200 Best Japanese Dog Names And Types of Breeds

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Taking inspiration from a beautiful country life in Japan is such an incredible idea, especially when it comes to choosing names. Naming your new dog based on a Japanese theme would be beautiful. So, why not try a few Japanese dog names I have collected?

In the article, you will discover a huge collection of Japanese names based on multiple categories, along with information on stunning Japanese dog breeds.

So, if you are curious enough to explore the unique and meaningful Japanese dog names, scroll down!

Japanese names for dogs as per different categories

Japanese dog names can be found in categories inspired by male Japanese girl dog names, male dog names, food, pop culture, nature, cuteness, and popularity. This theme contains such aesthetic names that I regret not searching for when naming my dog ten years ago.

Keep scrolling down to explore gun names for dogs that will blow your mind:

Best Japanese Dog Names:

Check out the timeless choices that epitomize tradition, meaning, and the special bond between you and your dog:

  1. Kaito
  2. Sakura
  3. Taro
  4. Hana
  5. Yuki
  6. Ren
  7. Hiro
  8. Yumi
  9. Sora
  10. Akira
  1. Miko
  2. Mei
  3. Yama
  4. Aki
  5. Koji
  6. Suki
  7. Daichi
  8. Kimiko
  9. Haru
  10. Izumi

Japanese Dog Names Male:

With a mix of traditional and modern influences, these names embody qualities like courage, resilience, and loyalty, making them perfect for your beloved male canine companion:

  1. Haruto
  2. Shinichi
  3. Ryoma
  4. Kazuki
  5. Haruki
  6. Kenzo
  7. Kaito
  8. Hiroto
  9. Daiki
  10. Taichi
  1. Shogo
  2. Rikuto
  3. Yuto
  4. Sosuke
  5. Yuji
  6. Ryunosuke
  7. Renzo
  8. Kento
  9. Haruki
  10. Koichi

Japanese Female Dog Names:

These names capture elements of beauty, grace, and affection, reflecting the qualities often associated with female dogs. I found inspiration for these names by exploring Japanese words related to nature, emotions, and aesthetics, aiming to find names that resonate with the gentle and nurturing characteristics often attributed to female dogs.

  1. Sakura
  2. Hikari
  3. Akira
  4. Satsuki
  5. Yui
  6. Emi
  7. Yuriko
  8. Kohana
  9. Aimi
  10. Ayame
  1. Sora
  2. Natsumi
  3. Kaede
  4. Izumi
  5. Asuka
  6. Reina
  7. Mizuki
  8. Mika
  9. Kimiko
  10. Mai

Gender Neutral Japanese Dog Names:

Drawing inspiration from various aspects of Japanese culture, including nature, language, and cuisine, these names embody traits such as intelligence, strength, and adaptability, making them suitable for a wide range of canine personalities.

  1. Ren
  2. Sora
  3. Haru
  4. Kai
  5. Taiyo
  6. Tsubasa
  7. Hikari
  8. Kaze
  9. Kohana
  10. Mochi
  1. Akira
  2. Yuki
  3. Kimi
  4. Aki
  5. Kumo
  6. Tofu
  7. Sake
  8. Tsuki
  9. Michi
  10. Kiri

Popular Japanese Names for Dogs:

These names are inspired by popular Japanese culture and language, reflecting widespread appeal and recognition. Chosen for their simplicity and meaningfulness, these names encompass a range of qualities, from purity and strength to beauty and tranquility:

  1. Hana
  2. Taro
  3. Kiku
  4. Yuki
  5. Sora
  6. Sakura
  7. Kaito
  8. Miko
  9. Haru
  10. Yumi
  1. Ren
  2. Hiro
  3. Daichi
  4. Mei
  5. Akira
  6. Toshi
  7. Yuta
  8. Yuki
  9. Mika
  10. Aoi

Japanese Dog Names Inspired by Nature:

I selected these names to reflect the diverse and awe-inspiring aspects of nature, aiming to find names that capture the essence of adventure, tranquility, and wonder often associated with dogs and their outdoor experiences:

  1. Tsunami
  2. Mizu
  3. Hana
  4. Tsubasa
  5. Yama
  6. Kaze
  7. Umi
  8. Sora
  9. Yuki
  10. Mori
  1. Sakura
  2. Aki
  3. Kawa
  4. Midori
  5. Kiri
  6. Taki
  7. Kumo
  8. Tsuki
  9. Fuji
  10. Yume (meaning “dream”)

Japanese Dog Names Inspired by Food:

Whether it’s sushi or ramen, each name brings that Japanese food vibe to your pup’s identity, So these names are like Japan’s amazing food:

