How To Stop Dogs From Whining (8 Ways To Stop)

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Whining is considered a natural dog behavior, but dog owners sometimes find it extremely bothersome. So, how to stop the dog from whining and end this issue?

Various factors, such as boredom, anxiety, starvation, and attention-seeking, can cause your dog to whine. As a dog parent, it can be challenging to identify the cause of your dog’s frequent whining and take appropriate action.

how to stop dogs from whining

To help you resolve this issue, we have covered some of the causes mentioned above of dogs whining and how to stop it in the article. 

So, let’s dive right into the solution without wasting another minute!

8 Ways- How To Stop Dogs From Whining.

Ways Stop Dogs From Whining

There are many ways to try to resolve the issue of your dog’s excessive whining. We understand that little whining is fine, but it can become annoying after a limit. The good news is that you try the following ways to stop your dog from whining.

1. Pay Attention To Your Dog’s Behavior.

When you notice that your dog is whining more than usual, it is better to pay close attention to it. 

There may be some serious reasons behind your dog’s whining. Also, the dog might ask for your help out of stress or pain by continuously whining.

2. Keep A Positive And Careful Approach To Your Dog.

Having a positive yet careful approach is crucial because you must know how much pain or anxiety your dog is suffering if that’s the case. If you push your dog too much in such a situation 

3. Analyze The Situation Precisely.

Before deciding how to act, consider the issue objectively and the possible causes of the complaint. Never scold or punish your dog for whining since doing so could make them more afraid or worried, which can make them act aggressively.

4. See If Your Dog Is Scared Of Something.

Look for the cause of an issue if your dog displays signs of fear, anxiety, or other stress. Dogs are prone to numerous anxieties and fears. If you can identify the cause, you might be able to train and help your dog to get over its fear.

5. Check With Your Dog If They Need Anything.

Try giving your dog what he needs if the whining gets out of hand. If your dog wants to go for a dump, let your dog go outside or take them yourself. Otherwise, you will be encouraging indoor elimination habits of your dogs.

6. Stop Encouraging Wrong Demands Unknowingly.

Another important factor you need to understand as a dog parent is not encouraging your dog to make wrong demands unknowingly or knowingly. 

It can promote another wrong behavior of your dog if not corrected then and there. However, if the dog only asks for food or some love, you can pay attention to them for a while. 

7. Respond To Selective Needs.

You should be careful while responding to your dog’s needs. Prioritizing your furbaby’s real needs and keeping their secondary need for later is recommended.

Moreover, remember to praise and offer a treat to your dog when he stops whining and sits peacefully without bothering you.

8. Create A Playful And Positive Environment For Them.

The environment of your house is very important; hence, try enriching their living style by adding a few fun things.

The dog should get a chance to release all of his pent-up energy, and it will lead to less whining, equal to none.

5 Reasons-Why Do Dogs Whine?

Why do dogs whine

Whining is pretty common in puppies in their initial period because they learn to eat, walk and communicate with their human about their needs. 

They also need a lot of attention and feeding from their mothers, which is essential for their well-being, just like human babies.

However, the excessive whining issue often happens with big dogs too, and dog parents can’t decipher the meaning of their dog’s whining.

That being said, there are reasons behind a dog’s continuous whining, even though multiple reasons can overlap. Let’s take a few of those reasons.

1. Need.

One of the main reasons behind a dog whining is their need. Your dog may be asking for something like food or a potty break; they will try to communicate with you via whining. 

They may also indicate by doing some action to help you understand what they are whining for.

2. Attention.

If you ignore your dog for longer, the dog can start craving your attention and love out of anxiety or boredom. Your dog can also feel like being involved instead of sitting in a corner.

Dogs can also become jealous and seek the attention of people who are involved in an activity with you or if you spend your time with another’s pets. 

3. Excitement.

In exciting, dogs tend to whine a lot to release their pent-up energy, which may also include jumping and pacing around. This may also occur due to a lack of attention to your dog for longer.

4. Boredom.

Just like us humans, dogs also whine when bored. So, this type of whining includes a lot of attention-seeking and anxiety.

As a dog parent, you need to find a way to entertain your dog or make the environment more fun by adding some fun elements to your dog’s life.

5. Stress.

This reason is the most crucial one, as it can represent the discomfort or pain that your dog might try to convey to you via whining excessively. Dog parents need to pay great attention to their dogs in this scenario.

Also, if you understand why your dog’s whining is leading to any health issues, visit your Vet as soon as possible to get the treatment.

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Wrapping Up: How to Stop Dogs From Whining

Even though you love your pup, their whining can be annoying sometimes. However, now that you know how to stop your dog from whining, you can actually try the above tips.

Moreover, it is necessary to understand the reasons behind your dog’s whining and find a solution to stop it accordingly. 

That’s why I suggest keeping your calm in such a situation and handling it with utmost care and patience without triggering your dog’s anxiety.

FAQs: How to Stop Dogs From Whining

1. How long is enough to ignore a puppy whining in a crate?

You shouldn’t ignore a whining puppy for more than 10-15 minutes in a crate.

2. Is loneliness one of the reasons for a dog’s whining?

Loneliness can lead to anxiety and fear; hence it can be called one of the reasons for a dog’s whining.

3. Does whining mean that your dog is crying?

Crying can be indicated through many behaviors of your dog, hence whining is one of the many types of crying in dogs. 

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