Are Dogs Allowed In Target? (Everything You Need to Know)

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Many big store chains don’t allow pets of any kind into their stores to avoid discomfort and risks to their customers. But as loved by many, are dogs allowed at Target? 

As much as I have read in the rules and regulations of Target, regular dogs are not allowed in Target except for service dogs. 

However, these rules might bend as per certain temporary situations, or not? You can’t confirm with just one sentence. So, if you wish to find out in detail about Target pet policy and if target allows dogs or not, keep reading!

Are dogs allowed in Target?

Unfortunately, Target doesn’t allow dogs in the Target stores as it is their official national policy. Most of the grocery stores allow small pets and dogs who are well-behaved or are service animals. 

However, it still depends on the store manager if they find letting dogs in Target important enough. Therefore, it’s essential to call the store manager ahead of time and ask about bringing the dog along. 

So, if you wish to take your dog to Target the next time you go for groceries, check in with the store manager to avoid leaving your dog outside the store.

What are targets rules about dogs? (Official Dog Policy)

The official dog policy of Target doesn’t allow any animal in the store except for service animals like service dogs. This rule was created by the Americans with Disabilities Act, which is to be allowed by shopping stores in the USA.

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Moreover, the service dogs that are allowed in the store only have a leash and proper vest, a license of service animal status, and a recent rabies vaccination.

But there is a twist in the story!  On some occasions, when there’s a temporary emergency event, they must allow dogs with their owner inside the store; Target makes an exception for that specific period.

However, people shouldn’t misread this policy and bring their pets along in any other situation. The policy clearly states that no pets except service dogs or service animals are allowed in the store.

So, if your dog is not a service dog, it’s better not to take it along if going to Target is your only errand for the time. Many people in the store might be allergic or uncomfortable with dogs around in the store. 

Therefore, this policy has been made based on the well-being of the store’s customers with sensitive issues.

Some health regulations also come into the scenario when it comes to allowing dogs in the store. Hence, always be sure to check in with your local Target store.

Are service dogs allowed in Target?

Luckily, Yes, Target does allow service dogs in the store as regulated by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Target does allow all types of service dogs regardless of their size and breed. 

Additionally, it’s necessary to know that the service animals should always be under the control of their handler when in the Target store. 

Also, even though service dogs are allowed in the store, they need certification and other important documents to enter the store legally. The service dogs must be well-behaved and shouldn’t disrupt the store at all costs.

There might be a few additional rules and regulations regarding service dogs. Therefore, ensure to check in with the store beforehand.

Which service dogs are allowed in Target?

All types of service dogs with proper certifications and identification documents are allowed inside Target. It includes dogs assisting with physical, psychiatric, sensory, and mental disabilities and intellectual issues.

The common types of service dogs include guide dogs, mobility assistance dogs, autism support dogs, psychiatric service dogs, hearing dogs, medical alert dogs, and seizure dogs.

These dogs are always required to be under the control of the handler and need to showcase good behavior and avoid disrupting the store.

For a better understanding, let’s check out the following details featuring types of service dog categories and sub-categories.

1. Regular Service Dogs

The regular service dogs are trained to do certain tasks, assisting people with disabilities in picking up things, pulling a wheelchair, and providing help while walking. 

These dogs are allowed in Target as long as they have proper certification and identification documents. If you are doubtful about bringing your regular service dog inside Target, get in contact with the store manager.

2. Therapy Service Dogs

Therapy dogs offer emotional support and comfort to people in need. However, suppose the therapy dog you’re bringing in Target is a legal  Emotional Support Animal. In that case, it is prohibited from entering Targe as they are not considered service dogs in any case.

Additionally, customers who require accommodations for their therapy dogs should contact the guest relations executive or the store manager.

3. Medical Alert Dogs

Medical alert dogs are made to alert their owner with disabilities or other medical conditions like diabetes, seizures, etc. 

These dogs are always allowed in Target stores as long as they’re well-mannered and under the control of their owner or handler.

Are emotional support service dogs allowed in Target?

Unfortunately, ESA(Emotional Support Animals) are not allowed in Target stores. ESA category dogs are for emotional support and comfort of the owner with disabilities. The fact that Emotional Support Animals are not actually service animals, Target doesn’t allow them to enter the store. 

Are dogs allowed at Target
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As per the Americans with Disabilities Act, ESA category dogs are just general dogs that are solely trained for physical assistance to people with disabilities. 

The ESA category also included dogs like guide dogs, medical alert dogs, and hearing dogs, but they are still allowed in the store as they are for critical issue assistance.

Only the dogs brought for companionship and comfort are not allowed in Target stores.

The service dog rules are tricky but not hard to comprehend. 

However, Target does provide assistance like wheelchairs, electric scooters, and helpers to help shoppers with disabilities.

Are dogs with leashes allowed in Target? 

Sadly, regular dogs with a leash or no leash are not allowed in any situation at all costs as it doesn’t fit in the policy except for service dogs. 

While bringing pets with a leash into the store might seem like a good idea, stores kike Target will always stay within their rights and regulations.

This rule is made to provide a hygienic, safe, and comfortable environment for all of their customers. With this rule, customers can shop without being disturbed or scared while worrying about possible risks. 

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The Bottom Line: As of 2024, Dogs Are Not Allowed In Target

So, are dogs allowed in Target? NO, dogs or any other animal is prohibited in Target except for service dogs. As I mentioned above, service dogs are only allowed as they assist people with disabilities with vision, guidance, alerting, and so on.

However, remember to take your service dog’s Identification documents and certifications before entering Target stores along with them.

The rules and regulations Target has set are all due to the comfort and well-being of their customers while keeping them away from any potential risks.


Does Target allow dogs?

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in Target unless they’re service dogs. Service dogs include dogs like guide dogs, mental alert dogs, and Therapy dogs.

Is target dog friendly?

As per the Americans With Disabilities Act, Target only allows service dogs in Target stores and doesn’t allow regular dogs in any situation.

What is the target pet policy?

I understand dogs at Target sound attractive but it is not possible. The target pet policy states that animals and pets are prohibited in stores except for service animals. Hence, there is no entry to dogs at Target.

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