8 Best Shock Collar For Small Dogs In 2023 (Top Picks)

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The Best shock collar for small dogs goes a long way in assisting with that task without hurting that cute pup. Training a dog is a huge undertaking.

A dog parent can use a shock collar to stop their pet from engaging in damaging activities like digging, chewing, fleeing, excessive barking, and becoming aggressive against other dogs, kids, and humans.

So, based on all these aspects, we chose The Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar as our first choice among many other alternatives. 

It works best for small dogs (under 15 lbs) as well as medium and large dogs altogether.

But to understand how it becomes a number one choice, let’s learn more about all the top-picked shock collars in the market.

Top 8 Shock Collar For Small Dogs: In A Nutshell (2023)

If you are busy and can’t go through all the details given below, you can refer to this chart to check the pricing and ratings of the best shock collars mentioned in this article.

Sr. No.Shock CollarsPriceRatings
1.Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar$137.705/5
2.Patpet Small Dog Collar$29.994.5/5
3.Goodboy Mini No Shock Collar$51.994.5/5
4.eXuby Tiny Shock Collar$79.994/5
5.The Mini Educator ET-300$179.994/5
6.SportDog 425X Remote Training Shock Collar$179.954.5/5
7.Envirik Small Dog Training Collar$39.904/5
8.Wiggle Kingdom Shock Collar$994/5

1. Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar

Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar

Most small dog shock collars don’t have adequate range to function over a wider area. The Pet Resolve collar, however, differs from that because it has a fantastic range of 3960 feet!

Additionally, it has a light mode, which makes it much simpler to see your dog at night. Plus, the collar is protected from harm by its robust, waterproof design.

It also offers a warranty. This implies that if the collar is damaged in any way, you can exchange it.

The remote control for this option allows you to switch between a number of channels. You may train multiple dogs through these many channels simultaneously and connect with at least three collars.

Additionally, you can use shock, vibrations, or beeps. You can select between temporary or continuous adjustments, with ten different adjustable shock levels.


  • It includes 10-level settings along with multiple levels.
  • It is Fully waterproof.
  • It’s Built with a LED light feature.


  • It has an undependable charger.
  • It doesn’t fit properly to dogs under the weight of 5 Lbs.

Price: $137.70 on Amazon.com.

2. Patpet Small Dog Collar

Patpet small dog Collar

With a long range of 3000 feet (0.56 miles), the PATPET Small Size Dog Training Collar delivers the best of all possible worlds. Plus, Its waterproof IPX7 construction makes it even better.

You may let your dog roam freely without fearing that he will outgrow the collar’s range or damage it by diving into the water.

The battery life on the gadget is astounding. The collar receiver lasts 30 days. However, the transmitter can operate on a full charge for up to 60 days. In addition, the battery in the collar may be fully charged in about two hours.

The collar is adjustable and fits all dogs weighing between 6 and 125 pounds and with necks measuring between 7 and 27 inches.

Since you can change the size and still use the same collar on him even after your dog has grown, it’s a great choice.

In terms of specific training modes, the collar has three: tones, vibrations, and shocks. Plus, there are 16 movable training levels available for the shock mode.

Additionally, it has a safety passcode lock that you can utilize to ensure proper operation.


  • Misoperation is avoided with a security lock.
  • It has an outstanding battery life.
  • It is IPX7-certified waterproof.


  • The effectiveness of shocks might vary widely.

Price: $29.99 on Amazon.

3. Goodboy Mini No Shock Collar

The GoodBoy Shock Collar. It operates just like the majority of the remaining collars on this list, with one significant exception. The difference is that it doesn’t have a shock feature.

Goodboy Mini No Shock Collar

Through this device, you get the exact functionality of a shock collar but without the risk of using actual shock.

It’s a fantastic, incredibly compassionate solution that employs vibrations to correct, with nine different levels of severity. Additionally, there is a beep feature.

This little dog training collar is unquestionably one of the best if you want to avoid using shocks in your training schedule.

However, it doesn’t just make life easier for your dog. It also prioritizes trainer convenience.

The simplicity of the remote’s design is due to this. It makes it simple to browse the many training channels and settings that let you train two dogs simultaneously.

Even the transmitter includes an LED display, which makes it simpler to understand the device’s status.

Additionally, you may attach a second collar with this remote to simultaneously train two dogs. Additionally waterproof is the collar receiver makes it ideal for training at the seaside.

Any dog that weighs between 5-15 lbs can wear it, making it great for even tiny dogs. There’s a range of 1000 feet and a great battery too. 

