22 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog in 2024 (Game & Activities)

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The fact that a dog is man’s best companion is universal and true on so many levels. If you have a dog, there are many more fun things to do with your dog than you can do with your human friends. 

Plus, it will lead to Exercise and mental stimulation. It can also deepen your relationship and promote general health. 

Based on a dog’s responsiveness to activities, we came up with this list of 21 entertaining activities to do with them to help you make memories that will live forever and beyond.

So, let’s look at the fun things to do with your dog to fight boredom!

22 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog

25 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog

Here are a few fun things you can do with your dog which will help you improve your relationship with your dog.

1. Take Your Dog To The Beach

A wonderful way to spend a day outside and have a good time with your dog is by taking him to the beach. You can play games like playing fetch, swimming, or running around on the beach to make your dog feel more active.

2. Take Your Dog On A Car Ride

Make your dog comfortable and take him on a car ride. This way, you can roam around the city and have fun with your dog. All you have to do is take your dog’s favorite toys with you and play some subtle music in the car.

3. Play Tug Of War With Your Dog

Another best way to have fun with your dog is by taking a sock and playing a game of tug of war with your dog. Dogs generally like pulling things from someone’s hands so that they will like the game.

4. Go For A Jog With Your Dog

If your dog is physically fit and loves running, you can take your dog for a jogging session with you. This way, you and your dog can stay healthy while having fun times with each other.

5. Take Your Dog To Play In A Park

One more fun bonding session can be done in a park while enjoying the fresh air and making new friends for you and your dog. Plus, several games can be played in the park, like playing fetch, hide and seek, etc.

6. Teach Your Dog A New Play Trick

Dogs enjoy learning new things at any age, so present them with an adventure by teaching them wonderful new ways to surprise you. Grab some treats, search for dog tricks on YouTube, and start practicing. 

7. Play Fetch With Your Dog

Playing fetch is liked by all dogs as it is their natural instinct to fetch things thrown their way. Hence, it will be an exciting activity for your dog to play with you. You only have to grab a frisbee and go in an open space with your dog.

8. Take Your Dog For A Pet Grooming Session

Who doesn’t like a grooming session? Just like us, dogs can also use a grooming session to feel freshened up and positively active with a new look. You can take your dog to a pet salon or a pet grooming center to get a new and fresh look for your beautiful pup.

Pet Grooming

9. Invite Your Dog’s Other Dog Friends Over For A Play Date

Another fun thing to do with your dog will be much more fun for you as a dog lover. I’m talking about inviting your friends with dogs who are friends with you for a play date. Trust me; this will be a fun party you can enjoy too.

10. Play Hide And Seek With Your Dog

Playing Hide And Seek with your dog will never be an unfunny thing, as it is preferred by many dog parents to keep their dogs active. You don’t need any toy or accessory to play it with your dog and need just a place to play this game.

11. Play With Your Dog With His Favorite Toy

If you have your dog’s favorite toy lying around in the house, you can make use of it now to bond with your dog. Dogs get attached to things and people faster than humans, so if you take their favorite toy to play with them, it will be time well spent.

12. Take Your Dog Hiking

Adventure and fun are always a good combination; you can experience it with your dog. Also, it will be a food option to keep yourself and your dog healthy and active. Additionally, hiking can be a good sport that can be a regular thing.

13. Take Yours To Pet Festivals

If pet festivals are being organized in your area or in your city, you can take your dog there to make new friends or participate in one of the pet competitions. It will give your dog a new experience, and maybe he’ll sport a win.

14. Go On A Picnic Or On Camping

Pack a delicious lunch and go on a picnic with your family and dog. Good scenery and playtime with your dog along the lake can be a serene and peaceful experience. You can also set up a camp somewhere outdoors and spend a night with your dog.

15. Enroll In A Dog Training Program With Your Dog

Getting your dog trained is helpful in giving your dog a few behavioral lessons, obedience training, and agility training. You can also join your dog in the training session and learn how to train your dog from a dog expert.

16. Include Your Dog While Playing With Family Members

You can include your dog in the family games when you have any family get-together parties or a fun time with your family. It will also bring the dog closer to all the family members, and he will not feel left out of the fun.

Dog Playing with family members

17. Make A Social Media Page For Your Dog

Nowadays, it’s a trend that is being followed by many youngsters who have a dog. To try this out, you must make a social media account for your dog and post his photos and videos doing cute stuff. It will not only make your dog popular but will be a fun thing to try out every day.

18. Go To A Dog-Friendly Yoga Class With Your Dog

If there is a Yoga class in your city, you can enroll for a fun session once a week where you can take your dog along with you. Also, ensure that your dog is having fun while you do yoga; otherwise, he will be bored.

19. Take Your Dog Swimming

Dogs are natural swimmers, and they do like getting wet, unlike cats. Hence, if you have a swimming pool or know a place where dogs are allowed in the pool, you can take him for a cool swimming session where your dog splish splash in the water.

20. Go On A Road Trip With Your Dog

Pack a bag, choose a destination, and go on a road trip with your dog for a few days. It will be a nice break away from the daily routine for your dog. You never know which adventure you both stumble upon.

21. Play In The Lawn Water Sprinkler With Your Dog

Dog owners with lawn and lawn sprinklers are really lucky as they enjoy a fun playtime with their dogs outside in fresh air and open space. You can jump, run and dance around the sprinkler while your dog follows your footsteps and enjoys it too.

Play in the lawn

22. Go Kayaking with your dog

Going kayaking with your dog can be a wonderful adventure that both you and your furry friend will enjoy. However, your dog’s safety and comfort should be a priority when visiting.

Go kayaking with your dog

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Wrapping Up– Fun Things To Do With Your Dog

Finally, you have an entire list of fun things to do with your dog, which includes lots of enjoyable activities you and your dog can experience.

We are sure that your dog can certainly appreciate the things on the above list, whether you’re searching for a way to exercise, bond with your furry companion, or just have fun. 

So step outside and begin your adventure!


Is it possible for dogs to get bored?

Absolutely! It is possible for dogs to get bored like humans, which can lead them to behavioral changes after a specific time if the boredom is extended for too long.

Should I entertain my dog the whole day?

Mental stimulation is important for your dog to feel active, and if you have an intelligent dog, being active is the key to your dog’s happiness. So, even if you can’t entertain your dog the whole day, you can interact with your dog at intervals.

How to know that your dog is bored?

If you notice behaviors like aggression, laziness, destruction, peeing around the house, overeating or continuous barking, you can say that your dog is either bored or anxious.

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