Why Is My Dog Whining? Common Reasons & How to Stop It

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I was a worried dog parent and used to think a lot about Why Is My Dog Whining? Hence, I researched and found out that there are not one but multiple serious reasons behind my dog’s whining.

It is vital to know the right reasons so you don’t promote your dog’s wrong behaviors to stop his whining.

Hence, to help figure out these reasons, I have rolled out a few common but serious reasons that will help you solve the issue quickly.

So, without wasting another minute, let’s get into the details!

7 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Whining (2024)

There are multiple emotions and sufferings dogs go through that we might not understand sometimes. They have their own way of telling you, sometimes through whining, barking, howling, licking, etc.

Reasons Your Dog Is Whining

Hence, if your dog is excessively whining, there can be several reasons behind it which you, as a dog parent, should find out patiently.

Let’s look at some common reasons for your dog’s whining and stop it whenever it gets out of hand.

1. Asking For Something

One of the most common reasons behind whining is need. When dogs need something or ask for something, they tend to whine. They might be hungry, thirsty, or just want to go out on a walk with you. 

The whining will stop immediately once you figure out what the dog demands.

However, if your dog’s whining about a wrong demand, you should focus on correcting their action. 

2. Seeking Attention

Sometimes dogs will whine just because nobody is listening to them. This is similar to the fact that little children complain when the adults at dinnertime are talking nonstop. Your dog seeks a friend to play with or an activity to keep them busy.

Ensure that your dog has enough regular physical activity and brain stimulation.  Boredom can result in negative behaviors such as biting on objects, destroying gardens, and our Dog Is Afraid.

Seeking Attention

Whining might be your dog’s method for expressing anxiety or fear.  Your dog is probably worried or afraid about a thing if they are also running around shaking or sweating while whimpering. 

Your dog could be anxious when an unfamiliar person or visitor is in the home, or they might be frightened because somebody is absent.

The worried whining of your dog when you leave your home may be a sign of separation anxiety. Dogs who have separation anxiety frequently act weird while you are away. 

These approaches for counter-conditioning and elimination can be used to address your dog’s separation anxiety.

4. Suffering Through Pain Or Injured

When your dog is suffering from an injury or Pain, it might be a reason why your dog is whining. You can identify this problem through scenarios like if your dog’s limping while climbing upstairs or in some similar situation.

Dog Suffering Through Pain Or Injured

If you cannot recognize the medical condition your dog is going through, we recommend visiting your regular Vet as soon as possible. They will be able to tell the reason behind the whining.

5. Greeting Through Whining

There is another scenario when dogs whine or bow to a person while greeting. It is a type of vocalization for dogs to greet a new person or their owners when they return home after a long duration.

Dog Whining

This kind of behavior actually happens due to excitement and motivation, which dogs try to pass on to humans.

6. Anxiety Issues 

There are multiple anxieties a dog can suffer through, such as separation anxiety, fearful anxiety, and so on.

This can happen when you leave your dog alone for a while or at someone else’s house. Dogs usually feel anxious when separated from their humans; they tend to feel scared in somebody else’s presence.

These anxiety issues can result in unwanted indoor eliminations, destruction, depression, and excessive whining.

7. Your Dog Is Sorry For Doing Something Wrong

Whining is a way for dogs to express multiple emotions. One of them can be feeling sorry for their wrong behaviors. For example, a dog can feel sorry if he chews off your shoes or destroys something in the house.

Similarly, dogs have their tail between their legs if they are sorry about something they regret doing. 

Dog say sorry

In this scenario, you can simply accept your dog’s apology and praise him with a treat for feeling sorry. This way, your dog will let you know if they make any mistake.

How to Stop Your Dog from Whining: Quick Tips

Once you know why your dog is whining, you can start to address the problem. Here are some tips:

1. Ignore Whining for Attention:

When your dog whines for attention, it’s tempting to respond. But here’s the trick: ignore the whining. Wait until your pup quiets down before giving them any love or cuddles. They’ll learn that quiet behavior gets rewarded and whining doesn’t.

2. Teach the “Quiet” Command:

Teaching your dog to be quiet is a handy tool. Start by saying “quiet” calmly. If they hush up, reward them with a treat and some praise. Consistency is key. Practice this command regularly, and soon, you’ll use it to stop whining in its tracks.

3. Meet Your Dog’s Needs:

Sometimes, whining is a plea for the basics. Ensure your furry friend has enough food, water, and exercise. A well-fed and tired dog is less likely to whine out of hunger, thirst, or boredom. Give them a comfy spot when you’re not around for added security.

4. Address Anxiety or Fear:

If anxiety or fear drives your dog’s whining, get help. Consult your vet to pinpoint the issue. They can craft a personalized plan to soothe your pup’s worries. This might involve training, meds, or behavioral adjustments to boost their confidence.

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Wrapping Up!

It’s always better to look for the reason behind an issue and try to solve it as soon as possible. I followed a similar approach to find out why is my dog whining.

There are multiple known-unknown reasons behind a dog’s whining, such as need, anxiety, regrets, fear, or seeking attention. You just need to be there by your pup’s side and try to solve it. 

You can check out our other article on how to stop a dog from whining to know how to solve the problem.

Also, remember that punishing or scolding your dog is not an option. Ultimately, it all depends on how you handle this situation as a dog parent. Otherwise, you may end up with a whiny dog. 


Can it be a scenario where there’s nothing wrong with your dog, yet he whines?

While as a human, you might feel that there is nothing wrong with your dog and that he is whining for no reason. However, the dog is trying to convey his issues to you through whining, which you might not be able to put a finger on. So, there’s no scenario where your dog whines for no reason.

What are the possible symptoms of a crying dog?

When a dog is crying, you might notice behavior like low energy, squinted eyes, whining, less excitement, etc.

How to know if your dog is in pain?

Suppose you notice general behavior such as Shaking, lowered ears, low energy, aggression, depression, panting, crying, whining, and excessive self-licking. In that case, it is a sign that your dog might be in severe pain.

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