What Is An E-collar? All You Need To Know

What is e-collar

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After being in the market for so many years, e-collars are still a controversial topic, and many people still hesitate even to buy them. So,  ‘What is an e-collar?’ is a question in demand.

To give you a context, e-collars are a mode of correcting your dog’s behavior and contain them within the boundaries.

However, e-collars goes beyond just this specific feature. 

This article will provide a clear overview in detail explaining exactly what e-collars are, how they work, and their drawbacks while having significant advantages.

So, if you are curious enough, keep reading!

What exactly is an E-collar?

An electric training tool for dogs is called an e-collar. This device, sometimes called a remote training collar or zapped collar, comprises a wireless receiver that the dog wears near his neck and a wireless remote that the user carries. 

Dogs are taught the distinction between appropriate and inappropriate behavior with e-collars by providing feedback through physical signals through the collar.

What is an e-collar
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How Does an E-Collar Work?

If you’ve ever visited a physical therapist, you may have experienced something similar to the electromagnetic stimulation used in e-collars for dogs. Instead of being shocking, it seems more like a throbbing wave. 

You have control over how your dog feels thanks to the numerous additional options that affect the intensity, which can vary from extremely low to high.

Some e-collars can also be adjusted to vibrate, causing the receiving device to vibrate instead of producing an electric output. The movement of your dog can be followed using others’ GPS settings.

How does an e- collar work

Pros and Cons of An E-Collar?

Here are a few pros and cons that will help you understand e-collar better:


  • You can adjust the level of intensity on an e-collar as per your dog’s size and tolerance.
  • You can contain your dog within boundaries with an e-collar.
  • They are affordable to buy.
  • Some e-collars are equipped with extra features like GPS and health tracking.


  • It can trigger fear and anxiety in your dog.
  • An e-collar might release false triggers.

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Wrapping Up!

Now that you understand what an e-collar is, you can decide wisely if you should go for an e-collar or not.

As I mentioned above, it has some drawbacks and many great advantages. So, you can still opt for it with needful precautions.

You can also seek help from a dog expert experienced with e-collars because safety should come first for your dog too.


Are shock collar and an e-collar different?

Electronic collars, sometimes known as e-collars, are collars used for a variety of training objectives, including obedience training, remote training, and behavioral modification. An e-collar that employs static stimulation for a correction technique is known as a shock collar.

At what age of your dog should you use an e-collar?

A dog should be at least six months old to be able to use an e-collar. That being said, using it at an early age can be harmful to your dog.

Why do so many dog owners and trainers use an e-collar?

Dogs also learn from feedback like humans; that’s why e-collars work so effectively. Hence, many dog owners and trainers prefer to use an e-collar.

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