11 Best Online Dog Training Courses In 2024 (Top Picks)

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An online dog training course has a number of advantages over a conventional one. Additionally, not everyone is able to travel to offline training daily or every week.

Whatever it may be, a variety of online dog training courses are offered for your convenience, and you can study them virtually anywhere.

We have compiled details on the top-rated online dog training programs, whether you need a thorough course or live sessions.

Thus, let’s explore the details below to comprehend these courses fully.

Top 10 Online Dog Training Courses: In A Nutshell (2024)

If you are someone with a busy schedule, we have put together a chart below where you can see the list of our top-picked Online Dog Training Courses along with their best usage.

Online Dog Training CoursesBest ForRatings
SIRIUS Best Overall5/5
SpritDogBest For A Variety Of Courses4.5/5
K9 Training Institute Best For Body Language-Based Training4/5
DoggyDan’s The Online Dog TrainerBest For Training From Mobile App4/5
Puppy Trained Right Best For Puppy Training4/5
Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution Best For quality content video series4.5/5
Brain Training For Dogs Best for Positive Reinforcement  In Training4/5
Brandon Mcmillan Dog Training MasterclassBest For An All-In-One Course4.5/5
Petco Dog Training Best For Course And Access To Buy Training Supplies3.5/5
Holly & Hugo
Best for Dog Caring Skills3.5/5

1. Sirius (Best Overall)

Dr. Ian Dunbar, one of the most well-known events in the history of dog training, created his SIRIUS puppy program back in 1982.

SIRIUS (Best Overall)

These days, SIRIUS Puppy and Dog Training offer simple online courses where you can benefit from his ground-breaking methods.

SIRIUS offers live online classrooms using Zoom instead of online classes that use collections of pre-recorded films.

There are only a maximum of six learners in each class, and an experienced instructor leads them. 

There are currently classes available in basic manners, puppy manners, and puppy training 1. (for dogs above 18 weeks).

Additionally, training is available that emphasizes developing leash skills and changing aggressive behavior. In the foreseeable future, the school intends to offer more challenging lessons.

SIRIUS offers courses that last between three and five weeks and start at around $160. The average length of a class group is 50 minutes, and you can quickly examine the current course program and register online.

Pros & Cons For Sirius


  • Training content that progresses over 28 Hrs. and 30 min.
  • Extra information to improve the training effectiveness of your dog


  • The creator of the course cannot be contacted regarding issues.

Price: $160 for five weeks

2. SpiritDog (Best For A Variety Of Courses)

SpiritDog Training is raising the bar with its extensive selection of online dog training courses. To accommodate most people’s demands, it offers various classes.

SpiritDog (Best For A Variety Of Courses)

However, most dog owners disclose a complete behavioral change after using it for a month. Consequently, it has a high rate of success! In fact, it includes all the necessary solutions for-

  1. Dogs’ behavioral issues
  2. Old pets
  3. Pups experiencing adulthood
  4. Newborn puppies

There are many courses you may take to train the dog indefinitely. The following are the course modules:

  1. Confidence boosting training
  2. Resource guarding assistance
  3. Tackling reactivity training
  4. Focus on the public training
  5. Loose leash walking training
  6. Obedience learning training 
  7. Puppy training basics course

If you’re looking for contemporary dog training, you’ll enjoy the site. All the training courses are conveniently accessible and well-organized. You can train while on the go, thanks to its mobile-friendliness!

Although there are many courses and a sizable following, the Masterclass Package is the best option. Do you desire a thorough dog training regimen? You need that one, obviously!

Additionally active in the online community. Although it is new, the forum discusses a variety of pet-related issues.

You can look over the potential scenarios to find workable answers. Thus, it’s worth the money. Those worries have already been encountered and overcome by people!

There is a 60-day money-back guarantee for the online dog training program, which we are aware eases your concerns.

Therefore, if you’re dissatisfied, you can request a return of the purchase price. This course should be taken by all dog owners!

Pros & Cons For SpiritDog


  • Broad range of courses
  • Easy-to-use, game-based teaching techniques can begin now with immediate access
  • Charge free entry course
  • Meeting & community on Zoom (with Academy membership)
  • Cash-back promise


  • Expensive than other competitors
  • No mobile app is offered

Price: Varies per package

3. K9 training institute (Best for body language-based training)

The K9 Training Institute, popularly known as K9TI, is a relative newcomer to online dog training courses.

K9 Training Institute

However, it is causing debate among traditional dog trainers who often provide verbal commands to their charges.

This training shows you how to use nonverbal cues to interact with your dog. This is how the remarkable link that forms between service dogs and the humans who accompany them.

When a dog misbehaves, most dog parents make the error of shouting at the animal.

Your dog can’t understand what you’re saying, which is a problem. Fortunately, you may train your dog successfully without using penalties, shock collars, etc., by using their innate need for contact.