  1. Sushi
  2. Mochi
  3. Ramen
  4. Soba
  5. Tempura
  6. Nori
  7. Udon
  8. Edamame
  9. Miso
  10. Yuzu
  1. Sake
  2. Teriyaki
  3. Dango
  4. Matcha
  5. Nigiri
  6. Okonomi
  7. Anko
  8. Soba
  9. Udon
  10. Dorayaki

Japanese Dog Names Inspired by Pop Culture:

Here are some popular Anime and Pop culture inspired names that you can choose:

  1. Pikachu
  2. Naruto
  3. Totoro
  4. Miku
  5. Haku
  6. Luffy
  7. Goku
  8. Shinji
  9. Inuyasha
  10. Sailor
  11. Usagi
  12. Hina
  13. Conan
  14. Tsubasa
  15. Chihiro
  16. Astro
  17. Kiki
  18. Kenshin
  19. Ryuk
  20. Hanyo (meaning “half-demon”)
  1. Cool Japanese Dog Names:
  2. Ryu
  3. Akuma (meaning “devil” or “demon”)
  4. Oni
  5. Katana
  6. Ronin
  7. Shinobi
  8. Sumo
  9. Zen
  10. Kuro
  11. Yakuza
  12. Kabuki
  13. Sake
  14. Geisha
  15. Taiko
  16. Samurai
  17. Tengu
  18. Kamikaze
  19. Bonsai
  20. Kimono

Cute Japanese Dog Names:

These adorable names are guaranteed to bring smiles and capture the endearing qualities of your cute puppy:

  1. Mochi
  2. Kiku
  3. Suki
  4. Tofu
  5. Sora
  6. Hana
  7. Yumi
  8. Mei
  9. Kimiko
  10. Koko
  1. Kuma
  2. Nana
  3. Yuki
  4. Taro
  5. Kawaii
  6. Hoshi
  7. Chibi
  8. Poki
  9. Kokoro
  10. Natsu

8 Types Of Japanese Dog Breeds

Dog breeds from Japan mostly have pointed ears and turned-up tails that give them an appealing fox-like appearance.

Moreover, many adorable dogs that you see in everyday life are Japanese in origin. Therefore, here are just a few of the adorable Japanese dog breeds that will win your heart. 

1. Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu dogs are quite popular in the dog owners community due to their adorable nature and the viral Doge meme from instagram. These independent, active, and stubborn-headed dogs require owners who are patient with them. 

Shiba Inu

2. Kai Ken

These adorable Japanese dogs are total sweethearts. Breeders quickly discovered that these big furry pups appreciate the company of their family members and are willing to obey those they love. Besides, these puppies were initially used as fighting dogs. 

Kai Ken

3. Japanese Chin

These small-sized and sassy little dogs are quite active and the sweetest dogs you’ll ever find. They’ll entertain you for hours and never get tired of it while being your loving lap dogs for their lifetime.

Japanese Chin

4. Shikoku

The first Japanese fighting dog was of this lovely Spitz-like breed. These medium-sized dogs like to hunt and be outside; they probably enjoy more time alone than snuggled next to their owners. 


5. Akita

The Akita dogs were initially kept by royalty for protection and were considered strong and powerful in nature. These dogs are a bit aloof when they are around unknown people but are quite silly and loving around the people they love.


6. Kishu Ken

Kishu Ken are native Japanese dogs that are active, loved, and always surrounded by family members due to their extrovert nature. Kihsu ken dogs always obey their owner but are reserved in front of strangers.

7. Japanese Spitz

The Japanese Spitz is an energetic, devoted companion dog. These puppies have distinct white coat hues and like to spend time with their families. Basically, you can call the Japanese spitz proper family dogs based on their behavioral traits.

Japanese Spitz

8. Tosa Inu

Tosa Inu, aka Japanese Mastiffs, are naturally large dogs who enjoy spending their time playing and protecting their family members. Speaking of which, they can strictly protect their family members around strangers.

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Wrapping Up! Check out the Japanese dog names in all categories

Being a culture-rich country, Japan many things can be taken as a reference to find a good collection of Japanese dog names. However, be sure to choose a name that suits your dog’s visual and behavioral factors so that it relates to your dog.

Also, in case you’ve missed it, make sure to check out the diverse Japanese dog breeds I have shared above. It will help you choose a breed the next time you look for a new puppy.


What is a good Japanese name for a dog?

A few Japanese origin names, like Sora, Haru, Kai, Taiyo, etc., are the easiest, most decent, and best Japanese names for a dog.

What is the Japanese name for a snow dog?

You can choose your dog, ‘Yuki,’ which means snow in Japanese, if it’s a snow dog or is either of the Akita, Shiba Inu, or Japanese Spitz breeds.

What is the meaning of the name Kai?

There are multiple meanings to the name kai in Japanese, such as Shell, Restoration, Open, Ocean, and Recovery.

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