How To Train Dog To Sit (2024 Effective Techniques)

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Basic dog training is crucial to raising a dog to become an ideal companion. So starting with How To Train Dog To Sit is a great idea as it’s the easiest.

This training makes your dog learn a new word command and keeps them out of danger whenever you ask them.

However, before you start training your dog, create a trustworthy bond with your dog first. This way, you both can trust each other for safety and comfort.

Train Dog To Sit

In this article, we have shared everything you need to know regarding how to train a dog to sit, along with a few things to avoid while training,

So, without any further ado, let’s start the training session!

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Train A Dog To Sit

Always start training your dog by teaching him how to sit, which could become a helpful command.

Always start training your dog by teaching

For instance, having your dog sit at the sides would make crossing streets less risky. Having them sit while making new friends also ensures they will not jump up and embarrass you.

Therefore, with the following StepBy-Step Guide, you can Train Your Dog To Sit effortlessly.

1. Lure your dog with a Treat.

To start the training, you first need to take a treat in your hand and move it around your dog’s mouth or nose. Allow your dog to sniff the treat by doing so. 

2. Hold The Treat Over Your Dog’s Head And Command Them To Sit.

Once you’ve grabbed your dog’s attention, hover the treat over your dog’s head and hold it a little behind the head. Try moving the treat about three inches upside where the dog can fix his eyes on the treat. 

It will lead your puppy to sit by inclining backward, and he will naturally sit on his butt. 

If the above trick doesn’t work as a backup plan, go a little closer to your dog to position yourself over your dog’s head. Doing this leads to dog sitting.

3. Reward Your Dog Once He Sits.

When your dog sits on his butt, praise your dog in a happy tone. Next, reward your dog with his favorite treat, say ‘Sit’ in your words, and tell him that he did the right thing by sitting by saying ‘Good’ further.

This way, whenever your dog hears the word ‘Sit,’ he will connect the word to the amusing incident that happened when he sat last time. 

4. Repeat The Activity For Multiple Times.

You should repeat this activity multiple times or at least until your dog gets used to the activity and learns the meaning of the ‘Sit’ command.

To keep track of the attempts you had to take to teach your dog to sit, you can keep a count of the treats you offer.

Things You Should Avoid While Training A Dog 

 Avoid While Training A Dog 

Before trying your hand at training your dog to sit, you should know a few things that you need to avoid. Furthermore, you need to have patience and positive enthusiasm.

Below I have rolled out the things you must avoid while training a dog:

  • Don’t prolong a training session into too many hours. About 15 to 20 minutes daily is enough to train a dog to teach a command.
  • Don’t scold or punish your dog for not understanding what you are saying or learning or learning it quickly.
  • Align the dog training session with positivity and in a bright environment surrounding your teaching space. 
  • Avoid forcing your dog to do anything. It can trigger your dog’s fear and anxiety.
  • Don’t make your dog sit for longer out of his will.
Before trying your hand at training

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Wrapping Up! Train Dog To Sit

Learning how to train a Dog to sit will never go to waste, as it will help you train both of your new and current furbabies.

Also, remember to build a trustworthy relationship with your dogs before starting training with them. It helps to strengthen your bond.

About training your dog to sit, keep it as happy and short as possible to turn it into a fun session for you and your dog.

Lastly, have fun and keep upgrading your training with new tricks and commands. For instance, you can check out our article on teaching a dog to stay for your next training session.

Also You can explore the Online Dog Training Courses Here

FAQs: Train Dog To Sit

Can a dog learn to sit without treats?

Teaching a dog to sit without offering them treats is possible. You can use a valuable object that your dog values to lure him, such as a toy, so that the dog stays motivated.

Do Senior Dogs Learn to Sit?

Even when dogs get old, they like doing activities with their humans. That being said, you can teach a senior dog to sit. However, you must remember your senior dog’s physical health while training.

How long does teaching a dog to sit usually take?

It takes about a week or so to teach a dog to sit if trained daily.

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