This battery lasts up to 16 hours of constant use and has a standby feature to save the battery during inactivity.


  • Comfortable and stylish for small dogs.
  • Good battery life
  • Dual dog training can be achieved by one connecting one more training collar to the remote.
  • It comes with a training manual.


  • It doesn’t provide any shock adjustment settings.
  • It has uncomfortable electrode prongs, which can irritate your dog.
  • It might not deliver the expected results sometimes.

Price: $51.99 on Amazon

4. eXuby Tiny Shock Collar

If you need to train a dog that is a little bit stubborn, there aren’t many collars that are more effective than the Tiny Dual Dog Collar by eXuby.

eXuby Tiny Shock Collar

The size is consistent with its claim to be the smallest dog training collar in the world.

It’s a great alternative for people with a few energetic puppies who need training. 

This is because two collars that can be linked using the same transmitter are included with the package. You can train both of your dogs at once in this way.

The channel switch on the remote allows you to choose between their collars quickly. Additionally, it has a brilliant display that improves vision in both bright and dark conditions.

The remote control has additional buttons as well. With these, you can choose between training modes, including shock, vibration, and buzzer. 

You can also choose from nine different corrective intensity levels along with features that have a pretty vast operating range.

Dog owners also don’t need to be concerned about their dog’s neck or fur. You can switch between the collars’ shorter and longer prongs according to your dog’s demands.

Even the collar receiver has an LED to show the remaining battery life.


  • It has a modern and modest design.
  • You can adjust different modes for sound and shocks while training.
  • It is compelling and long-lasting.


  • Shock current rises powerfully when not needed.
  • It doesn’t include a bark control setting.

Price: $79.99 on Amazon

5. The Mini Educator ET-300

We already mentioned how important variation could be. Having said that, the Mini Educator Remote Training Collar is a viable choice in this regard. 

The Mini Educator ET-300

This is due to the fact that this choice offers more than simply a shock collar. It’s a whole training package!

Therefore, you have the ability to influence your dog’s attitude in a positive way. The shock training mode, which offers 100 distinct stimulation levels, also makes this easier.

For trainers who favor them, there are also beep and vibration settings.

One of the nicest features of this choice is the remote control for the small educator collar. It has a covert design and a stopwatch-like form. 

This ensures that your dog won’t pay attention to it, and the practical shape makes it simpler for you to utilize.

Not to mention that the dog collar and remote are water-resistant, so you won’t ever need to fear the tools breaking if your dog walks near the water.

As part of the training kit, trainers also receive a clicker that can be used in combination with the collar. 

This clicker is a terrific addition because it can be used to train dogs to new behaviors and capture the attention of resistant dogs.

The majority of dogs over 5 lbs. with neck sizes between 6 and 30 inches can wear this small educator collar because it is highly adaptable. 

The range, which measures about 2640 feet, is also incredibly amazing. Last but not least, it features an excellent battery life that enables it to run for extended training durations.


  • This is a USA-Based brand.
  • The best quality is provided when it comes to Designing.
  • Well-reputed brand and powerful market presence of the products.


  • This collar doesn’t have an anti-bark feature.
  • It is expensive compared to others.
  • It doesn’t have a long-lasting battery.

Price: $179.99 on Amazon.

6. SportDOG 425X Remote Trainer Shock Collar

Most dogs over 5 lbs. with neck sizes between 6 and 30 inches can wear this small educator collar because it is highly adaptable. 

SportDOG 425X Remote Trainer Shock Collar

The range, which measures about 2640 feet, is also extremely amazing. Last but not least, it features an excellent battery life that enables it to run for extended training durations.

This feature-rich dog training collar is indeed the best choice for you if you have many pets. The 425X remote Trainer is a significant player in terms of features, which explains what that’s about.

Also, it has the capability of pairing additional collars. This makes it possible to train up to three dogs using a single remote.

There are multiple training modes in it. The beep and vibration modes make up the first two of them, while the static shock mode, which has 21 different levels of severity, makes up the third. 

These are simple to switch between, thanks to the practical design of the remote.

You’ll find the thumb dial button on the remote to be a beneficial addition. When your attention is on your dog, it can be a little difficult to operate all the many buttons on a transmitter. 

However, you may easily switch between modes and intensity levels with the dial!

It is likewise made to last with a sturdy build and a rechargeable battery. It has a 70-hour battery life only with two hours of recharging. 

Additionally, it has DryTek technology, which makes it waterproof. The range can be used for field training up to 1500 feet.


  • Ability to train three dogs simultaneously.
  • It is simple to change the intensity settings thanks to a handy dial.
  • Long-lasting batteries and quick charging are quite useful.


