend.

Certified professionals know how to handle aggressive dogs and will also know why two dogs are fighting. Hence, due to the understanding, he/she will successfully separate the two dogs.

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Wrapping Up!

So, will a shock collar stop a dog fight? Yes, it will, but it might also trigger more anger in your dog. The reason is that using a shock collar during a dog fight is not as easy as using it for regular training. 

You can’t magically expect your dog to become calm while another dog is attacking them. First, you need to separate the dogs using the easy ways mentioned above, then proceed with physically contacting your dog or using a shock collar.

Plus, be sure to train your dog with a training or low-intensity shock collar from a young age so that he’ll be easily controlled when he gets into a fight.


What steps should I take after a dog fight between two dogs living in the same house?

Once the fight is over between your dogs, keep both dogs separated at all times for a while or a few days. Most importantly, check if the dogs are injured and take them to a vet, even if they are minorly injured.

Is it possible for two dogs to stay together after fighting?

Dogs can definitely stay together after fighting. However, if the fights keep happening, study dog brawls and behaviors to prevent future fights between your dogs.

Does a shock collar help with aggressive dogs?

A shock collar might help you with aggressive dogs if the anger is triggered due to anxiety issues or fear. However, it will worsen things if other factors cause the anger. 

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