8 Ways To Stop a Puppy From Barking (2024 Guide)

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Dogs Naturally Bark. It is their way of communicating and expressing their emotions. However, when it becomes bothersome, you should know how to stop a puppy from barking.

How To Stop Puppies From Barking

Although some breeds naturally bark a lot, there are various reasons behind a puppy barking. These reasons can include behaviours like Fear, anxiety, threat, boredom, etc.

Luckily, there are numerous effective ways to stop puppies from barking, which we have rolled out in this article. 

Additionally, we have precisely addressed the reason behind your pup’s barking. So, let’s quickly take a look at the details and turn your dog into a well-behaved furbaby.

Why Do Puppies Bark Excessively?

There are several reasons why puppies bark. Puppies bark during playtime to greet you or another dog, or Think your puppy’s bark is a doggy alarm.

It alerts you to any unusual, intriguing, or exciting thing, such as the arrival of a familiar individual or stranger, a sudden noise, or a strange sighting. 


Let’s look at some of the possible yet crucial ways to stop puppies from barking below!

Easy Ways To Stop a Puppy From Barking (2024)

Based on multiple causes of your puppy’s excessive barking, the following are some of the best ways and strategies you can try to stop your puppies from barking. 

Ways To Stop Puppies From Barking

1. Find The Reason Behind Barking

You need to understand a few things about why your pup is barking continuously to stop your dog from barking.

Some common reasons behind the barking are usually suffering through boredom, separation anxiety, Fear, and warning their human about a possible danger.

Some breeds, like Terriers or rottweilers, are known to be excessive barking breeds. It comes naturally to them because of their hunting instincts.

2. Provide your dog with Mental and Physical Stimulation

If you take your dog on play dates frequently, it allows your dog to experience both, Mental and Physical Stimulation.

It also helps reduce boredom in your pup’s life and eventually solves the barking issue.

You can perform physical exercises like Walking, Running, Playing Fetch, and Agility Training in an open space like a park.

You can try out games like Solving Easy Puzzles, Scent Sniff Training, Obedience Training, and so on for mental stimulation. 

This way, you and your dog will have a happy relationship and solve many of your other problems. Hence, try fitting these activities into your dog’s routine for the better.

3. Give Your Puppy Required Attention

As barking is one of their ways of communicating with their human, your pup might be asking for your attention. In this case, as a dog parent, you can comfort your dog by petting him for a bit.

Try spending more time playing with them, petting them, and showering them with much love.

Moreover, provide your dog with a comfy place to sleep and with, healthy timely meals and enough water.

4. Train Your Pup To Follow The Quiet Command

This method might come in handy in many scenarios other than just barking and is a useful way to stop your puppy from barking.

All you have to do is have a training session on following the Quiet command. Additionally, you can teach your dog how to stay.

With enough training, consistency, and time your dog will get used to the command. Ultimately, he will stop barking once they hear the command.

5. Create A Safe Space for Your Dog With Positive Reinforcements

Creating a positive environment and a safe space for your dog to make him feel at home and comfort. Reward your dog with treats when he behaves like a good boy to make it happen. 

Also, make sure to do it right after the accomplishes a thing. 

This way, your dog will learn that he can get rewards if he behaves correctly and obeys his human’s commands.

6. Make Your Dog Familiar With Regular Faces

Teaching your puppy that these scenarios are OK may help you stop them from barking whenever the postman or your neighbor pulls up or leaves off a package. 

For instance, you could ask your neighbor to reward your dog with treats when they come over and after your pup has been quiet. 

By doing this, you can convince your puppy to believe these situations aren’t that scary and establish a good relationship with them!

7. Restrict Your Pup’s Sight

Pups bark at anything they see or any creature that grabs their attention from outside. In this scenario, your puppy is trying to exhibit territory possessiveness and alarm barking at their possible threat.

If this is frequently happening, you can simply restrict your pup’s sight by putting sight barriers in your house in see-through areas.

To eliminate such distractions, you can use a removable plastic window film, privacy fence, or regular window curtains. This way, you can avoid things that trigger your dog’s barking.

8. Train Your Pup With Crate Training

Barking can be decreased by crate training your dog. It gives your pup a secure and cozy place to sleep and rest since dogs naturally like tiny spots.

Start by slowly allowing your pup to its crate while rewarding them for being peaceful and at ease.

When your dog voluntarily enters the crate, you can throw rewards back inside it and applaud them.

Ensure their crate is large enough for the pup to stand, sit, and spin freely, yet not so big that they can use one corner to take a dump.

9. Visit The Vet (In Severe Circumstances)

After trying all the ways to stop your puppies from barking, the reason might be extra-serious if none of it works out for you.

In such cases, it’s essential to take safety measures like visiting your Vet as soon as possible before any unforeseen damage occurs. 

Puppies Barking

You can also consult with the Vet in advance about your pup’s physical or mental issues to avoid such instances in the future.

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Wrapping Up!

With patience, understanding, and consistency, learning to stop puppies from barking isn’t hard. You can follow the methods given above easily as they don’t require much of a hassle.

Plus, it’s necessary to address this issue in time because if not prevented, it can become a nuisance in the future.

Hence, you can rely on my tips for a patient and less-barking dog. Still, if the barking situation is out of your hand, you should visit the Vet and get proper treatment.


Is there something called a barking phase in puppies?

As a surprising fact, yes, there is a thing called the barking phase, and puppies usually go through it in their initial months.

What is the average age of puppies when they bark the most?

Generally, puppies of about 6 to 12 weeks bark the most as it is their socialization period.

Which dog breed is known as the most silent dog who rarely barks?

Basenji Dogs are the most silent dogs, called ‘Barkless Dogs,’ who make close to no noise at all.

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