Quick look at this online training program

  1. It was created by a famous behaviorist with years of expertise in dog training.
  2. This online course makes it simple to train dogs.
  3. It addresses a variety of behavioral problems.
  4. Additionally, it teaches you how to interact with your dog through body language.
  5. Using tactful methods.

Pros & Cons For K9 training institute


  • Free Of cost.
  • Presented by two of the finest skilled and knowledgeable individuals.
  • There are seven stages in which you should train your dog.
  • Suitable for dogs and puppies of all breeds.
  • There is no need to conduct research and select a course.
  • It addresses every significant aspect of dog training.


  • There is no 24/7 access to video or printable content.
  • After the workshop is concluded, you’re on your own.

Price: No charges

4. DoggyDan’s the online dog trainer (best for training from mobile app)

Online dog training, also known as Doggy Dan, is the man when it comes to the greatest canine obedience training programs available online.

DoggyDan's The Online Dog Trainer

His “5 Golden Rules” assist you in becoming the alpha dog, earning the respect of your dog. And it costs just $1 to try out his program.

The calming code foundation lessons that educate you on how to build trust and establish dominance with your dog must first be taken.

Following that, you can enroll in further classes like dog training101, everyday tools & methods, puppy training, and dog issue resolution.

Pros & Cons For DoggyDan’s the online dog trainer


  • There are many videos online.
  • Thanks to a mobile app, it is simple to operate without a computer.
  • Before training, the dog calming code method establishes trust.
  • Access to the public and a place to post questions (after the trial period)
  • Doesn’t use fear or aggression, but only positive criticism
  • Dependable with the Nz (New Zealand) SPCA (Special prevention of cruelty of animals)
  • Guarantee of money-back in 60 days


  • A monthly subscription is required
  • No mention of a certificate for dog trainers

Price: $37/Month

5. Puppy trained right (Best for Puppy Training)

The basis for the duration of your dog’s training is laid by the abilities the dog picks up as a puppy.

 Puppy Trained Right

The online course from Puppy Trained Right includes all the knowledge you will need to give your puppy the ideal start.

Following registration, you’ll receive a set of training movies for puppies that you can watch sequentially. 

These videos cover a variety of obedience skills, such as flexible leash walking, playing fetch, and impulsive behavior control. 

In complement to the video content, you’ll have access to over 30 articles on crates, potty training, and other significant subjects.

All of the training materials on the website are accessible for one year with a Puppy Trained Right membership, which costs roughly $299.

Positive reinforcement is used in its approaches, and the video-based approach lets you work at your own pace rather than committing to a set class schedule.

Pros & Cons For Puppy trained right


  • Variety of content is available in the form of video series and articles online.
  • Access to 30 articles on important topics. 


  • Better for puppies than big and old dogs.

Price: $299 per year

6. Zak George’s dog training revolution (best for quality content video series)

Another well-known dog trainer and YouTuber is Zak George, who has trained thousands of dogs and produced hundreds of films. They give us a comprehensive dog training manual with Dina Roth Port.

Zak George's Dog Training Revolution

This manual includes pup selection, domestic & basic obedience training, behavioral issue handling training, healthcare and veterinary supplement selection, activities to do with your dog, etc. 

His rewards-based training program improves long-term sustainability once you’ve finished training the dog. It’s impressive that 240 pages can cover all of this.

There aren’t any videos or further materials, and there is also no way to contact Zak with inquiries. 

However, there is a restricted Facebook group in which individuals may converse and ask questions.

Pros & Cons For Zak George’s dog training revolution


  • 240 pages are all that is needed for the training.
  • The comprehensive training manual covers everything from picking a puppy to tips and tricks.
  • Content created by experienced training professionals
  • A monthly subscription is not necessary in order to use it


  • Video content is not available.
  • Creator lacks guidance in training.
  • Online forums are not available for course users.

Price: No Subscription

7. Brain Training for dogs (best for positive reinforcement in training)

Dog obedience can be improved with the help of games and courses in Brain Training For Dogs.

Brain Training For Dogs

Adrienne Faricelli, a Certified Experienced Dog Trainer with Knowledge Assessment (CPDT-KA) with more than ten years of expertise, teaches the games.

The mental engagement provided by Adrienne’s lessons encourages your dog to become intelligent. Her training method is based on the idea that a dog with higher intelligence will behave better.

A dog’s brain will grow more open and sensitive to acquiring new knowledge using the Brain Game approach, which leverages mental stimulation acquired through the activities.

From preschool to graduation, there are seven modules. 1. The 7 Trick Training films, 2. Obedience 101, 3. Polishing Up Training, 4. Adrienne’s Archives, 5. A bonus Behavior Training guide is also included.

You will also have access to a collection of articles on how to fix particular issues and a private forum that allows you to converse with other dog owners about dog training, behavior, and other topics.

