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As a dog parent, I understand it’s difficult to leave our pup at home, no matter how big and brave they are. Plus, not all places allow pets inside, including big stores like Walmart and Target. But are dogs allowed in Home Depot?

Simply put, Home Depot doesn’t allow dogs in all regions. Only a few pet-friendly regions allow dogs and pets to enter shopping stores. 

I researched every possible resource and collected the following information that will answer all your queries regarding the Home Depot Pet Policy. Let’s check it out!

Key takeaways from this article

  • Home Depot stores in some regions allow well-behaved and leashed dogs inside the store. Whereas in other stores, only service dogs are allowed inside the store.
  • Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are not considered service animals. Hence, emotional support service dogs are not allowed in Home Depot.
  • You can bring an ESA letter to support your cause to let your dog inside the Home Depot store.
 Home Depot
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Are dogs allowed in Home Depot?

Dogs are allowed in some Home Depot stores, and some only allow service dogs in the store. The pet policy in Home Depot varies with and depends on each individual store policy. These policies vary with location as per each store’s local rules.

Therefore, I suggest checking in with the store manager before taking your dog to a Home Depot store to ensure the dog policy in that particular store.

The reason is that some states are more pet-friendly than others, which is responsible for the stores’ varying pet policies. To name a few states, Indiana, North Carolina, and Tennessee are the top states that are more open to pets than others.

Home Depot’s Pet Policy (Bringing a pet to Home Depot)

Generally, in some regions, Home Depot only allows service dogs inside the store. However, as I mentioned before, Home Depot allows dogs in some regions if the dog is well-mannered and is controlled with a leash.

It will also depend on what rules your regional Home Depot store follows. So, if you are lucky enough, the Home Depot store near you might have some pet-friendly policies.

As a commonly applied rule, leashed dogs who are serving as service dogs are allowed in the stores legally in the store

Home Depot’s Pet Policy
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What is a Service Dog?

Dogs who assist a disabled owner in performing a particular set of actions, such as picking up things, pulling a wheelchair, and guiding, are called service dogs.

These dogs are individually trained to perform a certain duty as per their specialized skills. For example, if you have a heart problem and your dog is trained to detect blood sugar levels, they will guide you in alerting you of your condition.

However, ESA dogs, which are Emotional Support Dogs trained to provide comfort, are not considered service dogs as per the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

There is a solution to this problem, though. With the ESA letter that supports your cause, you can take your Emotional Support Animal with you.

Why do you need to get an ESA letter?

A few Home Depot stores are pet-friendly and allow Emotional support dogs and regular dogs to enter their stores. However, some Home Depot stores require ESA letters to let your emotional support dog in the store with you.

An ESA letter will give proof of how important it is to let your dog enter with you, and it confirms the severity of your condition.

Stores that allow dogs inside (Pet-friendly stores)

The following stores allow dogs inside the dogs. Some of them allow dogs in some regions, and some don’t have any pet restriction policy at all. Let’s check out which are these pet-friendly stores:

  • PetCo 
  • Lowe’s
  • Tractor Supply Co
  • Nordstrom
  • The Apple Store
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Pottery Barn
  • LUSH Cosmetics
  • Macy’s
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Harbor Freight Tools
  • PetSmart
  • Restoration Hardware
  • The GAP
  • Old Navy
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Michaels
  • Ann Taylor and Loft
  • Bed, Bath and Beyond
  • Everlane
  • L.L.Bean
  • Warby Parker
  • Sephora

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Conclusion: Few Stores Allow & Few Don’t!

So, are dogs allowed in Home Depot? The answer to this question is a bit tricky as some Home Depot stores in some regions allow dogs and other pets to enter the store, and in other regions, they don’t. 

However, the pet policy in Home Depot varies with each individual store. Therefore, it’s necessary to check in with the store manager you’re visiting to ask if you can bring your dog or other pet into the store.

Additionally, remember even if the store allows you to bring your dog inside, ensure to keep your dog on leash and well-behaved.


Are dogs allowed in Home Depot?

Home Depot stores in some regions do allow well-behaved dogs, while other Home Depot stores only allow service dogs inside the store.

Are dogs allowed to walk around at Home Depot?

Even though the Home Depot store near you allows you to bring your dog inside, you should still follow the rules and guidelines for bringing pets. Home Depot states only to bring the dog inside if the dog is leashed and well-behaved.

Can I take my dog inside the PetSmart store?

The Pet smart policy states that leashed, vaccinated, and safely confined domestic dogs, cats, birds, and other small pets are allowed to enter the store. 

Are dogs allowed in all the spaces in Home Depot?

Some of the restricted areas in the Home Depot store don’t allow dogs to enter, but other than those areas, your dog goes in the remaining sections where the store allows them to roam with a leash on.

Are service dogs allowed in Home Depot?

Fortunately, service dogs are allowed in Home Depot except for Emotional Support Dogs and regular dogs. Emotional support dogs are not considered service dogs, according to the ADA.

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