  • Fragile packaging could harm the collar.
  • It is quite expensive.

Price: $179.95 on Amazon

7. Envirik Small Dog Training Collar

If shock collars are new to you, some of these technologies may initially seem a little intimidating. 

Envirik Small Dog Training Collar

That’s because they have intricate controls, offer a variety of settings, and do much more. However, this problem does not exist with the Enrivik Small Size Dog Training Collar.

It’s a practical and basic dog training collar that works well for even the tiniest puppies. It is a great choice for beginner trainers and comfortably fits people weighing between 5 and 15 lbs. 

The simplistic design also makes switching between the various training modes quite simple.

There are three such modes to pick from, to be specific. The standard shock, vibration mode, and tone features are included here. Additionally, nine different training levels offer varying vibration and shock options.

For more information regarding the functionality, this gadget has four training channels. 

This means that four dogs can be trained at once using all those dog training collars. Additionally, it has a good range of 1000 ft. and a waterproof body.

The battery life isn’t amazing, but it’s also not terrible. Within a few minutes of inactivity, an auto-off feature switches off the gadget.


  • Three training learning settings
  • Slim and waterproof straps
  • Long-range and Lithium battery life


  • Unknowing alter the shock setting.
  • Product quality can be uncertain.
  • For small dogs, the shock feature could be too strong.

Price: $39.90 on Amazon

8. Wiggle Kingdom Shock Collar

Wiggle Kingdom Shock Collar is the best and foremost Shock collar for small dogs. It is the most lightweight and smallest dog collar available in the market, and second thing it is designed for small dogs that weigh 6 to 15lbs.

To train the small dog  is very difficult while they are energetic, But thanks to Wiggle Kingdom Shock Collar,with the help of Feature it is very easy. The training mode i.e vibration ,shock and tone,you can pick what works on your dog and go with it .

Wiggle Kingdom Shock Collar

The durability and quality of the collar considering its size is very impressive and it’s got a nice design and it is water-resistant too. 

 Also they provided three colour options charcoal gray, dark blue and purple. It is very easy to use, because of its easy use functional remote which has a proper LCD screen by the way.The collar has a rechargeable battery  which is very secent in size and the device comes with a fast charger that juices it up pretty fast.

Pros – 

  • Large and bright LCD screen
  • Turn off when not in use, Automatically
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • Lightweight and surprisingly compact 


  • Higher in cost 

Tips to know before buying A Shock Collar For Your Dog!

  • Variety is one of the most important qualities to look for when purchasing a remote training collar for tiny dogs. This speaks to the range of collar sizes, training techniques, and levels of intensity.
  • A dependable dog training collar can never make the dog’s neck uncomfortable. It won’t irritate your dog’s skin if it’s constructed well.
  • Regarding the many modes and levels, these features support many dog owners in locating the best settings for their tiny companions. In this manner, you can train your pet without risking injury to him. Additionally, search for an easy-to-use electric shock collar.
  • Choose a strong and durable dog collar. It will be worn frequently by your dog while making various motions. Purchasing a dog training collar that will eventually break is pointless.

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Wrapping Up! Best Shock Collar For Small Dogs (2023)

Our top recommendations for the top shock collars available have been revealed. It’s now down to you to review our evaluations and decide which is best for you and your tiny friend.

Each choice is exceptional in its own right, and we are confident that operating any one of them will be rewarding for you.

So, it’s up to you what follows next. I hope you make a proper choice and greatly enjoy training your dog!

Also, if you liked the article, let us know your feedback in the comments below. Thanks for sticking to the end! Ciao!


What kind of training collar is the best?

Since it all relies on how your dog responds to various stimuli, there is no definitive answer to this topic.
For instance, one dog may respond to vibrations well and immediately halt the behavior, while another won’t be bothered by the vibrations. 

Why are shock collars not widely used?

Small dogs can wear shock collars, yes. Nevertheless, picking a collar that fits your dog’s size and weight is crucial. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure the collar is properly adjusted to prevent your dog from feeling discomfort.

Are shock collars suitable for little dogs?

Small dogs can wear shock collars, yes. Nevertheless, picking a collar that fits your dog’s size and weight is crucial. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure the collar is properly adjusted to prevent your dog from feeling discomfort.

How do you use a shock collar to train a little dog?

You must first select a shock collar that is suitable for your small dog. The collar must then be carefully adjusted before being placed on your dog.
 After that, you must establish and adhere to a training regimen. Finally, you must be constant in your training and only resort to the shock collar in extreme cases.

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