Are Dogs Allowed In Walmart? (Store 🐶 Pet Policy)

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Easy dog parents, even if we enjoy taking our furry friends everywhere we go, not all places allow them inside, such as Target stores. But what about one of the biggest departmental store chains like Walmart? Are dogs allowed in Walmart?

I have heard many stories of people worrying about leaving their dogs outside the mall in a car or by tying to a post after the store stops their pets from entering. 

So, to save from all the hassle, here I have shared an informative guide containing everything you need to know about Walmart pet policy and the question, is Walmart pet-friendly at all?

Keep reading to get answers to the question,’ Are dogs allowed in Walmart?’ and much more!

Are dogs allowed in Walmart?

So, does Walmart allow dogs? As you can see in the picture below, Walmart’s website clearly states that they don’t allow dogs or any other pets inside the store except for service animals. 

Service animals play an important role in saving their owner’s lives. Additionally, along with service dogs, psychiatric dogs (PSD) can enter Walmart stores. 

Are Dogs Allowed In Walmart

Walmart’s Dog Policy and Pet Policy

Walmart’s dog policy and pet policy straightforwardly states that dogs or pets that are not available are not allowed in the store except for service animals. This rule is created according to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) for the well-being of people with disabilities. 

Service animals support their handler or owner by choosing, carrying, and guiding depending on their disability. These tasks sometimes include pulling their owner’s wheelchair and offering tactile stimulations during panic attacks.

In certain situations, Walmart does have a few easy policies. So, you can call the store manager if you want to bring your dog to the store.

Are Service Dogs Allowed In Walmart?

Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act, service dogs can enter Walmart stores. These types of pets can access all places like restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, and department stores. 

Dogs Allowed In Walmart

However, the service dog should be well-behaved and under the handler’s control. Plus, they shouldn’t create a scene or cause any discomfort to other customers in the store.

In case you have any confusion regarding the two types of service dogs allowed in Walmart, here are a few additional details –

1. Service Dogs For Physical Disabilities

Service dogs for physical disabilities are trained to help their owners with physical guidance or tasks they can’t perform physically. 

For instance, this type of service dog can help their owner pull their wheelchair, pick up objects from shelves or even fallen objects, or help in changing body positioning.

2. Service Dogs For Psychiatric Disabilities

Psychiatric dogs help their disabled owners with issues like anxiety, stress disorder, depression, etc. These dogs are trained to perform a specific action to treat their owner’s disability. 

Psychiatric dogs have the same rights as their owners, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Note – A third type of service dog is a service dog in training (SDIT). These dogs are still being trained to be a service dog. 

Are Emotional Support & Therapy Dogs Allowed In Walmart?

Emotional support dogs are not considered service dogs as they only offer their owner emotional comfort and emotional support. These services are not considered as an emergency. Therefore, emotional support dogs are not allowed in Walmart stores. 

However, in case of an emergency, you can contact the store manager and get permission to bring your dog to the store.

Can I take my dog To Walmart On a Stroller?

Only if the dog is a service animal and the stroller is necessary to fulfill the requirement of helping the disabled owner, it’s allowed to take your dog to Walmart In a Stroller.

However, it’s still recommended not to use a stroller for dogs as it might contaminate the food in the stroller. In addition, it can trigger allergies in people who will use the stroller after you.

Why does Walmart not allow dogs?

Walmart doesn’t allow regular dogs in the stores because the FDA food service codes consider bringing dogs into the stores un-hygenic.

Additionally, the following reasons are in the picture when it comes to bringing dogs to Walmart and other stores:

  • Some dogs might be infected with ticks and fleas.
  • Dogs can contaminate the food.
  • Some customers might be allergic to dog hair.
  • Some customers might get scared of dogs. 
  • Dogs who are not trained well might disrupt the stuff in the store.
  • Dogs who are not trained for pooping and peeing and dogs who are sick might spread germs all over the store.
  • A dog leash could possibly be tangled in other customer’s legs.

List of Dog-Friendly Stores

Here are a few dog-friendly stores in the US that allow you to roam freely with your furry friend and have a happy shopping parade:

  • Barnes and noble
  • Bass pro shops
  • Home Depot
  • Michaels
  • PetCo.

Note – Even though the stores mentioned above are dog-friendly, ensure to call the store before taking your dog to the store. It will only avoid the hassle of finding a place to keep your dog while you shop.

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The Bottom Line: Are dogs allowed in Walmart?

Your dog or any other pet is not allowed in Walmart except for service dogs. Therefore, I suggest leaving your furry friend at home and getting back to them as soon as you’re done with grocery shopping. 

Also, I believe parks and playgrounds are better places for your dog to enjoy playing than grocery stores. However, there are a few stores that are pet-friendly, such as Barnes and Noble, Home Depot, Michaels, etc.


Is Walmart pet-friendly?

Unfortunately, like many other departmental stores, Walmart doesn’t allow any type of pets in the store except for service animals. Therefore, if you don’t have a place to leave your pet alone, you can simply contact the store manager ahead of time and get emergency permission if the store grants it. You can also check the official website to find out the answer to, ‘Is Walmart pet friendly?’

Can I take my dog in Walmart in a stroller?

You cannot take a dog in Walmart in any situation as Walmart doesn’t allow any kind of pets in the stores. However, if your dog is a service dog, your dog will be allowed inside Walmart.

Are dogs allowed in Home Depot?

Home Depot allows their customers to bring their pets if they are well-behaved. Additionally, Home Depot offers water bowls for your pet, which are entirely free. However, some Home Depot store’s individual policies might differ, so check in with the store manager before bringing your pet along with you.

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