PetPace Collar Review 2024: Is It Worth The Hype?

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While getting the PetPace Collar Review, first, let’s get a small overview of the PetPace Collar.

The PetPace Collar is worth $149.95 along with a monthly or annual subscription and is a little different than most dog collars. 

Instead of merely giving you a wireless tag to attach to a collar, the entire gadget is a collar, providing space for many additional sensors. 

Plus, it measures your pet’s activity, body temperature, heart rate, breathing, and even burned calories. Although, it emphasizes general pet health, making it practical to track animals with medical problems. 

So, it is recommended for healthy pets; you’re better off sparing some money with a less complicated tracker.

However, there are more factors to learn about the PetPace Collar, so let’s take a look at them below.

Petpace Collar vs. Top Pet Trackers: Quick Comparison for 2024

Other than the PetPace Collar, there are many dog tracking collars that are ruling the dog community. Therefore, to help you make a wise decision, I’ve shared a simple comparison of the PetPace, Fi, and Halo Collar in the table given below.

PerimeterPetPace Collar Fi Collar Halo Collar
Long Battery LifeYesYesNo
Functions on both Android and iOSYesYesYes
Satellite TechnologyNoYesYes
Cellular NetworkYesNo No
Subscription NecessaryYesYesYes
Third-Party Smartphone App NoNoNo

How Does the PetPace Collar Function?

Comparing PetPace to a monitoring service that integrates with your home security system to alert the police if it detects any unusual activity is the easiest way to describe the basic workings of PetPace.  

PetPace Collar official page

The device analyzes a large amount of data pertaining to your pet’s different activities and behavior levels, in addition to vital indicators using sophisticated diagnostic techniques. 

In other words, it continuously informs you of your pet’s activities, such as your pet’s temperature, respiration, heart rate, calories, pulse rate, etc.

This method is perfect for older or vulnerable pets because early detection greatly impacts prospective treatment options. 

PetPace offers an intuitive dashboard that gives you access to recent and historical data collected by the collar. 

It is also the one that is evaluated by the health-monitoring service via its cloud-based analytic engine

PetPace will promptly notify you and your veterinarian if it notices any anomalies in your pet’s behavior or physiology, enabling quick and effective pet treatment. 

Although you cannot view the data, the device tracks your pet’s activity and vital signs in real time. You will only be notified if some of the numbers depart from the set range.  

PetPace Collar Key Features for 2024

The PetPace health and activity monitor has the following key features, which we will discuss in this segment of our review.

How does a dog smart collar work

Now let’s look at the technical details of the device: 

1. Comprehensive Monitoring

PatPace offers complete data on your dog, including body temperature, breathing, Pulse, Heart rate, behavior and more. This feature is just like a medical check-up.

2 Pain Detection 

In case you aren’t able to understand that your dog is in some kind of physical pain at that time, PetPace can detect the pain in your dog. Also, this helps in identifying diseases like OA (osteoarthritis) that often go unnoticed.

3 Health Comparison

PetPace can compare your dog’s vital signs with another similar in breed dogs. They have a large database to compare the data.

4 Daily Activity Score

Our Activity Score gives you a full view of the activity, posture, and Sleep score.


Built-in GPS device to track the live location of your dog. You can Monitor walks and location history and get alerted if your pet leaves a Safe Zone that you set previously

6. The Gateway Feature

The “middle man” connecting the collar device with your PetPace app is the home base. It uses the 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet standard and is powered by a typical micro-USB port. 

Regular functioning requires an available Ethernet connection, which can simultaneously serve up to 30 collar units. 

The gateway can communicate with collars up to 1,000 feet away in terms of its total range. Be aware that actual obstacles like fences and trees greatly restrict the range of communication.  

The device can function almost anywhere globally as long as you can access a reliable Internet connection because it is not dependent on cellular networks. 

7. User Friendly

It’s not too difficult to set up the collar and gateway and connect them to your mobile app. PetPace shouldn’t cause any issues if you can connect a standard Internet router and download any mobile game. 

8. Battery Life

With its strong battery, the PetPace collar device can monitor your pet’s health and levels of activity for up to three weeks without recharging. 

9. Sizes

PetPace is available in small, medium, and large sizes, making it suitable for all kinds of animals, from cats to big dogs. Your pet must weigh more than 8 pounds in order to qualify.  

10. Longer range

If there are no physical barriers in the path, the home base can communicate with the collar up to 1,000 feet away.  `

11. Multiple Tracking Parameters

As previously noted, PetPace keeps tabs on your pet’s body temperature, pulse, breathing, levels of activity, calorie intake, and fluctuations in heart rate. 

