How Much Is Pet Insurance (2024) & What Does It Cover?

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Pet Insurance provides pet owners great peace of mind by protecting against unexpected medical expenses. Hence, it is important to learn about How Much Is Pet Insurance in 2024?

Only $1,500 is the average amount that most people can currently pay for veterinarian care, according to various pet insurance firms. 

Not to forget, our pets’ lives come with unexpected risks, just like humans, despite us being careful or responsible enough.

We hope you never come across accidents that hurt your pet. In unfortunate situations, if you do, here are all the details of pet insurance to help you remain one step ahead!

How Much is a Pet Insurance Policy On Average?

 The average Pet Insurance policy costs can differ depending on your pet’s breed, age, current physical condition, and locality.

Pet Insurance Policy In Avergage

Moreover, it can again differ according to the coverage policy level you select for your dog.

There are usually three levels of coverage policies, which are as follows:

  • Basic Level: This level adds Accident injuries and illness coverage 
  • Comprehensive Level: This level adds a diagnostics test, X-ray and laboratory visits, and some extra basic benefits.
  • Pet Wellness Care Level: This level allows you to reimburse preventive care services along with vaccinations.

Pet insurance premiums are typically reasonable; a big part of them depends on your decision to give your pet the greatest possible insurance protection. 

Although this can vary depending on the breed and type of plan you get, cats are normally less expensive to insure than dogs. The two main types of pet insurance plans are accident-only and comprehensive. 

Accident-only insurance covers only accidents, such as broken bones or poisoning; it is considerably less expensive than comprehensive insurance, which also covers illnesses. 

Additionally, Progressive Pet Insurance by Pets Best gives you the opportunity to add a routine care plan to your comprehensive insurance. However, not all pet health insurers provide coverage for preventative care.

The cost of your pet’s accident and illness insurance will vary depending on your choice of deductible and reimbursement level. Plans that cover simple accidents and routine treatment have set prices.

How much is pet insurance for dogs?

The average amount of pet insurance for dog accident and sickness coverage is $594.15 per year or $49.51 per month, according to the NAPHIA’s State of Industry report for the year 2021.

The cost is determined by the type of insurance you purchase; some offer lifetime caps, while others place annual caps on each medical condition. 

Pet insurance policies with riders and endorsements, which are optional add-ons like spaying and neutering, may be more expensive. 

puppy insurance with a healthcare bonus to cover routine vet appointments to get vaccines or yearly exams may also do so.

What does Pet Insurance Cover?

The top pet insurance policies can offer significant coverage for the most costly medical procedures and tests.

However, based on your insurance plan, it’s possible that not all of your pet’s illnesses or costs are covered. Finding a plan that addresses the breed-specific health concerns associated with your pet is crucial for this reason.

The following are the types of cat and dog Insurance Coverage Plans based on categories like Accident, Accident plus illness, and accident, illness, and wellness coverage plans.

1. Emergency Care For Accidents covers all three categories

  • Accident
  • Accident plus illness
  • Accident with illness and wellness coverage plans.

2. The Treatment And Tests For Injuries cover all three categories

  • Accident
  • Accident plus illness
  • Accident with illness and wellness coverage plans.

3. Emergency care for illness covers two categories

  • Accident plus illness
  • Accident with illness and wellness coverage plans.

4. Treatment and tests for illness cover two categories

  • Accident plus illness
  • Accident with illness and wellness coverage plans.

5. Breed Specific Conditions cover two categories

  • Accident plus illness
  • Accident with illness and wellness coverage plans.

6. Routine Care covers only one category

  • Accident with illness and wellness coverage plans.

7. Wellness Exam are covered only in one category

  • Accident with illness and wellness coverage plans.

8. Vaccines are covered only in one category

  • Accident with illness and wellness coverage plans.

Factors Which Determines The Cost Of Pet Insurance Plans

There are a total of five factors that determine the cost of Pet Insurance Plans, which are given below:

1. Your Pet’s Breed

Due to their size and genetic makeup, your dog or cat can be more susceptible to certain diseases. 

Your Pet's Breed

The cost of the insurance will probably be greater for larger breeds of dogs because they are more prone to heart and hip problems and may require more expensive medicines.

2. Your Pet’s Present Age

After a certain age, there is a higher chance that your pet will get sick. Additionally, as your dog gets older, the cost of medical care and insurance premiums rise.

Your Pet's Present Age

3. Your Locality

In other areas of the nation, veterinary treatment is more expensive. For instance, you’ll likely pay less for puppy insurance if you reside in rural Wyoming than in New York City.

Your Locality

4. Your Deductible Level

Higher deductibles reduce the cost of your plan but raise your out-of-pocket expenses for veterinary care. Your plan’s cost will go up if your deductible is smaller, but your claim will be paid out more. 

Your Deductible Level

5. Your Reimbursement Level

Your fee is also impacted by your degree of reimbursement. For instance, a plan that reimburses you for 90% of your eligible veterinary expenses is more expensive than one that only covers 70% of the same expenses. 

6. Discounts

Many insurance companies offer discounts if you enroll numerous pets or pay for your annual coverage in advance. Furthermore, some companies provide savings to policyholders who are military members, animal care employees, and adopting a shelter pet.

What Is Not Covered By Pet Insurance?

Every pet insurance company has a slightly different list of exclusions. The following exclusions do apply to the majority of providers.

  1. Pre-Existing Conditions: Your pet’s health issues or injuries before getting insurance won’t be covered.
  2. Experimental Treatments: New or unproven treatments may not be covered.
  3. Breeding And Pregnancy costs: Expenses related to breeding or pregnancy are typically excluded.
  4. Cosmetic Procedures: Procedures done solely for looks are not covered.
  5. Wellness items and pet accessories: Grooming, pet food, and pet toys are usually not covered.

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After going through the article, we hope that now you don’t have to stress over how much is pet insurance and what does it cover?

There are several dog and cat Insurance coverage policies available in the market that cover multiple categories under serious accidents, illness, and wellness issues.

Although, Pre-existing conditions, severe injuries, and unexpected emergency cases are all handled separately based on the insurance company and type of policy plan you prefer.


Does pet insurance cover all dog breeds equally?

The price of insurance varies depending on the breed. Some are more expensive than others because of genetic conditions, including hip disorders, diabetes, or knee ligament damage. Mixed-breed pets have a lower risk of genetic problems and cost less to insure than purebred pets.

What should you budget for pet insurance?

You may pay as little as $9 or as much as $90 for the insurance. An accident and illness plan with respectable coverage often costs $20 to $50 per month for most pet owners.

Is it possible to save money with pet insurance?

A wise choice that could end up saving you thousands or even hundreds of dollars throughout the course of a few years is to insure your pet.

Is it required for your dog to give any kind of exam to get pet insurance?

Before permitting medical insurance coverage for your pet to be granted, many insurance firms demand that your pet undergo a thorough physical examination or that all of your pet’s veterinary medical records be provided for review.

Are there any yearly or monthly pet insurance available?

Many pet owners find that purchasing pet insurance is an excellent way to reduce the amount of money they spend on veterinary care and instead pay a set monthly cost. For an adult dog, pet insurance fees vary from $38 to $56 per month, and for an adult cat, it costs between $20 and $30 per month.

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