How To Stop Neighbor’s Dog From Barking (5 Easy Ways)

How To Stop Neighbor's Dog From Barking

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How to stop neighbor’s dog from barking? The constant barking of the dog might be music to your neighbor’s ears but not yours.

Moreover, the barking doesn’t only happen in the middle of the day but frequently in the nighttime and early morning, when you have your much-needed sleep.

You can say that your neighbor’s dog works as your alarm clock. But that alarm might not be pleasing all the time!

But don’t worry. In this article, I have compiled a list of 5 ways to stop a neighbor’s dog from barking, and restore the peace in your neighborhood once again.

5 Ways How to stop neighbor’s Dog from Barking

The constant barking of your neighbor’s dog can distract you while working on something you need to focus on. So, what can be done in such a situation?

Well, you can rest assured after applying the following ways to stop a neighbor’s dog from barking.

Stop neighbor’s Dog from Barking

1. Discuss with your neighbor first

The first many things you can do is discuss this problem with your neighbor and try to find a solution together. Or if they are already aware of it, then it will be easier for you to work on it.

Also, I recommend meeting with your neighbor face-to-face to avoid any miscommunication. It will be better to have a friendly approach while discussing it.

Don’t start the conversation with accusing and assuming, and just explain the issue while giving your neighbor a chance to react to it.

It might be the case that your neighbor is a beginner dog owner. In that case, you can suggest a good bark collar to your neighbor to help them stop their dog’s barking.

2. Encourage your neighbor to train their dog

If you and your neighbor have a good relationship, you can suggest to your neighbor in a friendly and gentle manner to seek the help of a dog expert to train the dog. 

Professional dog experts know how to correct a dog’s behavior with their studies on dog psychology and behaviorist. They will figure out why your neighbor’s dog is barking excessively.

Also, while proposing this suggestion to your neighbor, it’s important to be sensible of the neighbor’s feelings about their dog. Some people tend to get offended by such topics, thinking you teach them how to raise their dog.

3. Block the dog’s vision towards you or become friends

You can apply This proactive option to stop the neighbor’s dog from barking. You can simply put on a privacy fence or screen, a tree, or anything that will block the dog’s view whenever the dog barks at you after seeing you in the yard or their house.

Ensure the dog is not getting any view of your yard or space from where he sees you and starts barking at you.

Become friends

Or it doesn’t work from any of the ends; you ask your neighbor to make you friends with their dog and make the dog familiar with you. This way, the dog will not bark at you whenever he sees you.

4. Blow the Dog Whistle

Dog whistles help you to distract dogs by emitting an ultrasonic sound that only dogs can hear, and this sound drives them crazy. Hence, it leads them to stop the annoying barking and distracts their attention from you.

Therefore, all you have to do is stay in the comfort of your home or yard and, without doing much, just blow the dog whistle. 

5. File a formal Noise Complain if previous options fail

When all the above options fail to stop your neighbor’s dog from barking, filing a formal noise complaint remains the last option. 

Even though you might feel bad while doing so, it’s no one’s fault that the dog is barking, but your neighbor at least take steps towards finding a solution to it.

File a formal Noise Complain

However, if you plan to file a complaint, ensure to check the laws in your region regarding dog issues before going any further. 

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Wrapping Up! how to stop neighbors dog from barking

While learning how to stop a neighbor’s dog from barking, remember that you are seeking to punish the dog but want to restore calm and peace at your place.

Moreover, the above mentioned solution will only be successful in some dog cases, not all. Each dog breed tends to have different characteristics, such as stubbornness, obedience, and fragility.

So, when you notice things have gone out of your hands, simply file a formal complaint. Let the authorities warn the neighbor and make them aware of his dog’s disturbing noise.


What can be considered as excessive barking of a dog?

Frequent dog barking, which goes on for a lengthy duration, early morning barking, and barking at night can be considered excessive barking of a dog.

Will you be able to call the cops on your neighbor if their dog excessively barks?

Unfortunately, you cannot call the cops unless they are breaking any laws, and in this case, a dog’s barking is not the neighbor’s fault, nor are they breaking any laws.

How far can dogs hear dog whistles?

Every dog whistle varies with the range. However, a dog can hear most dog whistles from 400 yards away.

Do dogs stop barking if you ignore them?

Unfortunately, ignoring a dog doesn’t stop the barking as dogs continue to bark regardless of your attention to them. Plus, dogs don’t stop until you either distract them or interrupt them.

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