How To Stop A Dog From Digging 2024 (Easy Tips and Tricks)

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Having your dog destroys your well-maintained garden or yard because of his digging habits. That’s why many people, like you and me, struggle to stop a dog from digging.

While your dog may be used to digging, as a dog parent, you can use a few easy tricks. 

Additionally, you might want to know if your dog’s digging has anything to do with the dog’s physical health.  

So, rest assured, as we have answered all the questions you seek in this article. Let’s get into the details!

Crucial Step You Should Take To Stop Your Dog From Digging

There are many reasons behind a dog’s digging habit. It should be stopped when the dog before he entirely destroys your yard. 

Stop Your Dog From Digging

Also, not just the destruction of the yard but calming down the dog’s over-excitement and anxiety is necessary to keep him under control.

Therefore, there are a few steps you need to take in order to stop the Digging from happening frequently. Here you go!

1. Identify The Cause Of Digging And Fix It

If there is a specific reason behind the dog’s Digging, you can try to understand and fulfill what the dog wants. If a dog is just trying to make a spot for him to sit, you can offer the dog a better and cool space to sit than in soil. 

Identify The Cause Of Digging And Fix It

Moreover, consider building your dog a small dog house or a shelter for him to rest while playing outside in the yard. 

More causes exist for this issue, such as running after moles and insects or making a place to attract a female for mating if the dog is not spayed (Neutered) to use him for professional breeding. 

In these cases, you can get pest control done in your yard or find a way to stop the dog from mating in the yard.

Furthermore, if the dog is digging out of boredom or anxiety, you can make your dog feel relaxed with a few physical and mental activities. 

For example, you can extend the walking duration or play a few games your dog likes.

You can also engage your dog in behavioral training to help him learn new commands.

2. Restrict The Area Where Your Dog Is Digging Frequently

It is necessary to restrict the area where your dog frequently goes to dig around because you cannot stop your dog from digging if it is digging breed. Their natural habits bind them, and they can’t control them even if you train them.

Restrict The Area Where Your Dog Is Digging Frequently

Hence, the best solution to this problem is to make the area inaccessible by putting a fence around it. 

Also, while doing this, you must take care of the furniture and other décor stuff indoors to prevent your dog from releasing energy. A couple more solutions are available to you outside for fencing off your yard’s digging area. 

You might scatter chicken wire or pile up big rocks over the digging area, depending on how big the space however, Your dog might choose to move to another area of your yard.

To prevent your dog from digging under the fence to freedom, you can, at the very least, place barriers across the fence line. 

Another popular technique is to install chain-link fencing at least one foot underground to prevent all but the most fierce diggers.

3. Give them a free space where the dogs can play

Create a spot in the yard where your dog can dig freely. This could be a sandbox for children or a patch of loose soil or sand. Toys and other attractive items can be buried for your dog to find. 

Give them a free space where the dogs can play however they want

Don’t forget to reward your dog for excavating that spot. If you discover them digging somewhere else, stop them with an immediate “no” and drag them swiftly to the digging area.

A Few Easy Tricks To Stop Your Dog From Digging (2024)

Correcting your dog’s digging habit in a strict way might not come in handy with all dogs. Therefore, we have a few easy tricks to help you stop your dog from digging, which you can check out below.

1. Distract Your Dog With A Toy

The simplest way to imply this is by distracting your dog with his favorite toy. Whenever your dog starts digging, you can bring your dog’s favorite toy in front of him, and it will immediately distract the dog. 

Distract Your Dog With A Toy

If your dog doesn’t get distracted by the toy, you can try distracting the dog with a treat or simply find another way to stop the Digging.

2. Make The Ground Harder And Dig-Free

Turn the ground in your yard into the concrete ground so that your dog cannot dig through the cement. It might block or destroy your green garden, but it will definitely prevent the digging issue.

Dogs generally like to dig holes in loose soil or grass; hence, this option might not be as difficult as it seems.