Pros & Cons For Brain Training for dogs


  • American trainer with ten years of expertise.
  • Use friendly criticism instead of provocation and aggression.
  • one-time charges.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Personal forum
  • Step-by-step tutorials and troubleshooting manuals with pictures and videos


  • Video downloads are not possible
  • There is no smartphone app
  • Online access is required to view content

Price: $37 per month

8. Brandon McMillan dog training masterclass (best for an all-in-one course)

Brandon Mcmillan Dog Training Masterclass

A quick scan shows that the two hrs. and 58 min. of cumulative instruction cover everything you need to know. This makes it one of the top online dog training courses because of this.

All of the dog training videos in HD have fantastic production values. 

Brandon goes beyond what is required to finish each level as the typical dog owner would. The audio is clear.

The Master Class platform serves as the foundation for the training materials. Hence a monthly membership is billed annually.

If Brandon had given dog parents a way to contact him, as Adrienne does, his program would’ve been higher on this list. 

Brandon, meanwhile, employs a more compassionate and reward-based approach that avoids using force.

Pros & Cons For Brandon McMillan dog training masterclass


  • Simpler selection of choices because of the all-in-one course.
  • One of the best-quality video training sessions


  • A monthly subscription is needed to get the training sessions.

Price: $15.70 per year

9. Petco dog training (best for course and access to buy training supplies)

Petco is probably already well-known to you as a top supplier of pet products, but were you aware that they also provide excellent training services?

Petco Dog Training

Although the chain normally holds classes in-store, it has greatly increased the number of online offerings, many of which are on the lower end of the price scale.

At the moment, Petco offers three group classes on Zoom App for roughly $99 apiece over the course of four sessions.

Its Puppy Basics course teaches fundamental abilities, including toilet training and responding to commands.

Whereas Adult Basics helps your dog become accustomed to interacting with strangers and being in strange situations while helping you to encourage good conduct.

You can address specific habits while learning cues like “leave it” at a more advanced level.

Pros & Cons For Petco dog training


  • lessons offered online by qualified instructors
  • By private instruction, you gain the authority to train your dog.
  • No recurring monthly charges
  • The advantage of adult dog classes and puppy classes
  • The simplicity of finding training materials under one roof
  • Eliminate separation anxiety


  • lack 24/7 accessible video content
  • There can be queueing issues.
  • Private training is costly
  • You might not always benefit from group lessons.

Price: $99 for four sessions.

10. Holly & Hugo  

It Offers Some of the best online Dog courses to help you become more skilled in caring for the dog. 

 Holly & Hugo  

They Provide the Morden methods ,best Practices, training philosophy With the help of that you will gain essential skilled to keep your dog safe and healthy Also help to build healthy relation with your pet.

Course provides the step by step guide to train your dog in every aspect and also give advice on different dog ownership.

These individual courses also cover a wide range of important topics, including:

  • Pet First Aid & CPR
  • Animal Psychology
  • Guide to Dog Grooming
  • Physical Therapy
  • Dog Socialization
  • Pet Adoption
  • Caring for Senior Dogs

Pros And Cons For Holly & Hugo  


  • Variety of content 
  • 45 days access window
  • 14 days money back guarantee


  • High in price 
  • Better for puppies 

Price – $69

11. Dogs That (Best Traditional Trainer at Home)

They can tell with confidence that they create an enjoyable and relaxing learning atmosphere for you and your dog based on our great experiences with their classes.

Dogsthat.com is the perfect online dog training resource for those who would want some practical guidance from professionals that employ enjoyable techniques and positive reinforcement.

Dogs That

The website makes it simple to access engaging learning resources like interactive games, video lectures, and recorded coaching. Additionally, we have profited from their welcoming dog lovers’ community.

With Dogsthat.com, you’ll have a fun and successful dog training experience that fosters a close relationship between you and your pup while also encouraging their independence and maturity.

Pro and Cons For Dogs That


  • Easy-to-use
  • Suitable for dogs and puppies of all breeds
  • Game Based Teaching Techniques
  • Best-quality video training sessions.


  • Expensive than other Courses
  • Online access is required to view content

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Wrapping it Up On Best Online Dog Training Courses (2024)

While concluding this article, I would like to add one more easy platform to find Online Dog Training Courses: Udemy. They provide a good variety of video lectures on dog training.

Having your dog get trained in the necessary time is important. A better-behaved dog protects both the environment and itself. 

With today’s online dog training programs, achieving that is really simple and affordable. Who between the finest is best, though?

The SIRIUS dog training program by DR. Ian Dunbar wins with maximum liking to it for multiple reasons.

At last, we just want our pets to be well-behaved and obedient in public and at home with an instant effect. 

I hope you liked this information and found it helpful. Also, don’t forget to leave feedback in the comments below. Ciao!

FAQs: Best Online Dog Training 

Are dog training programs offered online effective?

They are superior, and the increased popularity of traditional training methods supports this.

 Does online dog training need some prior knowledge?

It’s always preferable to be knowledgeable. Better training programs, however, are easier to complete and are suitable for most adults.

Which dog training technique is more effective?

The form of dog training that is reward-based is more effective.

How long does an internet training program take to train a dog?

Since your dog should become thoroughly used to training routines as they become more complex, it should ideally take 6 to 12 months.

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