Position tracking may not seem crucial, but it is a metric that lets you know, for instance, if your pet suddenly passes asleep while you are away from home.

 In other words, it serves various purposes and is a crucial PetPace feature. 

12. Good for inside and outdoor use

Petpace can be used indoors and outdoors, but it is not completely waterproof. It can handle some time outdoors. Your pet can wear it while playing in the water for some time, and the device will be fine.

PetPace Smartphone App

With the PetPace app, you can keep an eye on the following metrics in real-time and get notifications when anything is out of the ordinary: 

 PetPace Smartphone Application
  • The app can identify fever or hyperthermia in its early stages.
  • Detection of any anomalies, such as low or excessive pulse rates
  • Keeping an eye on respiratory rate and looking for any anomalies in breathing.
  • Monitoring your pet’s posture can help you spot pain, behavioral issues, or health issues.
  • Monitoring your pet’s activity for any changes from their regular routines.
  • Monitoring calories burned to assess activity in a weight loss program.  

The app is free and works with iOS 8.1 and Android 4.4+. The most recent version added a simple way to record activities in your pet’s life, such as walks in the park or the usage of drugs and therapies.  

PetPace Collar’s Network Coverage

PetPace can function anywhere in the world as long as you have a consistent Internet connection because it is not dependent on cellular networks. 

Collar’s Network Coverage

In other words, you may bring it everywhere you go and continue to keep an eye on your pet’s well-being and behavior.  

What are the cost packages of PetPace Collar?

Your chosen bundle will determine the cost of the PetPace set. The business provides the following choices: 

1. Pet Starter package of $159.95: 

This bundle includes a collar and a year of health tracking. The health service plan provides vital sign sampling and syncing every 120 minutes, endless alerts and reports, a mobile app, and access to data for veterinarians.  

2. Pet Package of $199.95: 

This bundle provides vital signs & sync every 30 minutes and is intended for senior pets. Other than that, nothing has changed from the previous selection.  

3. Pet Plus Package of $245.95: 

This is the best choice for sick or vulnerable animals. It provides access to an online web application (dashboard), vital sign sampling & synchronization every two minutes.  

4. Pet Platinum Package of $349.95:  

The collar and lifetime health monitoring are both included in this plan. Along with everything Pet Plus offers, it also includes online consultations with the business’s veterinarian.  

We still believe PetPace is a little too expensive despite its offering pet owners a ton of value, especially for elderly and/or sick pets. This is particularly true for products with minimal health monitoring.  

Pros And Cons: PetPace Collar 

You can decide if PetPace is the best pet tracker for your four-legged buddy by understanding the key strengths and limitations of the product. Here is a brief summary of its pros and cons.


  • This collar tracks activity together with heart rate, breathing, temperature, and calorie burn.
  • It shows readings that are simple to understand.
  • This collar is Water-resistant.
  • It has extended battery life.
  • It has an attractive design.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • The mobile app to operate the collar doesn’t require any subscription.
  • The collar is easy to use.


  • It is a costly monthly or yearly fee.
  • The collar needs a Gateway, which must be connected to the home router.
  • Veterinarians only can use web-based dashboards.
  • Have not tested for dust resistance.

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Bottom Line: PetPace – Is The Ultimate Collar Choice for Dogs in 2024

In this PetPace Collar Review, we saw that PetPace is a great tool for everyone with pets who want to keep an eye on their animals’ vital signs, physiological measurements, and behavioral traits and receive prompt warnings when something is wrong. 

Since the collar unit is relatively trendy and lightweight, pets can still go about their daily business as usual. 

The gadget keeps track of many things and can provide you with detailed information on your pet, including everything from heart rate to location.  

However, PetPace is quite pricey; only the most expensive option offers lifetime health monitoring.

In conclusion, PetPace is a superb and practical technology, but its high price and flimsy build hampers it.  


Are smart dog collars good to use?

Smart collars are an excellent way to allow your pet to walk free while keeping an eye on them constantly and without fear. Additionally, many smart collars are pre-configured with simple methods for creating invisible boundaries, while other models show overall health and activity levels.

Should a dog always wear a training collar?

Two fingers should fit comfortably between the skin and the collar. Training collars should not be worn for extended periods of time. They should only be used sparingly, during just training sessions, and at all times under adult supervision.

Is leaving the collar on the dog preferable?

Veterinary professionals and dog trainers agree that collars are not meant to be worn constantly. 

Do dogs need collars inside the home?

When your pet is inside your house, it could be tempting to take the collar off, but it’s important that they wear a collar at all times. It is best to be prepared for accidents, as they can happen at any time.

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