How To Stop A Dog In Heat From Bleeding (Effective Guide)

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Many of us female dog parents undoubtedly wondered at some point if there is anything that can be done to prevent bleeding or how to stop a dog in heat from bleeding.

While some dog owners just find the bleeding annoying, others are genuinely worried about their dog’s health.

Well, to answer the above question, you cannot simply stop the dog from bleeding, but there is a definite way to stop them from making a bloody mess everywhere in the house.

So, to learn further information to comfort your dog in heat and to prevent mess, let’s get into the details.

Is it Possible to Stop a Dog from Bleeding?

To answer this question bluntly, NO, there is no way to stop a female dog from bleeding in heat. It’s a natural process, just like how it is with female humans. 

Stop a dog in heat from bleeding

It cannot be changed or influenced in any way without any medications. 

However, it has serious side effects, which can harm your dog’s menstrual health.

There is yet no proven “dog pill” or home remedy that can completely stop your dog’s menstrual bleeding.

Nonetheless, controlling where the blood moves are definitely possible with the help of the methods used in this article.

The only way to permanently stop your female dog’s cycle is to spay her.

Therefore, it is not advisable to spay your female dog merely to end her period unless there is a medical reason to do so.

Moreover, the risk of spaying arises. Due to heightened risks for certain medical issues, spaying a puppy dog is nearly never recommended.

Do dogs bleed continuously when in heat?

Fortunately, female dogs are lucky enough not to bleed continuously during their heat. Although, menstrual bleeding can go on for 7 to 10 days for female dogs, depending on their health status.

How to Keep the House Clean When a Dog is in Heat?

Even though you can’t stop your dog from bleeding, you can certainly stop your dog from making your house dirty by dribbling blood everywhere. 

So, let’s take a look at the way to keep your house clean when your dog is in the heat:

1. Wrap Your Dog in doggie Diapers

Wrap your dog in doggie Diapers

Dog diapers absorb blood before it can cause a mess. Your dog may leak blood on your floors during the first several weeks while she is in heat.

You can either buy disposable diapers to clean up the waste immediately or reusable dog diapers that you can clean between usage.

Simply place the diaper on your dog’s hind end and immediately replace it if it becomes dirty or damp.

2. Cover Your Furniture with Coverings

Cover your furniture with coverings

A slipcover’s additional layer of protection stops stains. You may get waterproof slipcovers for every type of furniture if you don’t have a room with hard floors or just wish to let your dog curl up on the couch.

This prevents any blood from absorbing into the upholstery. Before allowing your dog to sit on the furniture, simply place the slipcover over it.

Simply remove the covering and wipe it clean if your dog dribbles a little blood.

3. Use old Towels or Clothes to Line your dog’s bed

Use old towels or clothes to line your dog's bed

It takes less effort to wash towels or blankets than it does to make the bed. If you still have towels or sheets you don’t use, search your closets.

Spread the blankets and towels all over the dog bed to completely cover it. Your dog will feel more comfortable, and all the extra coverage will absorb smells and stains.

4. Take your dog out more often to go to the toilet

Take your dog out more often to go to the toilet

While your dog is in heat, she will need to go potty more frequently. A dog in heat is more prone to urine marks because she emits hormones and pheromones that entice males when she urinates.

If your dog starts to whine or act restless near the door, let her out in your backyard or take her a short walk around the neighborhood so she can go have a dump without leaving a mess.

5. If the dog still smells, bathe her

 If the dog still smells, bathe her

Dog shampoo and a short wash maintain your dog’s fresh scent. Get your dog into the bathtub and wet his coat with warm water.

Apply dog shampoo to your dog’s fur, paying close attention to the region around her vulva and the space between her legs.

Rinse all of the shampoos gently, then pat your dog dry with a few old towels.

6. To clean up blood and pee, use an enzymatic cleanser

clean up blood and pee, use an enzymatic cleanser

Enzymatic cleaner eliminates the scents to prevent your dog from leaving a mark.

Your dog will continue to be able to scent stains even after you clean them up with a paper towel, and they may tempt them again.

Before spraying the enzymatic cleaner straight on the messes, wipe up as much as possible. When the cleaner has enough time to absorb, wipe it with a paper towel.

7. Use air fresheners to get rid of smells

Use air fresheners to get rid of smells

Air fresheners can help cover up the smell your dog emits. Although a dog diaper helps to keep the majority of scents in check, when the dog is in heat you might still smell it.

To help mask your dog’s aroma, consider using a diffuser filled with chamomile or soothing essential oils.

How to make your dog feel comfortable when in heat?

If your dog is experiencing heat or periods for the first time, it can trigger anxiety and discomfort for your dog. So, here are a few tips to make your dog feel comfortable when she’s on her heat cycle:

  • Give your dog some snuggles in between your work breaks or when you are available to make her feel loved and protected.
  • Offer your dog a chew toy to keep her occupied with something to distract her from the possible pain.
  • Avoid scolding and punishing your pup during her heat cycle, as she might feel scared due to the discomfort and pain.
  • Give your dog her favourite treat and a lot of food and water throughout her heat cycle. They need extra energy in periods, just like humans.
  • Take your dog on the extra potty and pee breaks so that her bladder and intestinal health stay healthy during that time of the month.

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Conclusion: Stop a dog in heat from bleeding

Now that you know what can be done to stop your dog from making a mess in the house while in heat, you can use it to your advantage.

Also, remember not to scold your dog for bleeding when she’s in heat. There is no way that the dog or you can stop the menstrual bleeding.

Lastly, I would like to mention that the information above is helpful if your dog is bleeding from a regular menstrual cycle. However, if your dog is showing any serious symptoms of illness, call your vet and book an appointment.


Why does my dog, who is in heat, bleed for so long?

A dog’s regular heat cycle usually lasts 7 to 14 days on average. It is worth considering whether something is wrong if a female dog’s bleeding continues for longer than that.

How do you tell whether a dog’s heat cycle is over?

Your dog’s heat cycle is over when her general vulva size is back to usual, there’s no more bleeding or leakage, and she is no longer in heat.

What is a dog’s final stage of being in heat?

The anestrus stage, also known as the resting stage, is the last phase of the dog heat cycle.

Can dogs bleed while they’re pregnant?

A dog is said to be in heat when it is in the proestrus and estrous cycle stages of its reproductive cycle. A dog sometimes becomes pregnant when in the estrous cycle, and both proestrus and estrus will have a bloody vulvar discharge.

Do dogs urinate more when they are in heat?

One of the main symptoms of a dog going into heat is frequent urine, especially if the dog is urinating in the home more often than usual.

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