3. Try To Calm The Dog Down If He’s Digging In Anxiety

Many times dogs start digging out for anxiety or excitement. They look at digging as a way of releasing their piled-up energy. 

Try To Calm The Dog Down If He's Digging In Anxiety

In this case, you can try to calm the dog down by relaxing him with the help of mental and physical activities like playing fun games with the dog or petting them.

4. Train Your Dog To Stop Digging

Another smart trick you can apply is training your dog with behavioral training sessions or hiring an expert dog trainer to train him. 

Train Your Dog To Stop Digging

It will teach the dog to stop digging and many other basic commands, like how to teach your dog to stay.

5. Make The Digging Area Stink With An Unpleasant Smell

Some people might not prefer this trick, but it is effective in some cases I have on the internet. 

To apply this way, all you have to do is cover the place where your dog digs with stinky material to spread an unpleasant smell throughout.

Although this trick is not completely effective, it does wonders sometimes. So, why not give it a try?

6. Go On a walk with your dog

Exercising your dog can help your dog from digging up your yard. One of the reasons your dog digs the yard is to become familiar with a new smell. You’ll be able to fulfill this need by taking your dog on a long walk daily.

Go on a walk with your dog

If your dog knows he will be exposed to different smells daily, he will be less likely to dig your yard. Exercise is an excellent way to burn off energy. You can also consider hiring a dog walker.

What Is The Reason Behind The Dog Digging?

Your dog can be digging for different types of reasons. Sometimes it is out of anxiety, sometimes, they do it just for fun, and sometimes it’s just in their genes. 

Plus, you need to understand one thing about dogs: Digging is a natural habit of a dog, and you cannot change it permanently. Just like barking and sniffing, Digging is also one of their natural behaviors. 

However, a few breeds, like Cairn Terriers, Westies, and Jack Russel, dig more than other dog breeds. 

Dog breeds who are not fierce diggers sometimes do it for specific purposes like hiding their bone or a toy. On the other hand, there is a chance that your dog might be looking for a cool spot to rest. 

As per my experience, you won’t be able to pinpoint a specific set of reasons for a dog’s Digging. Dogs can do things for random reasons sometimes, just like us humans. 

All you can do is apply the ways to prevent it from happening frequently to save your garden or yard from having multiple craters.

Is There Something Wrong With The Dog If He’s Digging?

Simply put, Digging has nothing to do with your dog’s physical health. However, you can find a way to cure your dog’s anxiety if he digs because of his anxiety issues. 

Also, if your dog is suffering through sudden behavioral changes like sudden instant change in moods, it might be related to his physical or mental health. It might come out as a matter of concern for you and your dog.

Long story short, there is no harm in visiting your dog’s vet for a routine check-up and giving yourself relief.

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Wrapping Up! Stop A Dog From Digging

Dogs naturally intend to dig, but it may be damaging and bothersome if it isn’t controlled. 

You can get your dog to stop digging and keep the yard looking great by using the tips in the article above. 

Make sure your dog has sufficient fun things to do to keep them occupied if they are digging to escape boredom or anxiety. You might also consider giving them a specific space for Digging.

Ensure cautiously to keep food and other stuff out of your dog’s reach if they are digging for them. You might also try hiding some rewards in the yard to divert their digging habits.

Now that you know how to stop a dog from digging, you can have a peaceful and beautiful yard to enjoy your evenings in.

FAQs: Stop A Dog From Digging

Which smell keeps dogs away?

The smell of Citrus Fruits, such as Oranges, Lemons, Tangerines, and Grapefruits, keeps dogs away. Therefore, you can bury these fruits in the ground to prevent dogs from digging them.

Do dogs grow tired of digging over time?

It depends on the breed, as digging breeds do it as a natural habit. 

What kind of anxiety makes dogs dig impulsively?

Mostly, dogs who suffer from separation anxiety habitually dig impulsively to overcome their anxiety.

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