Why Do Dogs Run Away & How to Stop (8 Reasons)

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Many dog parents are concerned with this issue and search helplessly on the internet about why dogs run away and how they can you prevent that from happening. 

One of the most upsetting and devastating things a dog owner may go through is losing their dog. 

Dogs can flee for a variety of reasons, but a few of the most common ones are boredom, fear triggers, separation anxiety, prey hunting, and mating instincts, which we have explained in detail below.

But the good part is, you can easily stop your dog from running away with the help of the tips we have shared in this article. 

So, without any further ado, let’s learn a few facts below!

8 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Frequently Running Away

There is not one but several reasons for your dog to run away from home frequently. Hence, we have rolled out the top 8 reasons primarily responsible for a dog’ going awol. 

Dog is frequently running away

Let’s look at each of them and understand our pooches with extra care and precautions.

1. Your Dog is getting Triggered by fears

Just like us humans, our little pups also get triggered by fears, and they are afraid Thunderstorms, Big crowds, gunfire, and fireworks can startle them.

 Your Dog is getting Triggered by fears
Free public domain CC0 photo.

Every dog owner is aware that dogs can be scared by loud noises. One of the most common causes of dogs fleeing is fireworks.

Dogs have a keen hearing capacity and can hear with a frequency range of 15 to 50 thousand vibrations per second. Humans can only detect sounds between 20 and 20 thousand vibrations per second, for instance.

Fireworks and thunderstorms will probably make your dog flee or seek cover if they frighten them. If your dog doesn’t have a GPS dogs tracker like the Fi Collar and Pawtrack GPS Collar, you will have no idea where they are. 

Pay close attention to the hints that your dog may not feel at ease in a particular circumstance. This can be achieved by becoming aware of the symptoms of fear.

2. Your dog is suffering from Separation Anxiety 

When their owners are away, some dogs will feel separation anxiety, which could cause them to act a little strangely. 

Your dog is suffering from Separation Anxiety

All of these behaviors are signs of separation anxiety in dogs, including destroying objects, chewing on furniture, urinating indoors, and trying to flee or run away. 

Dogs who struggle with separation anxiety may not understand how to control their emotions, or they could want to meet new people while you’re gone.

3. Your Dog is looking for a mate for mating

Puppyhood doesn’t last very long! Both males and female dogs develop a strong drive to reproduce after reaching sexual maturity at around six months. 

Your Dog is looking for a mate for mating

Also, you end up with multiple puppies if you don’t take precautions. This powerful and natural instinct is a relatively common cause of dogs fleeing.

Unfortunately, your female dog may attempt to flee if she is in a period.  Unneutered or unspayed dogs are especially prone to mating calls.

4. Your Dog wants to Hunt

Every dog has a prey drive or a hunting instinct. Some tend to do so stronger, whereas others are not so into it.

In any case, this drive can be challenging for dog owners, particularly in the autumn when dogs are more likely to detect the scent of wild creatures and attempt to pursue them. 

Your dog could easily run away and lose sight of where they are due to their innate hunting instinct.

Dogs are such avid hunters because some breeds were explicitly created to hunt. Beagles or American Foxhounds, for instance. For them, hunting is just enjoyable. Your pet’s release of happy hormones and good adrenaline is healthful.

5. Your dog is Bored & Frustrated

Another reason your dog attempts to run away is boredom and frustration created by unreleased energy. Dogs need to release energy by playing, running, and mating. 

 Your dog is Bored & Frustrated

So. when these things don’t happen, when they are on the verge of their patience, dogs tend to run away to release their excitement.

6. Your Dog Is Chasing Something

When dogs sit idle inside the house and see a small creature like a squirrel moving around or kids playing outside, they tend to chase them to have fun with them. 

This is all because dogs need their daily dose of stimulating activities. Hence, if dogs don’t get to have fun through these activities, they attempt to flee.

7. Your Dog Wants To Play With Other Dogs

You may have noticed your dog barking at other dogs or getting attracted to them when you take them on a daily walk. This is due to their instinct to make friends with other animals.

Your Dog Wants To Play With Other Dogs

This is another reason a dog runs away to make friends outside of the house with other animals, which cannot be achieved indoors.

8. Unfamiliar Environment

Dogs may run away if they are in a new place and get distracted by new smells and surroundings. This can happen especially when they are out exploring, so be careful.

How to Stop Your Dog From Running Away

A saying goes like this, ‘Precaution Is Better Than Cure.’ You can also apply this saying in the case of dogs by doing the things mentioned below to stop your dog from running away.

 Stop your dog from running away
  • Make your dog feel safe at home.
  • Stop your dog from getting frustrated.
  • Keep your home and yard wholly secured.
  • Get your dog Spayed or neutered.
  • Keep your dog happy and play with him.

What To Do If Dogs Runs Away

If your dogs run away, try not to panic. Staying calm can help you find your dog more easily. Follow the below tips to help you locate your dog if he runs away.

  1. Search an entire area
  2. Track your dog with a dog gps tracker
  3. Take advantage of social media

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Wrapping Up! Dogs Run Away

Now that you know why dogs run away, you can now prevent it with the ways we shared with you. 

Your dogs can run away for a variety of reasons. The most common causes are fear, boredom, a hunting drive, and a mating instinct. 

You can try several things to help prevent your dog from fleeing if you’re concerned about this.  

These include ensuring that your dog is well-trained, giving them a tonne of mental and physical exercise, never leaving your dog alone in a yard or other outdoor space, and thinking about neutering or spaying your dog.

FAQs: Dogs Run Away

Can your dog find his way back home after running away?

Dogs are well-known for their ability to track their way back to their original place. Hence, there is a high chance that your dog might find his way back home.

2How many days can a dog survive after running away?

We cannot predict it, nor is there a confirmed answer to this question, but as per the data, a dog can only survive for about a week or so. 

From how far can a dog smell its owner?

Dogs can smell their owner from approximately 40 feet away.

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