How Does a Barking Collar Work- 4 Different Types Explained

How Does A Barking Collar Work?

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Excessive barking can be a nuisance after a limit, but it can be solved using a barking collar. However, many people are unaware of bark collars and wonder how a barking collar work in reality.

Despite your love for your dog, you must take the necessary measures to correct the wrong behaviors that might become a habit.

So, if you are also seeking peace but are unsure how a barking collar works, you have landed on the right page. Along with solving your doubt, we have also shared the different types of barking collars and how they work.

So, let’s look at the ultimate solution for life-long peace and a well-behaved dog!

Do Barking Collars Work?

Bark Collars correct your dog’s unwanted activities like excessive barking. However, they may not work for all dogs; some dogs are stubborn and don’t respond to them.

Dog trainers mostly use it to stop a dog if he’s behaving out of line. However, you should be able to use it in the right way. Otherwise, you might end up hurting your dog.

On top of that, the positioning of the collar can also hinder the promptness of the corrections.

First, you need to understand the reasons behind your dog’s behavior. Then, you will know when you need to use the bark collar

Let’s check four different types of bark collars available in the market and their functioning below to learn more about barking collars.

How Does A Barking Collar Work

Four Types Of Bark Collars– How Does A Barking Collar Work

As mentioned above, four different types of bark collars help you while training your dog to correct the dog’s behavior. We’ll take a look at them individually to understand how they work.

1. Static Bark Collars

Types of Barking Collar Work-Static Bark Collars
Source: & PetSafe Bark Collar

Static Bark Collars are widely used with high demand by dog trainers and dog parents who train their dogs independently.  

These collars are versatile as well as come with additional features too. You can also call the collars with other features premium static collars.

The bark collars stop dogs from misbehaving and correct their actions by releasing a short static interruption pulse through the bark collar. The bark collars mainly react with the correction when they sense a barking.

These collars are generally available in all sizes, and various brands are available.

You can set multiple intensity levels with some models, which can be selected from fine-tuned (For Timid Dogs) to higher intensity (For Stubborn and Strong Dogs).

2. Ultrasonic Bark Collars

Types of barking collars- Ultrasonic Bark Collars
Source: & PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark Collar

Ultrasonic Bark Collars are different from our usual collars. They use high-pitched ultrasonic sounds to grab your dog’s attention and can only be heard by animals, not humans.

This technology can be used with the help of devices like collars, handheld controllers, or stationary monitoring units. 

This collar detects a dog’s barking and releases an ultrasonic sound to stop the barking. Some of them also have Vibration as an extra correction mode. Small and young dogs are best suited for the ultrasonic collar.

You can also opt for a handheld remote control to release ultrasonic sounds. However, the owner will require to be involved in this case. The plus point of a handheld remote is that the dog can roam freely without a collar.

On the other hand, for the stationary monitoring units, you need to find a central position to fix it, which will cover the area you want to be covered.

It emits a loud ultrasonic sound to interrupt your dog’s barking from its position if your dog is within range.

These bark control monitoring units are better suited to control multiple dogs simultaneously.

3. Vibration Bark Collars

Vibration Bark Collars
Source: & Dogrook Vibration Bark Collar

Vibration collars are similar to Static bark collars, which release interruptive vibrations when the collar senses barking.

Moreover, with Vibration Bark collars, you can pre-adjust the intensity settings. However, few vibration collar models are available because people usually opt for static Bark Collars.

Vibration collars are an ideal choice as a practical alternative for people doubtful about using a static bark collar.

4. Spray Bark Collars

Spray Bark Collars
Source: & PetSafe Spray Bark Collar

Spray Bark Collars is a newly launched technology that uniquely corrects a dog’s behavior. 

The spray bark collars emit a little burst of water spray scented with either citronella or lemon around a dog’s nose to stop his barking. 

Regarding the functioning of the spray collar, the tiny sensors in the collar detect the barking and release a small amount of spray.

There is nothing to worry about while using this collar, as it is harmless for any pet, including dogs. It is best suited for small, timid dogs who can’t handle a static correction or are scared of vibrations.

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Wrapping Up! How Does A Barking Collar Work

Now that you know how a barking collar work, you can use it according to your dog’s physical and mental capability. 

In addition, understand which type of correction works best for your dog and choose a bark collar accordingly. This way, you won’t need to worry about your dogs. 

Remember, you should primarily use a bark collar while training or playing because making your dog wear it continuously can cause your dog’s anxiety to get triggered if it accidentally corrects your dog.


1. How can you differentiate between bark collars and shock collars?

Bark collars are meant to stop your dog’s excessive barking, while shock collars are mainly used to train your dogs with a wide range of features.

2. Do Vibration bark collars work to stop barking?

In most cases, if the dog reacts well to sensations, vibration dog collars effectively stop the barking, but we can’t be sure about other behaviors.

3. Can bark collars be considered safe for dogs?

Bark collars come with different levels of intensities of releasing vibrations or static depending on the correction type. Hence, as long as you moderate the intensity levels, bark collars are harmless.

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